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Wendell V. Tangborn

Wendell Tangborne

Wendell became well-known in glaciology, mostly for his work on mass balance measurements and studies, particularly on South Cascade Glacier (a USGS index glacier), while working for 20 years with the U.S. Geological Survey Glaciology Project Office, then located in Tacoma, Washington, USA, where the late Mark F. Meier was director. After retiring from the USGS Wendell formed a company called Hymet, Inc., and developed a low-cost computational method for estimating river volume flux, including the flux of the very large Columbia River, from weather station data. Later he modified this model to form the precipitation-temperature-area-altitude glacier mass balance (PTAA GMB) model for calculating glacier mass balances using low-altitude (but well-measured) weather station data, as described, e.g., here: