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Papers accepted for publication in Annals 40
The International Symposium on Ice and Water Interactions: Processes Across the Phase Boundary

held at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.
26-30 July 2004
Editor: D.R. MacAyeal
Cover Annals Vol. 40

Listed in alphabetical order

Acess of surface meltwater to beds of subfreezing glaciers: preliminary insights
R. B. Alley, T.K. Dupont, B.R. Parizek and S. Anandakrishnan

The dynamic response of Kennicott Glacier to the Hidden Creek Lake outburst flood
R.S. Anderson, J. Walder, S.P. Anderson, D. Trabant and A.G. Fountain

Numerical modeling investigations of the subglacial conditions of the southern Laurentide Ice Sheet
A. Bauder, D.M. Mickelson and S.J. Marshall

Calving processes and lake evolution at Miage Glacier (Mont Blanc, Italian Alps)
G. Diolaiuti, M.P. Kirkbride, C. Smiraglia, D.I. Benn, C. D'Agata and L. Nicholson

A magnetic resonance study of temperature-dependent microstructural evolution and self-diffusion of water in Arctic first-year sea ice
C. Bock and H. Eicken

Aspects of melt water retention in a transect across the Greenland ice sheet
C.E. Bøggild, R. Forsberg and N. Reeh

Culturable yeasts in melt waters draining from two glaciers in the Italian Alps
P. Buzzini, B. Turchetti, G. Diolaiuti, C. D'Agata, A. Martini and C. Smiraglia

Surface snow melt at high elevation in the Southern Alps on New Zealand
E.S. Cutler and B. B. Fitzharris

Conditions for the reversal of ice/air surface slope on ice streams and shelves: a model study
T.K. Dupont and R.B. Alley

A temperature-index model of stream flow at below freezing temperatures in Taylor Valley, Antarctica
A.F. Ebnet, A.G. Fountain and T.H.Nylen

The use of salt injection and conductivity monitoring to infer near margin hydrological conditions on Vestari-Hagafellsjökull, Iceland
N.S. Eyre, A. Payne, D.J. Baldwin and H. Björnsson

Changes in geometry and subglacial drainage derived from digital elevation models: Unteraargletscher, Switzerland, 1927--1997
U. H. Fischer, A. Braun, A, Bauder and G.E. Flowers

Observations of englacial water passages -- a fracture dominated system
A.G. Fountain, R.B. Schlichting, P.Jansson and R.W. Jacobel

Timing and pattern of termination of diurnal water pressure fluctuations: Bench Glacier, Alaska
T. J. Fudge, J.T. Harper, N.F. Humphrey and W.T. Pfeffer

Temperature variations in lake ice in central Alaska
M. Gould and M.O. Jeffries

Evolution of subglacial water pressure along a glacier´s length
J.T. Harper, N.F. Humphrey, W.T. Pfeffer, T. Fudge and S.O´Neel

Temporal isotobe changes in wet snow layers in association with mass exchange between snow particles and liquid water in between the particles
S. Hashimoto, s. Zhou, M. Nakawo, M. Shimizu and N. Ishikawa

Trends in spring snowpack over a half century of climate warming in California
I. Howat and S. Tulaczyk

Lake ice growth and decay in central Alaska: observations and computer simulations compared
M.O. Jeffries, K.Morris and C. Duguay

The origin of channels on Lower Taylor Glacier, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica and their implication for water runoff
R. Johnston, A.G. Fountain and T.H. Nylen

Determination of basal hydrolic systems based on subglacial high-pressure pump experiments
G. Lappegard and J. Kohler

Groundwater Seeps in Taylor Valley Antarctica: An Example of a Subsurface Melt Event
W.B. Lyons, K.A. Welch, A.E. Carey, D.H. Wall, R.A. Virginia, A.G. Fountain, P.T. Doran, B.M. Csathó and C.M. Tremper

The influence of river ice on spring runoff in the Lena River, Siberia
X. Ma, T. Yasunari, T.Ohata and Y. Fukushima

Estimating alpine snowpack properties using FMCW radar
H.-P. Marshall, G. Koh and R.R. Forster

Model simulation of the effects of climate variability and change on lake ice in central Alaska
K.Morris, M.O. Jeffries and C. Duguay

Reconstruction of past temperatiure for arctic glaciers subjected to intese sub-surface melting
O.V. Nagornov, Y.V. Konovalov and V. Tchijov

Detailed spatially distributed geothermal heat flow data for modeling of basal temperatures and melt water production beneath the Fennoscandian ice sheet
J-O. Näslund, P. Jansson, J.L. Fastook, J. Johnson and L. Andersson

Localized basal motion of a polythermal arctic glacier: McCall Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.
F. Pattyn, M. Nolan, B. Rabus and S. Takahashi

Basal and thermal control mechanisms of the Ragnhild glaciers, East Antarctica
F. Pattyn, S. De Brabander and A. Huyghe

Englacial phase changes and intergranular flow above subglacial lakes
A. Rempel

Ice-water interactions during floods from Grænalón glacier-dammed lake, Iceland
M.J. Roberts, F. Pálsson, M.T. Guðmundsson, H. Björnsson and F.S. Tweed

Incorporation of particulates into accreted ice above subglacial Lake Vostok, Antarctica
G. Royston-Bishop, J.C. Priscu, M. Tranter, B. Christner, M.J. Siegert and V. Lee

Impact of subglacial hydrology on the release of water from temporary storage in an Alpine glacier
N. Rutter

Ice crystal properties of amber ice and strain enhanchement at the base of cold Antarctic glaciers
D. Samyn, A. Svensson, S.J. Fitzimons and R.D. Lorrain

Surface melting on Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctica
O. Sergienko and D. MacAyeal

Hydrometeorological relationships on the Haig Glacier, Alberta, Canada
J.M. Shea, F.S. Anslow and S.J. Marshall

Surface strain anomaly induced by the storage and drainage of englacial water in Koryto Glacier, Kamchatka, Russia
S. Sugiyama, R. Naruse and Y.D. Mura'yev

The chemical composition of runoff from Canada Glacier, Antarctica: implications for glacier hydrology during a cool summer
M. Tranter, A.G. Fountain, W.B. Lyons, T.H. Nylen and K.A. Welch

Stable Isotopes and Electrical Conductivity as Keys to Understanding Water Pathways and Storage in South Cascade Glacier, Washington
B.H. Vaughn and A.G. Fountain

Fault-dominated deformation in an ice dam during annual filling and drainage of a marginal lake
J. Walder, D.C. Trabant, M.Cunico, S.P. Anderson, R.S. Anderson, A.G. Fountain and A. Malm

Slip event propagation direction in transition region of low surface slope
J. Weertman