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Honorary Member 2016

Professor Keiji HiguchiProfessor Yang Zhenniang

The IGS awards Honorary Membership to Professor Keiji Higuchi for his formative contribution to the science of glaciology in Japan and in countries of the Himalaya. Professor Higuchi was a nucleating influence on Japanese glaciology during the years that Japan rebuilt from the destruction it suffered in the mid-20th century. At a time when glaciology was considered a low-priority luxury, he initiated the earliest and longest running studies of ice and snow in the Central Alps of Japan, and initiated the long-standing participation of Japanese glaciologists in the study of ice and snow in the Himalaya. The formidable scientific accomplishments of Japan, within the context of its local snow and ice phenomena, but very importantly, also within the context of Japan’s pioneering contributions to the study of snow and ice in the High Asian environment broadly defined, owe their start to Professor Higuchi’s leadership. Among the rich cultural traditions of Japan is the notion that: Good leadership should be so exercised that it does not hover on the surface but works at the bottom of the movement, so that at the end people will say ‘Oh! we have done it ourselves’. Professor Higuchi is the scientist who exemplifies this wonderful Japanese view of leadership. We honour Professor Keiji Higuchi for his foresight into the wonderful glaciological contributions Japan has since become renowned for, for his quiet leadership that lifted an entire community of scientists, and for his insightful and enduring contributions to the field of glaciology.

The Awards Committee of the International Glaciological Society