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Presentations at Poster Session A, Monday 16:15

Poster location number Presenting author Abstract number Title
Up and coming opportunities
001 F. Wang 69A568 Research highlights from the Sea-ice Environmental Research Facility (SERF)
002 L. Barber 69A632 Sea-ice research and outreach at the Centre for Earth Observation Science (CEOS), University of Manitoba, Canada
003 I. Allison 69A658 The International Association of Cryospheric Sciences and sea-ice research
004 G. Williams 69A866 An Australian-led integrated process study of the Antarctic Marginal Ice Zone in spring 2016
005 H. Enomoto 69A897 New Japanese Arctic climate change research project and cryosphere/sea-ice research activity
006 J. Hutchings 69A900 Ice Watch and ASSIST (Arctic Shipborne Sea Ice Standardization Tool)
A new regime for sea-ice growth and decay?
007 P. Heil 69A782 AFIN: An example of East Antarctic fast-ice mass-density
008 S. Arndt 69A708 Developing algorithms to detect and quantify sea-ice melt
009 M. Granskog 69A651 Solar energy budget of first-year sea ice in the central Arctic: autonomous observations from two summer melt seasons
010 D. Perovich 69A859 The mass balance of Arctic sea ice
011 C. Li 69A597 Analysis of fast-ice observation at Zhongshan station in 2012
012 S. Hendricks 69A783 Physical sea-ice properties in the winter Weddell Sea in 2013
013 P. Heil 69A863 East Antarctic sea ice: time of change?
Pole to pole: large scale change and variability in sea ice and climate
014 M. Brady 69A593 Sea-ice motion in the Beaufort Sea: 1997–2012
015 T. Nakanowatari 69A623 Predictability of the Barents sea-ice extent in early winter
016 D. Babb 69A676 Multi-year sea-ice export through the Bering Strait during winter 2011/12
017 Q. Yang 69A740 Impacts of different atmospheric forcing on the Arctic sea-ice numerical forecasting cases
018 J. Ridley 69A816 Simulation of the energy and freshwater budget of the Arctic by a CMIP5 model
019 A. Keen 69A817 Drivers of Arctic sea ice decline in the HadGEM1 coupled model
020 P. Itkin 69A880 Is sea ice running the Atlantic water inflow?
021 F. Massonnet 69A650 A model reconstruction of the Antarctic sea-ice thickness and volume changes over the past decades using data assimilation
022 D. Feltham 69A682 September Arctic sea-ice minimum predicted by spring melt pond fraction
Drift and deformation
023 B. Weissling 69A888 Spectral analysis of Amundsen Sea pack ice roughness and estimates of air–ice drag coefficient
024 F. Sugimoto 69A840 Distribution and interannual variability of sea-ice thickness in the pack-ice zone off Lützow-Holm Bay, Antarctica
025 E. Olason 69A652 Improving simulation of drift speed in a coupled ice-ocean model
026 D. Babb 69A918 Seasonal evolution of sea ice motion in the Beaufort Sea and icepack response to atmospheric forcing
Ocean–ice–atmosphere interactions
027 A. Roberts 69A760 A case study of high frequency ice–ocean–atmosphere dynamics in the Regional Arctic System Model
028 A. Randelhoff 69A841 Ice–ocean heat and salt fluxes for Arctic sea ice in advanced stages of melt
029 M. Granskog 69A555 Comparison of pan-Arctic first-year sea ice, bare ice and melt pond albedo at late stages of melt
030 G. Williams 69A837 Sea-ice production and dense shelf water formation around Prydz Bay
031 S. Hudson 69A677 Observed and modelled solar transmittance of very young sea ice in the Arctic
032 T. Mitsui 69A596 Numerical experiments on a polar low developed over the Barents Sea in January 2011
033 K. Kusahara 69A792 Modeling sea-ice extent and basal melting of Antarctic ice shelves at the Last Glacial Maximum
034 A. Beitsch 69A878 Influence of ice surface changes and atmospheric water content on sea-ice concentration retrievals during winter – withdrawn
035 A. Fransson 69A563 Antarctic sea-ice CO2 system and controls
036 A. Roukaerts 69A735 Oxygen and nitrogen isotopic signatures of nitrate in East Antarctic sea-ice and the underlying water column (SIPEX 2 results)
037 D. Notz 69A848 The role of the sea-ice carbon pump for the marine carbon cycle
038 N. Kanna 69A631 Iron and macro-nutrient concentrations in sea ice and their impact on the nutritional status of surface waters in the southern Okhotsk Sea
039 M. Vancoppenolle 69A602 Modeling CO2 dynamics in first-year sea ice
040 A.-J. Cavagna 69A581 Distribution of dissolved and particulate barium in Antarctic sea ice
041 J. Zhou 69A729 On the use of O2/Ar and O2/N2 to estimate the biological carbon uptake in landfast sea ice
042 F. Wang 69A636 Production of mycosporine-like amino acids in sea-ice-covered Arctic waters
043 H. Flores 69A692 Biochemical and physical properties of multi-year and first-year sea ice in the Lincoln Sea
Remote sensing
044 G. Spreen 69A749 Monitoring sea-ice variability in Storfjorden, Svalbard, by combined remote sensing and in situ observations
045 S. Schwegmann 69A714 Effects of different footprint areas on the comparability between measurements of sea-ice freeboard
046 P. Reid 69A871 Antarctic coastal exposure index and its relationship to trends in sea ice
047 A. Fraser 69A649 Automation of Antarctic landfast sea-ice retrieval from MODIS imagery
048 D. Prado 69A820 Iron contribution from melting icebergs estimated from airborne remote sensing data
Advances in instrumentation and observation
049 M. Nicolaus 69A695 Observing snow depth on sea ice with a new affordable buoy type
050 K. Wang 69A585 ALVERT: a new sea-ice albedo parameterization through successive combination of vertical layers
051 L. Miller 69A591 Methods and madness in sea-ice biogeochemistry: intercomparisons of observational techniques
052 H. Eicken 69A608 In situ measurements of the dielectric permittivity of Arctic landfast sea ice in the kHz and GHz range
053 P. Wagner 69A633 Large-scale ground-truth sea-ice-edge proxy from ice charts
054 K.M. Brunt 69A640 Photon-counting laser altimetry for the retrieval of sea-ice freeboard: pre-launch activities for NASA’s ICESat-2 mission
055 D. Notz 69A673 High-speed, high-resolution instrument suite for sea-ice process studies
056 C. Katlein 69A559 Distribution of algal aggregates under summer sea ice in the central Arctic
057 S. Lee 69A570 Carbon contribution of Arctic sea-ice floes
058 S. Ackley 69A843 Surface flooding of summer Antarctic sea ice and related growth of sea ice algae