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Papers accepted for publication in Annals 49

The International Symposium on Snow Science

Held at the Russian Academy of Sciences
Moscow, Russia
3–7 September 2007
Chief Editors: Martin Schneebeli and Jerome B. Johnson

listed in alphabetical order of main author


Modelling of snow avalanche dynamics: influence of model parameters
A. N. Bozhinskiy


Snow cover response to climate change in the mountainous region of the Tarim River basin over the past four decades
Chen Yaning, Xu Changchun, Chen Yapeng


Experimental study of particle concentration fluctuations in a turbulent steady flow
François-Xavier Cierco, Mohamed Naaim & Florence Naaim-Bouvet


Mass balance estimates for Haut Glacier d'Arolla from 2000–2006 using DEM0s and Distributed Mass Balance Modeling
Ruzica Dadic, Javier G. Corripio, Paolo Burlando


Spatial variability of new snow amounts derived from a dense network of Alpine automatic stations
Luca Egli


Changing snowcover and the net mass balance of Storglaciären, Northern Sweden
Eleri Evans, Richard Essery and Richard Lucas


Avalanches overflowing a dam: dead zone, granular bore and run-out shortening
Thierry Faug, Benoit Chanut, Mohamed Naaim and Bertrand Perrin


The temperature gradient metamorphism of snow: vapour diffusion model and application to tomographic images
Frédéric FLIN and Jean-Bruno BRZOSKA


3D- X-ray micro tomography and 2D- microstructure mapping of polar firn– a comprehensive picture by two complementary methods?
J. Freitag, S. Kipfstuhl and S. H. Faria


Winter regime of temperature and precipitation as a factor of snow cover distribution and its stratigraphy
Vladimir N. Golubev, Marina N. Petrushina, Denis M. Frolov


Inferences on flow mechanisms from snow avalanche deposits
Dieter Issler, Alessia Errera, Stefano Priano, Hansueli Gubler, Bernardo Teufen, and Bernhard Krummenacher


Exploring the signifcance of the fuidised flow regime for avalanche hazard mapping
Dieter Issler and Peter Gauer


Regional snow depth estimates for avalanche calculations using a 2D model with snow entrainment
Emanuela Bianchi Janettia, Elisa Gorni, Betty Sovilla, Daniele Bocchiolab


Mortality rates of the Alpine Chamois: the influence of snow-meteorological factors
Tobias JONAS, Flavia GEIGER, Hannes JENNY


Changing in ionic concentrations and δ18O in the snowpack of Zhadang Glacier on Mt. Nyainqentanglha, Southern TibetanPlateau
Shichang KANG, Jie HUANG, Yanwei XU


Numerical modeling of an avalanche impact against an obstacle with account of snow compressibility
V.S. Kulibaba, M.E. Eglit


Spatial heterogeneity in snow water equivalent induced by forest canopy in a mixed beech-fir stand
J. Ignacio López-Moreno and J. Latron


Depositional characteristics of NH4+ on Urumqi Glacier No. 1, eastern Tianshan, China
Huilin LI, Zhongqin LI, Feiteng WANG, Wenbin WANG, Lin WANG


Characteristics of ionic concentration and δ18O and their variability in dry season and wet season snow on Urumqi Glacier No. 1 in eastern Tianshan, China
Li Zhongqin, Wenbin Wang, Feiteng Wang, Huilin Li


Simulation of seasonal snow cover development and seasonal snow cover distribution for glaciated sites (Sonnblick, Austrian Alps) with the ALPINE3D model
R. Mott, F. Faure, G. Koboltschnig, M. Lehning, H. Löwe, G. Michlmayr, A. Prokop, W. Schöner


Experimental determination of snow sublimation rate and stable isotopic exchange
T. A. Neumann, M. R. Albert, R. Lomonaco, C. Engel, Z. Courville, F. Perron


Applying Machine Learning Methods to Avalanche Forecasting
A. Pozdnoukhov, R.S. Purves, M. Kanevski


A comparison of measurement methods: terrestrial laser scanning, tachymetry and snow probing, for the determination of the spatial snow depth distribution on slopes.
A. Prokop, M. Schirmer, M. Rub, M. Lehning, M. Stocker


Simple relations for the close-off depth and age in dry snow densification
Andrey N. Salamatin, Vladimir Ya. Lipenkov


Time dependence of snow microstructure and associated effective thermal conductivity
PK Satyawali, AK Singh, SK Dewali, Praveen Kumar, Vinod Kumar


Estimation of influence of snow avalanches on activity of the person
Yuri Seliverstov, Tatiana Glazovskaya, Alexander Shnyparkov, Yana Vilchek, Ksenia Sergeeva


Reconstruction of Snow/Firn Thermal Properties from Observed Temperature Variation: Application to Iceberg C16 (Ross Sea, Antarctica), 2004 - 2007.
Olga V. Sergienko, Douglas R. MacAyeal, Jonathan E. Thom


Use of a snowmelt model for weekly flood forecast for a major reservoir in Lithuania
Jurgita Simaityte, Daniele Bocchiola, Juozas Augutis, Renzo Rosso


Postdepositional Modification of Stable Water Isotopes in Winter Snowpacks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
K.E. Sinclair and S.J. Marshall


Site specific analog weather forecast system for Northwest Himalaya in India
Dan Singh, Amreek Singh and Ashwagosha Ganju


Large-scale characteristics of the distribution of blowing snow sublimation
Konosuke SUGIURA, Tetsuo OHATA


High correlation between winter precipitation and air temperature in heavy-snowfall areas in Japan
Yukari TAKEUCHI, Yasoichi ENDO, Shigeki MURAKAMI


Development of depth hoar and its effect on stable oxygen isotopic content in snow-firn stratigraphy on Urumqi Glacier No. 1, Eastern Tianshan, China
WANG Feiteng, LI Zhongqin, LI Huilin, WANG Wenbin, WANG Lin


New algorithm to retrieve the effective snow grain size and pollution amount from satellite data
E. Zege, I. Katsev, A. Malinka, A. Prikhach


Microscale spatial variability of snowpack - Isotopic and chemical heterogeneity of a firn pack at Mt. Everest
Shiqiao ZHOU, Shichang KANG, Zhiyuan CONG