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All Plenary sessions will take place in the Main Auditorium. Names given are the presenting authors; see abstract for full list

Saturday 8 March 2014
10:00–17:00 IPAB Participants Meeting (IMAS Seminar room, contacts: Christian Haas, Petra Heil)

Sunday 9 March 2014
Public Open Science Day and Registration
10:30–14:00 Public Open Science Day: Science Stations (IMAS Foyer and seminar rooms, ground floor, contacts: Jess Melbourne-Thomas, Guy Williams)
11:00–12:00 Public Open Science Day: Keynote addresses (IMAS Auditorium, contact:Petra Heil)
14:00–16:00 IGS Council Meeting (IMAS, Natta Earth Room)
17:00–19:00 Registration (IMAS Foyer)
17:00–19:30 Icebreaker (IMAS Foyer)

Monday 10 March 2014
8:00–8.30 Registration
8:30 Plenary: Symposium opening
9:00 Plenary: Don Perovich, 69A859: The mass balance of Arctic sea ice
9:30 Plenary: Sharon Stammerjohn, 69A894: The changing Antarctic sea ice environment
10:00 Plenary: Housekeeping

Main Auditorium Anglesea Room


1a: Pole 2 Pole (I)
Chair: Andrew Klekociuk

1b: Ice growth (I)
Chair: Sebastian Gerland
10:05 O. Morgenstern, 69A827: Modelling sea ice in a coupled atmosphere-ocean chemistry-climate model W. Meier, 69A857: The role of ice age distribution in the trends and variability of summer sea ice extent in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas
10:20 S. O’Farrell, 69A723: Antarctic sea ice response in ensemble CMIP5 historical and ozone perturbation simulations M. Ito, 69A839: A study of formation processes of supercooled water and frazil ice in a coastal polynya
10:35–11:00 Morning tea


2a: Pole 2 Pole (II)
Chair: Don Perovich

2b: Ice growth (II)
Chair: Sebastian Gerland
11:00 F. Massonnet, 69A618: Constraining projections of summer Arctic sea ice H. Eicken, 69A680: Bottom and surface ablation, annual layering, and the mass budget of multiyear sea ice in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas
11:15 M. Holland, 69A689: Factors controlling the strength of the sea-ice albedo feedback in the Arctic S. Arndt, 69A707: Seasonality and spatial distribution of solar radiation under Arctic sea ice
11:30 E. van der Linden, 69A883: The role of Arctic sea ice on near-surface temperature trends C. Katlein, 69A551: Anisotropic radiative transfer in sea ice
11:45 N. Kimura, 69A713: Forecast of summer sea-ice extent in the Arctic based on winter ice redistribution J. Mortin, 69A684: Seasonal melt–freeze transitions over Arctic sea ice retrieved from active microwave instruments
12:00 V. Selyuzhenok, 69A664: Temporal and spatial variability of fast-ice extent in the southeastern Laptev Sea H. Enomoto, 69A896: Seasonal cycle and variability of Arctic sea ice and relationships with land/coastal cryosphere
12:15 L. Pizzolato, 69A590: Spatial variability of sea ice and Arctic shipping activities in Canada, 1990–2012 R. Stevens, 69A624: Simulations of Southern Ocean sea ice under future climate scenarios
12:30–13:30 Lunch


3a: Pole 2 Pole (III)
Chair: Sharon Stammerjohn

3b: Biogeochemistry (I)
Chair: Delphine Lannuzel
13:30 W. Hobbs, 69A780: Observed and simulated changes in Antarctic sea ice and sea level pressure: anthropogenic or natural variability? J.-L. Tison, 69A688: Snow cover and short-term synoptic events drive biogeochemical dynamics in winter Weddell Sea pack ice (AWECS cruise – June to August 2013)
13:45 J. Turner, 69A781: The increase of Antarctic sea ice extent during the satellite era C. Uhlig, 69A679: Dimethyl sulfide and dimethylsulfoniopropionate profiles in sea ice during winter in the Weddell Sea
14:00 P. Reid, 69A892: The record 2013 Southern Hemisphere sea ice extent maximum D. Nomura, 69A609: Sea-ice CO2 flux in the Southern Ocean during mid-winter and early spring
14:15 S. Schwegmann, 69A721: Winter sea-ice thicknesses in the Weddell Sea and their variability over the past 24 years J. Stefels, 69A805: Temporal and spatial changes in biogeochemical properties of Antarctic sea-ice during spring and early summer in the western Weddell Sea: the sulfur case
14:30 N. Hughes, 69A659: Changes in northeast Greenland fast-ice extent 1999–present V. Schoemann, 69A667: Land-fast sea ice of McMurdo Sound as a source of bio-essential trace metals for primary productivity in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
14:45–15:10 Afternoon tea


4a: Drift and deformation (I)
Cathleen Geiger

4b: Biogeochemistry (II)
Chair: Agneta Fransson
15:10 J. Ridley, 69A815: Reversibility of Antarctic sea ice decline D. Lannuzel, 69A569: The role of sea ice as a natural ocean fertilizer
15:25 K. Ohshima, 69A772: Mapping of Antarctic coastal polynyas and landfast sea ice from AMSR-E E. Shadwick, 69A778: Biological modification of carbonate chemistry in dense water outflows from the Mertz Polynya, East Antarctica
15:40 J.K. Hutchings , 69A606: On sea ice dynamical regimes in the Arctic J. Zhou, 69A724: Factors driving pCO2 dynamics in sea ice during a large-scale ice tank experiment
15:55 Celebrating Seymour Laxon and Katharine GilesTony Worby (Main Auditorium)
16:10–18.00 Poster Session A (Atrium)

Tuesday 11 March 2014
8:30 Plenary: Ian Simmonds, 69A909: To the two ends of the Earth: Arctic and Antarctic sea ice variability and environmental change
9:00 Plenary: Martin Vancoppenolle, 69A914: Sea ice and the biogeochemistry of ice-covered oceans
9:30 Plenary: Housekeeping

Main Auditorium Anglesea Room


5a: Ocean–ice–atmosphere interaction (I)
Chair: James Renwick

5b: Drift and deformation (II)
Chair: Petra Heil
9:35 B. Light, 69A710: Light transmittance by a ponded first-year Arctic sea-ice cover T. Krumpen, 69A561: Variability and trends in Laptev Sea ice outflow between 1992 and 2011
9:50 D. Flocco, 69A572: The impact of refreezing of melt ponds on Arctic sea-ice thinning B. Holt, 69A645: Sea ice floe size distribution in the Labrador Sea, 1987
10:05 M. Zatko, 69A574: East Antarctic sea ice in spring: spectral albedo of snow, nilas, frost flowers and slush, and light-absorbing impurities in snow J.K. Hutchings, 69A706: Increased Arctic ice pack deformation in response to 2007 ice loss, related to persistent low sea ice minima in 2008–12
10:20 L. Bennetts, 69A582: Assessing ice-induced attenuation of water waves in a directional wave basin D. Barber, 69A634: Sea ice hazards in the Arctic: formation mechanisms, detection and management implications
10:35–10:55 Morning tea


6a: Ocean–ice–atmosphere interaction (II)
Chair: Ian Simmonds

6b: Biogeochemistry (III)
Chair: Daiki Nomura

J. Haynes, 69A822: Influence of oceanic eddies on sea ice variability: a winter study of numerical model results and observations in the western Arctic Ocean

G. Carnat, 69A656: Biological and physical controls on DMSP dynamics in ice-shelf-influenced fast ice
11:10 C. Bitz, 69A864: Arctic sea ice prediction dependence on sea-ice thickness anomalies B. Delille, 69A865: Year-round survey of ocean–sea-ice–air exchanges – the YROSIAE survey
11:25 W. Maslowski, 69A797: On a positive sea-ice–ocean dynamic feedback in the Arctic Ocean A. Roukaerts, 69A726: Nutrient uptake rates and primary production in East Antarctic sea-ice (SIPEX 2 results)
11:40 M. Hori, 69A773: The role of cyclone activity in the interannual variability of the Beaufort High F. Fripiat, 69A573: Nitrogen biogeochemical dynamics in Antarctic pack ice as reflected in the nitrogen isotopes
11:55 K. Sato, 69A607: Influence of the Gulf Stream on the Barents Sea ice retreat and Eurasian coldness R. Schofield, 69A904: Bromine explosion events driving mercury deposition over the east Antarctic during the SIPEX II cruise in polar spring 2012
12:10 A. Babanin, 69A576: Ocean waves in the Arctic: observations and trends P. Griewank, 69A627: Brine dynamics and tracer transport in sea ice
12:25–13:30 Lunch


