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Konrad 'Koni' Steffen

Koni Steffen

On Saturday, 8th August, a long-standing member of the IGS left us tragically. 'Koni' joined the International Glaciological Society in 1977 and he served the IGS in various capacities, he was a member of the IGS Council and a member on various committees and as a Scientific Editor.
Professor Konrad Steffen was the Director General of the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL), one of the major annex institutions of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (E.T.H.), and the ex-Director of the Cooperative Institute for Research on Environmental Sciences (CIRES), the University of Colorado. Koni died during his annual field work on the Greenland ice sheet. His life was truly international, living and working both in Switzerland and in the United States, with his Swiss-Swedish background. In addition to his many unique and invaluable scientific accomplishments, he will be remembered for encouraging and promoting young scientists in the study of snow and ice, and introducing them to polar regions and high altitudes. His colleagues are profoundly saddened by the loss a dear friend.