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Recent discussions on the CRYOLIST e-mail distribution list and website have highlighted the wish within the snow and ice community for a separate medium through which discussions may be pursued without cluttering the inboxes of those with a peripheral interest in particular topics. The general feeling was that a 'blog' (web log) was the most appropriate forum for such discussions. Accordingly, has been established.

The new website is intended to be complementary to CRYOLIST, the former providing a forum for discussion and the latter focusing on announcements (jobs, conferences etc). As with the existing e-mail distribution list, CRYOblog is targeted at those with an interest in issues related to snow and ice research. In addition to providing a venue for discussions between scientists, it is anticipated that the site will become a useful resource for groups such as journalists, educators, students and politicians.

Everyone is encouraged to visit the new website and peruse the articles. However, its success is dependent on the active participation of the community of cryospheric scientists, so readers are encouraged to register and join the discussions. The administrators will be contacting individuals to invite them to lead the discussions within different thematic realms, but all members of the community are welcome to submit individual articles to the editors for inclusion (via and to volunteer to contribute on a more regular basis.