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Journal of Glaciology

Volume 46 (2000)

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From Volume 46, 2000 the Journal of Glaciology, is published four times a year. Note that the cover is the same for each of the four parts of the volume.

Cover: Journal - Vol. 46, Nos. 152, 153, 154 and 155

Vol. 46 2000 No. 152


Relating glacier mass balance to meteorological data by using a seasonal sensitivity characteristic
J. Oerlemans and B.K. Reichert

Sensitivity of mass balance of five Swiss glaciers to temperature changes assessed by tuning a degree-day model
Roger J. Braithwaite and Yu Zhang

Formaldehyde and peroxide concentrations in Law Dome (Antarctica) firn and ice cores
R.W. Gillett, T.D. van Ommen, A.V. Jackson and G.P. Ayers

A simple snowpack/cloud reflectance and transmittance model from microwave to ultraviolet: the ice-lamella pack
Christian Mätzler

Glaciofluvial crevasse and conduit fills as indicators of supraglacial dewatering during a surge, Skeiðarárjökull, Iceland
Matthew R. Bennett, David Huddart and Richard I. Waller

Natural and anthropogenic levels of tritium in a Canadian Arctic ice core, Agassiz Ice Cap, Ellesmere Island, and comparison with other radionuclides
Thomas G. Kotzer, Akira Kudo, James Zheng and Wayne Workman

The orientation dependence of the strength of ice single crystals
Y.L. Trickett, I. Baker and P.M.S. Pradhan

Reconstructing past atmospheric CO2 concentration based on ice-core analyses: open questions due to in situ production of CO2 in ice
Jürg Tschumi and Bernhard Stauffer

Numerical modelling of the ice sheet in western Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica: impacts of present, past and future climates
J.-O. Näslund, J.L. Fastook and P. Holmlund

An analysis of balance velocities over the Greenland ice sheet and comparison with synthetic aperture radar interferometry
J.L. Bamber, R.J. Hardy and I. Joughin

The accumulation pattern across Siple Dome, West Antarctica, inferred from radar-detected internal layers
N.A. Nereson, C.F. Raymond, R.W. Jacobel and E.D. Waddington

Bed properties of Siple Dome and adjacent ice streams, West Antarctica, inferred from radio-echo sounding measurements
A.M. Gades, C.F. Raymond, H. Conway and R.W. Jacobel

The onset area of Ice Stream D, West Antarctica
Robert Bindschadler, Xin Chen and Patricia Vornberger

Changes in the margin of Ice Stream C, Antarctica
R.W. Jacobel, T.A. Scambos, N.A. Nereson and C.F. Raymond

Elevation of ice-stream margin scars after stagnation
N.A. Nereson

Comparison of SAR-interferometric and surveyed velocities on a mountain glacier: Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A
B.T. Rabus and D.R. Fatland

A new technique for ice-fabric analysis
L.A. Wilen

Ice-core evidence of the thickness and character of clear-facies basal ice: Glacier de Transfleuron, Switzerland
Bryn Hubbard, Jean-Louis Tison, Laurent Janssens and Baruch Spiro

Texture and strength changes of buried surface-hoar layers with implications for dry snow-slab avalanche release
J.Bruce Jamieson and Jürg Schweizer

Geophysical investigations of ice-sheet internal layering and deformation in the Dome C region of central East Antarctica
Richard Hodgkins, Martin J. Siegert and Julian A. Dowdeswell

Instruments and Methods
Portable system for intermediate-depth ice-core drilling
V. Zagorodnov, L.G. Thompson and E. Mosley-Thompson

Vol. 46 2000 No. 153

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Modelling dynamics of glaciers in volcanic craters
Andrey N. Salamatin, Yaroslav D. Murav'yev, Takayuki Shiraiwa and Kenichi Matsuoka

Glacier calving: a numerical model of forces in the calving-speed-water-depth relation
Brian Hanson and Roger LeB. Hooke

Numerical modelling of ice-sheet dynamics across the Vostok subglacial lake, central East Antarctica
Christoph Mayer and Martin J. Siegert

Evidence for extreme pressure pulses in the subglacial water system
Jeffrey L. Kavanaugh and Garry K.C. Clarke

Glacier motion dominated by processes deep in underlying till
M. Truffer, W.D. Harrison and K.A. Echelmeyer

Monsoon and dust signals recorded in Dasuopu glacier, Tibetan Plateau
Kang Shichang, Cameron P. Wake, Qin Dahe, Paul A. Mayewski and Yao Tandong

