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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 34

Papers from the
International Symposium on Remote Sensing in Glaciology

held in Maryland, U.S.A.,
4–8 June 2001
Cover: Annals Vol. 34

Editors: J.-G. Winther and R. Solberg


Time-series analysis of passive-microwave-derived central North American snow water equivalent imagery
C. Derksen, A. Walker, E. LeDrew and B. Goodison

Snow-cover variations over the Mackenzie River basin, Canada, derived from SSM/I passive-microwave satellite data
Anne E. Walker and Arvids Silis

Northern Great Plains 1996/97 seasonal evolution of snowpack parameters from satellite passive-microwave measurements
Nelly M. Mognard and Edward G. Josberger

Assessment of the relative accuracy of hemispheric-scale snow-cover maps
Dorothy K. Hall, Richard E. J. Kelly, George A. Riggs, Alfred T. C. Chang and James L. Foster

Retrieval of snow reflectance from Landsat data in rugged terrain
Li Xin, Toshio Koike and Cheng Guodong

Hemispheric-scale comparison and evaluation of passive-microwave snow algorithms
Richard L. Armstrong and Mary J. Brodzik

Development and validation of a snow albedo algorithm for the MODIS instrument
Andrew G. Klein and Julienne Stroeve

Usage of high-resolution Landsat 7 band 8 for single-band snow-cover classification
Stefan W. Vogel

Use of passive-microwave data to monitor spatial and temporal variations of snow cover at tree line, near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada
Frédérique C. Pivot, Claude Kergomard and Claude R. Duguay

Towards a snow-depth distribution model in a heterogeneous subalpine forest using a Landsat TM image and an aerial photograph
Manfred Stähli, Jesko Schaper and Andreas Papritz

Spectral snow-reflectance models for grain-size and liquid-water fraction in melting snow for the solar-reflected spectrum
Robert O. Green, Jeff Dozier, Dar Roberts and Tom Painter

Remote sensing of snow grain-size and impurities from Airborne Multispectral Scanner data using a snow bidirectional reflectance distribution function model
Tomonori Tanikawa, Teruo Aoki and Fumihiko Nishio

Snow dunes and glazed surfaces in Antarctica: new field and remote-sensing data
Massimo Frezzotti, Stefano Gandolfi, Floriana la Marca and Stefano Urbini

Physical properties of the seasonal snow cover in Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
Eija Kärkäs, Hardy B. Granberg, Kimmo Kanto, Kai Rasmus, Chantale Lavoie and Matti Leppäranta

The regional distribution of the dry-snow zone on the Antarctic Peninsula north of 70ºS
Frank Rau and Matthias Braun

Aggregate-area radiative flux biases
Xuanji Wang and Jeffrey R. Key

Temperature variability at Siple Dome, West Antarctica, derived from ECMWF re-analyses, SSM/I and SMMR brightness temperatures and AWS records
Sarah B. Das, Richard B. Alley, David B. Reusch and Christopher A. Shuman

In situ and satellite surface temperature records in Antarctica
Christopher A. Shuman and Josefino C. Comiso

Reflectance of Antarctica from 3 to 5 μm: discrimination of surface snow and cloud properties
Wendy M. Calvin, Margaret Milman and Hugh H. Kieffer

Long melt seasons on ice shelves of the Antarctic Peninsula: an analysis using satellite-based microwave emission measurements
Mark A. Fahnestock, Waleed Abdalati and Christopher A. Shuman

Low microwave brightness temperatures in central Antarctica: observed features and implications
Sylviane Surdyk

The impact of cloud cover on the net radiation budget of the Greenland ice sheet
F. G. L. Cawkwell and J. L. Bamber

Electromagnetic wave speed in polar ice: validation of the common-midpoint technique with high-resolution dielectric-profiling and γ-density measurements
O. Eisen, U. Nixdorf, F. Wilhelms and H. Miller

Scattering of VHF radio waves from within the top 700 m of the Antarctic ice sheet and its relation to the depositional environment: a case-study along the Syowa-Mizuho-Dome Fuji traverse
Shuji Fujita, Hideo Maeno, Teruo Furukawa and Kenichi Matsuoka

Polarization of radio waves transmitted through Antarctic ice shelves
C. S. M. Doake, H. F. J. Corr and A. Jenkins

A ground-based, multi-frequency ice-penetrating radar system
Kenichi Matsuoka, Hideo Maeno, Seiho Uratsuka, Shuji Fujita, Teruo Furukawa and Okitsugu Watanabe

Synthetic aperture radar detection of the snowline on Commonwealth and Howard Glaciers, Taylor Valley, Antarctica
Patrick Bardel, Andrew G. Fountain, Dorothy K. Hall and Ron Kwok

Mapping of permafrost on Vega Island, Antarctic Peninsula, using satellite images and aerial photography
Evgeniy Ermolin, HernŠn de Angelis and Pedro Skvarca

Acceleration of Pine Island and Thwaites Glaciers, West Antarctica
Eric Rignot, David G. Vaughan, Marjorie Schmeltz, Todd Dupont and Douglas MacAyeal

Ice-sheet velocity mapping: a combined interferometric and speckle-tracking approach
Ian Joughin

Tidal flexure along ice-sheet margins: comparison of InSAR with an elastic-plate model
Marjorie Schmeltz, Eric Rignot and Douglas MacAyeal

Crevasse ages on the northern margin of Ice Stream C, West Antarctica
B. E. Smith, N. E. Lord and C. R. Bentley

Mass balance of East Antarctic glaciers and ice shelves from satellite data
Eric Rignot

Velocity and strain rates derived from InSAR analysis over the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica
N. W. Young and G. Hyland