7a: Ocean–ice–atmosphere interaction (III)
Chair: Marika Holland

7b: Biogeochemistry (IV)
Chair: Jean-Louis Tison
13:30 M. Raphael, 69A790: The influence of the atmospheric circulation on Antarctic sea ice during ice advance and retreat seasons A. Turner, 69A855: Prognostic salinity in sea-ice models and sea-ice biogeochemistry
13:45 J. Renwick 69A620: Decadal trends in Antarctic sea-ice extent and atmospheric circulation F. Wang, 69A598: Sea-ice mineralogy: narrowing the gap between experimental and modeling approaches
14:00 H. Beggs, 69A648: 15 years of 1 km resolution sea surface temperature data over the Antarctic region Y. Hu, 69A665: Coprecipitation of phosphate with ikaite (CaCO3·6H2O) in simulated sea-ice brine
14:15 J. Rae, 69A584: Atmosphere–ice–ocean feedbacks in a fully coupled global climate model with improved atmosphere–ice interaction A. Wells, 69A704: Modelling biogeochemical tracer transport in sea ice due to gravity drainage
14:30 Y. Matsumura, 69A657: Modeling frazil ice particles and their impacts on ocean mixed layer C. Sapart, 69A603: Using stable isotopes to unravel the role of sea-ice in the methane cycle
14:45 S. Hudson, 69A671: The energy budget of landfast sea ice through the melt season M. Fernández-Méndez, 69A638: Buoyancy mechanisms and fate of algal aggregates below Arctic sea ice
15:00–15:20 Afternoon tea


8a: Remote sensing (I)
Chair: Julienne Stroeve

8b: Ecosystems (I)
Chair: Jess Melbourne-Thomas
15:20 S. Willmes, 69A615: Pan-Arctic sea-ice lead detection from MODIS thermal infrared imagery N. Kelly, 69A835: Studying Antarctic minke whales in sea ice regions in east Antarctica
15:35 R. Kwok, 69A637: Profiling sea ice with an airborne ICESat-2 development system M. Riddle, 69A601: Slight changes in timing of sea-ice retreat could have major impacts on polar benthic ecosystems
15:50 S. Farrell, 69A686: A decadal record of Arctic sea-ice thickness change from ICESat, IceBridge and ICESat-2
16:05 G. Spreen, 69A736: About uncertainties in Antarctic sea-ice thickness retrieval from ICESat N. Steiner, 69A750: Modelling biogeochemistry in the Arctic: limitations of Earth system model projections
16:20 D. Yi, 69A639: Antarctic sea-ice freeboard and estimated thickness from ICESat (2003–2009) J.-M. Rintala, 69A850: The outcome of different sea-ice melting methods to brackish sea-ice biology measurements
16:35 Ø. Rudjord, 69A727: Automatic retrieval of thin sea-ice thickness by remote sensing S. Hudson, 69A626: Modeling the vertical fine structure of ice algal production
18:00–19:00 Reception at Tasmanian Government House – by invitation only. Buses will leave conference venue at 17:10 and 17:30 sharp, or ∼35minutes walk

Wednesday 12 March 2014
8:30 Plenary: H. Flores, 69A915: On thin ice: Sea ice–ecosystem linkages in a changing ocean
9:00 Plenary: Ron Kwok, 69A916: Sea ice in the cryosphere: trends, observations and challenges
9:30 Plenary: Housekeeping