Results from the EISMINT model intercomparison: the effects of thermomechanical coupling
A.J. Payne, P. Huybrechts, A. Abe-Ouchi, R. Calov, J.L. Fastook, R. Greve, S.J. Marshall, I. Marsiat, C. Ritz, L. Tarasov and M.P.A. Thomassen

The effects of sulfuric acid on the mechanical properties of ice single crystals
Y.L. Trickett, I. Baker and P.M.S. Pradhan

Effect of summer accumulation on glacier mass balance on the Tibetan Plateau revealed by mass-balance model
Koji Fujita and Yutaka Ageta

Ice discharge of eastern Dome C drainage area, Antarctica, inferred from airborne radar survey and satellite image analysis
Massimo Frezzotti, Ignazio Ezio Tabacco and Achille Zirizzotti

Mass balance of the northeast sector of the Greenland ice sheet: a remote-sensing perspective
Eric Rignot, Guillaume Buscarlet, Beáta Csathó, Sivaprasad Gogineni, William Krabill and Marjorie Schmeltz

Delineation of a complexly dipping temperate glacier bed using short-pulse radar arrays
M.L. Moran, R.J. Greenfield, S.A. Arcone and A.J. Delaney

Radar glacier zones in southeast Alaska, U.S.A.: field and satellite observations
Joan M. Ramage, Bryan L. Isacks and Maynard M. Miller

Calculating basal thermal zones beneath the Antarctic ice sheet
Ellen Wilch and Terence J. Hughes

A numerical investigation of ice-lobe-permafrost interaction around the southern Laurentide ice sheet
Paul M. Cutler, Douglas R. MacAyeal, David M. Mickelson, Byron R. Parizek and Patrick M. Colgan

The accumulation regime of Blue Glacier, U.S.A., 1914-96
L.A. Rasmussen, H. Conway and P.S. Hayes

Himalayan ice-core dating with snow algae
Yoshitaka Yoshimura, Shiro Kohshima, Nozomu Takeuchi, Katsumoto Seko and Koji Fujita

A hot-water ice-coring drill
H. Engelhardt, B. Kamb and R. Bolsey

KNIGHT, Peter G. 1999. Glaciers. Cheltenham, Stanley Thornes, 261 pp. ISBN 0-74874-000-7, Paperback
Andrew G. Fountain

Petrenko,Victor F. and Robert W. Whitworth. 1999. The Physics of ice. Oxford, etc., Oxford University Press, 384 pp. ISBN 0-19851-895-1, Hardback
Keith Echelmeyer

Rapid sediment entrainment and englacial deposition during jökulhlaups
Matthew J. Roberts, Andrew J. Russell, Fiona S. Tweed and Oskar Knudsen

Vol. 46 2000 No. 154

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A geometric glacier model for sea-level change calculations
S.C.B. Raper, O. Brown and R.J. Braithwaite

A comparison of radio-echo sounding data and electrical conductivity of the GRIP ice core
Ludwig Hempel, Franz Thyssen, Niels Gundestrup, Henrik B. Clausen and Heinz Miller

Evaluation of remote-sensing techniques to measure decadal-scale changes of Hofsjökull ice cap, Iceland
D.K. Hall, R.S. Williams Jr., J.S. Barton, O. Sigurdsson, L.C. Smith and J.B. Garvin

Englacial water distribution in a temperate glacier from surface and borehole radar velocity analysis
Tavi Murray, Graham W. Stuart, Matt Fry, Nicola H. Gamble and Mike D. Crabtree

Short fluctuations in the density and thickness of a dry firn column
D.J. Wingham

Controls on the distribution of surge-type glaciers in Svalbard
Hester Jiskoot, Tavi Murray and Paul Boyle

Glacier advance, ice-marginal lakes and the routing of meltwater and sediment: Russell Glacier, Greenland
Peter G. Knight, Richard I. Waller, Carrie J. Patterson, Alison P. Jones and Zoe P. Robinson

On the modelling of ice-thickness redistribution
Jari Haapala

A flow model for the polar caps of Mars
J.F. Nye

The use of bulk and profile methods for determining surface heat fluxes in the presence of glacier winds
Bruce Denby and W. Greuell

Non-temperate glacier flow over wavy sloping ground
Jan Erik Weber

A model of ablation-dominated medial moraines and the generation of debris-mantled glacier snouts
Robert S. Anderson

