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Informal glaciologists meetings

Just attended the 16th Alpine Glaciology Meeting in Zurich. These meetings are so productive and informative. The AGM is based on the same concept as the Northwest Glaciologists meetings in the US and Canada. As a young student at University of Washington in Seattle, under Charlie Raymond, we used to travel to Vancouver and Tacoma for those meetings every year, different venue every year. 
It was a great opportunity to meet up with fellow students and the famous names in glaciology like Barclay Kamb, Garry Clarke and Mark Meier and many others. It was a great opportunity for students to practise their presentation skills and learn how to answer probing questions from such greats as Barclay. Once you leaned how to respond to a question from Barclay Kamb you could handle anything. 30 years later these meetings are just as vibrant and stimulating and the students are still taking their first steps in the demanding world of public speaking.

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