Main Auditorium Anglesea Room


9a: Remote sensing (II)
Chair: Ron Kwok

9b: Ecosystems (II)
Chair: Klaus Meiners
9:45 S. Linow, 69A826: An assessment of the reliability of sea ice motion and deformation from SAR data M.S. Dinniman, 69A853: NPZD-iron lower level ecosystem model
10:00 N. Maaß, 69A886: Snow thickness retrieval from SMOS satellite data over Arctic sea ice: Sensitivity to surface temperature and ice and snow conditions P. Sedwick, 69A846: Importance of sea-ice-derived iron for primary production in the Ross Sea Polynya: results from the PRISM project
10:15 D. Yi, 69A756: Linking IceBridge, ICESat, and CryoSat-2 for improved seasonal to decadal-scale estimates of sea-ice thickness and volume M. Kayano, 69A861: Effect of sea ice distribution on spatial and temporal variation of spring bloom in the Sea of Okhotsk
10:30 L. Connor, 69A899: A 7-year analysis of Arctic sea ice using Envisat/RA-2 and IceBridge measurements over ice in the Canada Basin M. Jia, 69A712: Trophic relationships under sea ice: stable-isotope- and DNA-based dietary study in early spring off east Antarctica
10:45 G. Spreen, 69A885: Changes in Fram Strait sea-ice volume export between 1992 and 2012 observed in combined ULS and satellite data S. Enberg, 69A869: The effects of UV radiation on brackish fast ice algal communities on the northwest coast of the Gulf of Finland
11:00 A. Renner, 69A709: Sea-ice thickness variability in Fram Strait between 2003 and 2012 from in situ and airborne observations J. Melbourne-Thomas, 69A785: Ecosystem modelling for sea-ice habitats: from plankton to penguins
11:15–11:30 Morning tea


10a: Remote sensing (III)
Chair: Sinéad Farrell

10b: Snow on sea ice
Chair: Rob Massom
11:30 D. Price, 69A647: Validation of GPS-derived ice thickness measurements over McMurdo Sound S. Gerland, 69A668: Snow thickness distributions over sea ice in the vicinity of the North Pole, 2005–13
11:45 R. Kwok, 69A700: ICESat-2’s capabilities for sea-ice research S. Ackley, 69A844: Surface flooding of Antarctic summer sea ice
12:00 M.-A. Moen, 69A802: Assessing the robustness of sea-ice classifications from polarimetric radar images M. Frey, 69A875: On the significance of blowing snow above sea ice as a source of polar sea salt aerosol
12:15 J. King, 69A655: Sea ice movement in Fram Strait O. Lecomte, 69A612: Interactions between snow and melt ponds in sea-ice models
12:30 X. Zhao, 69A588: Comparison of AMSR-E concentration product, MODIS and pseudo ship observation records at Antarctic summer sea ice edge M. Webster, 69A832: Spring snow depth on Arctic sea ice using the IceBridge snow depth product
12:45 A. Fraser, 69A779: Satellite remote sensing of Antarctic sea-ice roughness using scatterometer data
13:00 Mid-week excursions

Thursday 13 March 2014
8:30 Plenary: Vernon Squire, 69A913: On impacts of ocean waves in marginal ice zones and their repercussions for Arctic ice/ocean models
9:00 Plenary: Nerilie Abram, 69A908: Before satellites: reconstructing past sea ice changes using proxy records
9:30 Plenary: Housekeeping

Main Auditorium Anglesea Room


11a: Showcasing young scientists
Chair: Guy Williams

11b: Drift and deformation (III)
Chair: Jennifer Hutchings
9:35 K. Nakata, 69A870: Variability mechanism and ice production budget of the Ross Ice Shelf polynya, Antarctica V. Dansereau, 69A821: A viscous–elastic–brittle rheology for sea ice modeling
9:50 R. Ricker, 69A751: CryoSat-2 sea-ice thickness estimates and their uncertainties A. Randelhoff, 69A838: Ice–ocean drag in the Arctic in late summer
10:05 P. Itkin, 69A732: Role of the landfast ice in the Arctic Ocean circulation D. Feltham, 69A571: Impact of variable atmospheric and oceanic form drag on simulations of Arctic sea ice and Arctic Ocean spin up
10:20 J. Samluk, 69A737: Three-dimensional numerical study of electromagnetic induction retrievals of sea-ice M. Rabatel, 69A876: Multi-scale granular modelling of sea ice dynamics
10:35 Natalie Radojcic, 69A786: Statistical modelling of ice algal distribution in Antarctic sea ice T. Toyota, 69A643: On the validity of Hibler’s sea-ice rheology for the seasonal sea ice evaluated from ice-drift pattern and SAR-derived ice-thickness distribution
10:50–11:15 Morning tea