Contemporaneous, localized, basal ice-flow variations: implications for bedrock erosion and the origin of p-forms
Brice R. Rea, David J.A. Evans, Tom S. Dixon and W.Brian Whalley

1.4 GHz radar penetration and evidence of drainage structures in temperate ice: Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A
Steven A. Arcone and Norbert E. Yankielun

Glacier mass-balance determination by remote sensing and high-resolution modelling
Alun Hubbard, Ian Willis, Martin Sharp, Douglas Mair, Peter Nienow, Bryn Hubbard and Heinz Blatter

Dynamic behaviour analysis of glacier de Saint Sorlin, France, from 40 years of observations, 1957-97
C. Vincent, M. Vallon, L. Reynaud and E. Le Meur

Glaciochemical dating of an ice core from upper Grenzgletscher (4200 m a.s.l.)
Anja Eichler, Margit Schwikowski, Heinz W. Gäggeler, Verena Furrer, Hans-Arno Synal, Jürg Beer, Matthias Saurer and Martin Funk

The link between climate warming and break-up of ice shelves in the Antarctic Peninsula
Ted A. Scambos, Christina Hulbe, Mark Fahnestock and Jennifer Bohlander

A low-cost glacier-mapping system
E.Lintz Christensen, N. Reeh, R. Forsberg, J.Hjelm Jörgensen, N. Skou and K. Woelders

The structural glaciology of Kongsvegen, Svalbard, and its role in landform genesis
Neil F. Glasser, Michael J. Hambrey, Kevin R. Crawford, Matthew R. Bennett and David Huddart

Vol. 46 2000 No. 155

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Snow accumulation rates in northern Victoria Land, Antarctica, by firn-core analysis
Barbara Stenni, Francesca Serra, Massimo Frezzotti, Valter Maggi, Rita Traversi, Silvia Becagli and Roberto Udisti

Digital elevation models for the Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf system, East Antarctica, from ERS-1 satellite radar altimetry
Helen A. Fricker, Glenn Hyland, Richard Coleman and Neal W. Young

Mass balance of the Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf system, East Antarctica: a comparison of computed balance fluxes and measured fluxes
Helen A. Fricker, Roland C. Warner and Ian Allison

Analysis of a 3 year meteorological record from the ablation zone of Morteratschgletscher, Switzerland: energy and mass balance
J. Oerlemans

Coupled ice-till deformation near subglacial channels and cavities
Felix S.L. Ng

Sliding of ice past an obstacle at Engabreen, Norway
Denis Cohen, Roger LeB. Hooke, Neal R. Iverson and Jack Kohler

Rheology of ice at the bed of Engabreen, Norway
Denis Cohen

Late Pleistocene climate conditions in the north Chilean Andes drawn from a climate-glacier model
Christoph Kull and Martin Grosjean

Sliding versus till deformation in the fast motion of an ice stream over a viscous till
Throstur Thorsteinsson and Charles F. Raymond

Diffusive mixing between shearing granular layers: constraints on bed deformation from till contacts
Thomas S. Hooyer and Neal R. Iverson

A millennium of variable ice flow recorded by the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
M.A. Fahnestock, T.A. Scambos, R.A. Bindschadler and G. Kvaran

Energy balance of ice streams
C.F. Raymond

Measurement and parameterization of albedo variations at Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Ben W. Brock, Ian C. Willis and Martin J. Sharp

Ice motion over Lake Vostok, Antarctica: constraints on inferences regarding the accreted ice
R. Kwok, M.J. Siegert and F.D. Carsey

Acoustic televiewer logging in glacier boreholes
Roger H. Morin, Guillaume E. Descamps and L.DeWayne Cecil

Post, A. and E.R. LaChapelle. 1999. Glacier ice. Revised edition. Seattle, WA, University of Washington Press on association with International Glaciological Society, Cambridge, England. 144 pp. ISBN 0-295-97910-0, paperback

Jürg Alean

Van der Veen, C.J. 1999. Fundamentals of glacier dynamics. Rotterdam, A.A. Balkema, x + 462 pp. Hardback edition: ISBN 90-5410-470-8. Student paperback edition: ISBN 90-5410-471-6
F.S.L. Ng

Subglacial water at the heads of Antarctic ice-stream tributaries
Martin J. Siegert and Jonathan L. Bamber

The chemistry of grain boundaries in Greenland ice
D. Cullen and I. Baker

Delineation of a complexly dipping temperate glacier bed using short-pulse radar arrays
M.L. Moran, R.J. Greenfield, S.A. Arcone and A.J. Delaney