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Presentations at Poster Session B, Thursday 16:00

Poster location number Presenting author Abstract number Title
Remote sensing
001 D. Prado 69A666 Effect of scaling on local sea level and sea-ice freeboard/volume estimation in the Bellingshausen-Amundsen sea-ice zone from NASA’s IceBridge Airborne Topographic Mapping system, 2009–11
002 N. Young 69A881 Multi-year/multi-decade ice about Mertz Glacier, East Antarctica, and its temporal evolution
003 W. Xia 69A901 A comparison of sea-ice surface elevation and local sea-level estimates from Cryosat-2 and Operation IceBridge under-flights in Arctic Ocean
004 B. Giles 69A718 Semi-automated mapping of Antarctic sea ice using Envisat SAR images
005 T. Tamura 69A621 Helicopter-borne observation with portable microwave radiometer in the Southern Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk
006 G. Spreen 69A877 Weddell Sea ice thickness from ICESat using an empirical approach based on in-situ drillings
Ocean–ice–atmosphere interactions
007 B. Delille 69A754 First ‘in situ’ measurement of bulk gas concentration and gas diffusivity (DO2, DAr and DN2) in natural sea ice
008 R. Humphries 69A801 Polar tropospheric aerosol formation – discovering a significant source to the Antarctic and Southern Ocean region
009 O. Crabeck 69A858 CO2 and CH4 profiles in Arctic fjord sea ice
010 P. Griewank 69A874 Thermodynamics of melting sea ice versus melting freshwater ice
011 P. Shepson 69A759 Halogen chemistry in polar environments and the impact of climate change
012 R. Robertson 69A619 Tidal effects on ice-shelf melting and freshening in the Amundsen Sea
013 M. Vancoppenolle 69A698 Sea-ice boundary conditions in a global green ocean modelling system NEMO
014 A. Fransson 69A562 Wintertime sea-ice–water biogeochemistry and ocean acidification in a Svalbard fjord – two contrasting years
015 K. Golden 69A796 The percolation threshold for fluid flow in Antarctic granular sea ice
016 F. Wang 69A604 Role of sea ice in the biogeochemical cycling of mercury in the Arctic Ocean
017 F. Wang 69A774 Evaluation of pH evolution during the seawater freezing process and sea-ice growth
018 D. Nomura 69A611 Bromoform emission over the Antarctic sea ice
019 J. Janssens 69A798 Investigating iron and organic matter incorporation in growing sea ice
020 L. Tedesco 69A733 First long-term large-scale estimates of primary production in Baltic sea ice
021 L. Tedesco 69A730 Sea-ice biogeochemistry: a guide for modellers
022 Y. Hu 69A660 Does the precipitation of ikaite (CaCO3·6H2O) in sea ice have any significant implications in other chemical processes within or on sea ice?
Advances in instrumentation and observation methods
023 C. Geiger 69A763 Antarctic sea-ice thickness and volume estimates and uncertainties from ice charts between 1995 and 1998
024 J. Yackel 69A810 Diurnal observations of coincident C, X, Ku-band microwave backscatter and snow geophysical properties over smooth first-year sea ice: implications for synthetic aperture radar remote sensing
025 A. Steer 69A882 Robotic lasers, sea ice science and hacky sacks
026 S. Ackley 69A890 Ocean heat flux under Antarctic sea ice in the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Seas
027 M. Hoppmann 69A683 Monitoring Atka Bay landfast sea ice: a contribution to the Antarctic Fast Ice Network
028 K. Golden 69A795 Electromagnetic monitoring of sea-ice processes
029 A. Renner 69A717 Comparison of laser altimeter and laser scanner observations from an airborne digital electromagnetic induction device over Arctic sea ice
030 S. Hudson 69A675 Development of autonomous measurement systems for observing solar radiation above and below seasonal sea ice: preliminary results and future plans
031 A.-J. Cavagna 69A685 SIPEX 2 primary production field tests: comparison of 14C and 13C methods
Palaeo- and presatellite sea ice distribution
032 M. Philippe 69A854 Evaluation of multiple proxies for sea-ice variability in an ice core from Derwael Ice Rise, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
033 Eric Wolff 69A617 Deriving past sea-ice extent from proxy data: the PAGES sea-ice proxy working group
034 I. Allison 69A719 A record of Antarctic sea-ice extent in the southern Indian Ocean for the past 300 years and its relationship with global mean temperature
Sea-ice interaction with ice sheets, ice shelves and icebergs
035 R. Massom 69A898 Potential links between sea-ice change and recent Antarctic ice-shelf disintegration
036 A. White 69A687 Connections between sea-ice changes and recent break-ups of the Petersen Ice Shelf, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada
037 M. Hoppmann 69A681 Ocean–ice-shelf interaction at the Ekström Ice Shelf, Antarctica
038 P. Wongpan 69A777 Simulation of the crystal growth of platelet sea ice with diffusive heat and mass transfer
039 M. Richer McCallum 69A589 An assessment of the causes of open-water leads and changes in sea-ice conditions along northern Ellesmere Island, Canada
040 I.J. Smith 69A711 Using bathymetric data to predict anchor ice formation sites in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
041 B. Galton-Fenzi 69A812 A simple parameterization of sub-ice-shelf melting constrained by results from the ocean model ROMS, and its implementation in the ice sheet model SICOPOLIS
042 C.J. Zappa 69A910 Local effects of ice floes in the marginal ice zone and of ice-sheet margins in fjords from airborne platforms
043 E. van Linden 69A806 Important role for ocean warming and increased ice-shelf melt in Antarctic sea-ice expansion
Snow on sea ice
044 M. Nicolaus 69A879 Snow depth on Antarctic sea ice from ICESat
045 N. Wever 69A889 Spatial variability of surface roughness and snow resistance of snow covered sea ice
046 P. Griewank 69A653 Movement of a sea-water front through snow: model and experiment
047 S. Willmes 69A715 Properties of snow on landfast sea ice of Atka Bay, Antarctica, and its influence on X-band SAR backscatter
048 J. Yackel 69A809 Comparing polarimetric C- and X-band SAR signatures of sea ice for geophysical inversion – withdrawn
049 M. Zatko 69A595 Investigating nitrate photolysis in polar snow, snow on sea ice, and mid-latitude snow
050 O. Lecomte 69A613 On the formulation of snow thermal conductivity in large-scale sea-ice models
051 R. Massom 69A851 The role of wind-blown snow in Antarctic sea-ice formation
052 Y. Tanaka 69A567 Automated detection of melt pond distribution during 2007–13 summers in the Arctic Ocean
The challenge of melding sea-ice modelling with observations
053 M. Jin 69A856 On brine rejection induced ocean mixing in CESM climate model
054 J. Hutchings 69A814 Comparing methods of measuring sea ice density in the East Antarctic
055 J. Rae 69A583 A sensitivity study of the sea-ice simulation in the global coupled climate model, HadGEM3
056 W. Xia 69A891 Summer surface albedo of Pacific Arctic sea ice: a case study from ice stations during the 2010 cruise
057 B. Light 69A691 Observations and simulations of light transmission through springtime high-salinity first-year Arctic sea ice
058 D. Notz 69A847 Circulation-driven response of Antarctic sea ice to external anthropogenic forcings: why do models and observations disagree?
The marginal ice zone
059 M. Vancoppenolle 69A701 A first evaluation of the role of wave–ice interactions on the global mass balance