50 years of ice-front changes between the Adélie and Banzare Coasts, East Antarctica
Massimo Frezzotti and Marco Polizzi

Iceberg calving from the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica
Helen A. Fricker, Neal W. Young, Ian Allison and Richard Coleman

A new tide model for the Antarctic ice shelves and seas
Laurie Padman, Helen A. Fricker, Richard Coleman, Susan Howard and Lana Erofeeva

Motion of major ice-shelf fronts in Antarctica from slant-range analysis of radar altimeter data, 1978-98
H. J. Zwally, M. A. Beckley, A. C. Brenner and M. B. Giovinetto

RADARSAT-1 Antarctic Mapping Project: change-detection and surface velocity campaign
Kenneth C. Jezek

RADARSAT interferometry for Antarctic grounding-zone mapping
L. Gray, N. Short, R. Bindschadler, I. Joughin, L. Padman, P. Vornberger and A. Khananian

Northern Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica: further retreat after collapse
Helmut Rott, Wolfgang Rack, Pedro Skvarca and HernŠn de Angelis

Ice dolines on Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Robert Bindschadler, Ted Scambos, Helmut Rott, Pedro Skvarca and Patricia Vornberger

An image-enhanced DEM of the Greenland ice sheet
Ted A. Scambos and Terry Haran

Modeled seasonal variations of firn density induced by steady-state surface air-temperature cycle
Li Jun and H. Jay Zwally

Modeling of ice flow and internal layers along a flowline through Swiss Camp, West Greenland
W. L. Wang, H. J. Zwally, W. Abdalati and S. Luo

Mapping of a hydrological ice-sheet drainage basin on the West Greenland ice-sheet margin from ERS-1/-2 SAR interferometry, ice-radar measurement and modelling
A. P. Ahlstrøm, C. Egede Bøggild, J. J. Mohr, N. Reeh, E. Lintz Christensen, O. B. Olesen and K. Keller

Three-dimensional glacier surface motion maps at the GjŠlp eruption site, Iceland, inferred from combining InSAR and other ice-displacement data
Sverrir Gudmundsson, Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson, Helgi Björnsson, Freysteinn Sigmundsson, Helmut Rott and Jens Michael Carstensen

Ice dynamics during a surge of Sortebrś, East Greenland
Tavi Murray, Tazio Strozzi, Adrian Luckman, Hamish Pritchard and Hester Jiskoot

Improvement of elevation accuracy for mass-balance monitoring using in-flight laser calibration
Sagi Filin and BeŠta Csathó

Detection of superimposed ice on the glaciers Kongsvegen and midre Lovénbreen, Svalbard, using SAR satellite imagery
Max König, Jemma Wadham, Jan-Gunnar Winther, Jack Kohler and Anne-Marie Nuttall

Using aerial photography to study glacier changes in Norway
Liss Marie Andreassen, Hallgeir Elvehøy and Bjarne Kjøllmoen

Estimation of the ELA on Hardangerjøkulen, Norway during the 1995/96 winter season using repeat-pass SAR coherence
R. E. J. Kelly

The new remote-sensing-derived Swiss glacier inventory. I. Methods
Frank Paul, Andreas Kääb, Max Maisch, Tobias Kellenberger and Wilfried Haeberli

The new remote-sensing-derived Swiss glacier inventory: II. First results
Andreas Kääb, Frank Paul, Max Maisch, Martin Hoelzle and Wilfried Haeberli

Use of remotely-sensed and field data to estimate the contribution of Chilean glaciers to eustatic sea-level rise
Andrés Rivera, César AcuŮa, Gino Casassa and Francisca Bown

Inventory of glaciers in isla Riesco, Patagonia, Chile, based on aerial photography and satellite imagery
Gino Casassa, Katrine Smith, Andrés Rivera, José Araos, Michael Schnirch and Christoph Schneider

Calving rates in fresh water: new data from southern Patagonia
P. Skvarca, H. de Angelis, R. Naruse, C. R. Warren and M. Aniya

Utilization of 6 × 6 cm format vertical aerial photographs for repetitive mapping of surface morphology and measurement of flow velocities of a small glacier in a remote area: Glaciar Soler, Hielo Patagónico Norte, Chile
Masamu Aniya, Renji Naruse and Satoru Yamaguchi

Determination of melt-onset and refreeze timing on southeast Alaskan icefields using SSM/I diurnal amplitude variations
Joan M. Ramage and Bryan L. Isacks

ASTER measurement of supraglacial lakes in the Mount Everest region of the Himalaya
Rick L. Wessels, Jeffrey S. Kargel and Hugh H. Kieffer

Optical characteristics of cryoconite (surface dust) on glaciers: the relationship between light absorbency and the property of organic matter contained in the cryoconite
Nozomu Takeuchi

The potential of using Landsat 7 ETM+ for the classification of sea-ice surface conditions during summer
Thorsten Markus, Donald J. Cavalieri and Alvaro Ivanoff

Correlation and trend studies of the sea-ice cover and surface temperatures in the Arctic
Josefino C. Comiso

Deriving sea-ice thickness and ice types in the Sea of Okhotsk using dual-frequency airborne SAR (Pi-SAR) data
Takeshi Matsuoka, Seiho Uratsuka, Makoto Satake, Akitsugu Nadai, Toshihiko Umehara, Hideo Maeno, Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, Fumihiko Nishio and Yasushi Fukamachi

Trends in the length of the Southern Ocean sea-ice season, 1979-99
Claire L. Parkinson

A 21 year record of Arctic sea-ice extents and their regional, seasonal and monthly variability and trends
Claire L. Parkinson and Donald J. Cavalieri

Arctic sea-ice area and volume production: 1996/97 versus 1997/98
Ron Kwok