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Accepted papers for publication in Annals 48

Selected papers from the Cryospheric Section of the IUGG General Assembly

held in the city of Perugia, Italy
2–14 July, 2007
Chief Editor: T.H. Jacka
Annals 48 Cover

Listed in alphabetical order by first author


A bonding process between grains in mechanically disaggregated snow
Edward E. Adams, Steven M. Jepsen and Bryan Close


Assessment of techniques for analysing snow crystals in 2 dimensions
Stuart John Bartlett, Jean-Daniel Ruedi, Alasdair Craig, Charles Fierz


Spatial and temporal variability in the snowpack of a High Arctic ice cap: implications for mass change measurements
Christina Bell, Douglas Mair, David Burgess, Martin Sharp, Michael Demuth, Fiona Cawkwell, Robert Bingham and Jemma Wadham


The recent evolution of Liligo Glacier (Karakoram, Pakistan) and its present quiescent phase
Marco Belò, Christoph Mayer, Claudio Smiraglia, Andrea Tamburini


Snow depth in eastern Europe in relation to circulation patterns
Ewa Bednorz and Joanna Wibig


Recent glacier variations at the Aconcagua basin, central Chilean Andes
Francisca Bown, Andrés Rivera and César Acuña


Explicit iterative computation of diffusive vapor field in the 3D snow matrix: some preliminary results for low flux metamorphism
Jean-Bruno Brzoska, Frederic Flin, Jean Barckicke


At what depth is the Eemian layer expected to be found at NEEM?
S. L. Buchardt and D. Dahl-Jensen


Climatic warming, glacier recession and runoff from Alpine basins after the Little Ice Age maximum


Influence of precipitation seasonality on glacier mass balance and its sensitivity to climate change
Koji Fujita


From Commission to Association: The transition of the International Commission on Snow an Ice (ICSI) to the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS)
H. Gerald Jones


Changes of the equilibrium line altitude since the Little Ice Age in the Nepalese Himalayas
Rijan Bhakta Kayastha and Sandy P. Harrison


Monitoring surging glaciers of the Pamirs from space
V.M. Kotlyakov, G.B. Osipova, D.G. Tsvetkov


Extreme intra-seasonal anomalies in the Amundsen and Bellingshausen sea ice area during the austral winter
Fabio Ullmann Furtado de Lima , Leila M. Véspoli de Carvalho


Comparison of sea ice extent and ice edge location estimates from passive microwave and enhanced-resolution scatterometer data
Walter N. Meier and Julienne Stroeve


Spatial distribution of debris thickness and melting from remote sensing and meteorological data, at debris-covered Baltoro Glacier, Karakoram, Pakistan
Mihalcea C., C. Mayer, G. Diolaiuti, C. D'Agata, C. Smiraglia, A. Lambrecht, E. Vuillermoz, G. Tartari


Climate sensitivity and mass balance evolution of Gran Campo Nevado Ice Cap, southwest Patagonia
Marco Möller and Christoph Schneider


Sediment-moss interactions on a temperate glacier: Falljökull, Iceland
P. R. Porter, A. J. Evans, A. J. Hodson, A. T. Lowe, and M. D. Crabtree


Snow avalanche mass balance calculation and simulation model verification
Rudolf Sailer, Wolfgang Fellin, Reinhard Fromm, Phillipp Jörg, Lambert Rammer, Peter Sampl, Andreas Schaffhauser


CFD simulation of snow drift in alpine environments for operational avalanche warning including a local weather model
Simon Schneiderbauer, Thomas Tschachler, Johann Fischbacher, Walter Hinterberger, Peter Fischer


Modelling binge-purge oscillations of the Laurentide Ice Sheet using a plastic ice sheet
H. C. Steen-Larsen and D. Dahl-Jensen


Arctic sea ice variability revisited
Julienne Stroeve, Allan Frei, James McCreight, Debjani Ghatak


A change in seasonality in Greenland during a Dansgaard-Oeschger warming
Elizabeth R.Thomas, Robert Mulvaney, Eric W.Wolff


Mass budget of the grounded ice in the Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf system
WEN Jiahong, WANG Yafeng, LIU Jiying, Kenneth C. JEZEK, Philippe HUYBRECHTS, Beata M. Csatho, Katy L. Farness, SUN Bo


Surface characteristics at Dome A (Antarctica): first measurements and a guide to future ice-coring sites
Xiao Cunde, Li Yuansheng, Ian Allison, Hou Shugui, Gabrielle Dreyfus, Jean-Marc Barnola, Ren Jiawen, Bian Lingen, Zhang Shenkai, Takao Kameda


Ice velocity from static GPS observations along the transect from Zhongshan Station to Dome A, East Antarctica
ZHANG Shengkai, E Dongchen, WANG Zemin, LI Yuansheng, JIN Bo and ZHOU Chunxia