12a: Advances in instrumentation and observation (I)
Chair: Jan Lieser

12b: Marginal ice zone
Chair: Vernon Squire
11:15 X. Wang, 69A818: A method to automatically determine sea level for referencing snow freeboards and computing sea ice thicknesses from NASA IceBridge airborne LIDAR L.H. Smedsrud, 69A765: Grease and pancake ice growth in large scale sea-ice ocean models
11:30 J. Yackel, 69A829: Time series spaceborne Ku-band scatterometer and MODIS albedo observations over landfast first-year sea ice for snow thickness discrimination L.W. Arampath De Silva, 69A775: A method of short-term sea-ice prediction to support ice navigation in the Arctic Ocean
11:45 P. Hunkeler, 69A705: Retrieval of the sub-ice platelet layer thickness with a ground-based multi-frequency electromagnetic device M. Meylan, 69A646: Modelling surge motions of ice floes
12:00 J. Cassano, 69A553: UAV observations of the boundary layer over an Antarctic polynya F. Montiel, 69A556: Evolution of a directional wave spectrum in a 3-D marginal ice zone with random floe size distribution
12:15 Y. Fukamachi, 69A642: Characteristics of sea-ice draft revealed by a moored ice-profiling sonar in the Chukchi Sea off Barrow, Alaska L. Bennetts, 69A599: A wave–ice interaction model for climate studies
12:30 A. Mahoney, 69A565: Taking a look at both sides of the ice: comparing ice thickness and drift speed as observed from above and below sea ice near Barrow, Alaska A. Kohout, 69A600: SIPEX II: the impact of Southern Ocean storms on Antarctic sea ice
12:45–13:50 Lunch


13a: Advances in instrumentation and observation (II)
Chair: Yasushi Fukamachi

13b: Palaeo- and presatellite sea ice
Chair: Nerilie Abram
13:50 S. Hendricks, 69A716: Advances in electromagnetic induction sounding of sea-ice thickness E. Wolff, 69A616: Is sea salt in ice cores a proxy of past sea ice extent?
14:05 G. Williams, 69A834: Very thick and heavily deformed Antarctic sea ice captured in 3-D by autonomous underwater vehicle C. Hillaire-Marcel, 69A784: Arctic sea-ice history from isotopic records
14:20 D. Barber, 69A575: Sea-ice electromagnetic profile reconstruction through inverse scattering solution by optimization K. St John, 69A586: Microfeatures of modern sea-ice-rafted sediment: implications for paleo-sea-ice reconstructions
14:35 M. Nicolaus, 69A693: Thickness and optical properties of sea ice in the central Arctic in late summer M.-S. Seidenkrantz, 69A793: Reconstruction of circum-Arctic sea-ice cover during the Holocene
14:50 C. Geiger, 69A644: Impact of resolution error as an uncertainty in sea-ice thickness retrievals M. Curran, 69A799: Ice core proxy of Antarctic sea ice extent
15:05 M. McBride, 69A903: Polar research initiatives and opportunities of the US Navy’s Office of Naval Research (ONR) and ONR Global M. Inoue, 69A722: Investigating the relationship between chemical signals and snow accumulation rate from the Mill Island ice core record and sea-ice extent in East Antarctica
15:20 J. Lieser, 69A811: Uncertainties in thickness estimates of floating ice when applying buoyancy assumption A. de Vernal, 69A753: Proxy reconstructions of Arctic–subarctic sea ice cover variations at millennial time scales: example of the Arctic–subarctic during the Holocene based on dinoflagellate cysts
15:35–15:50 Afternoon tea
15:50–17.50 Poster Session B (Atrium)
19:00–23.00 Symposium Banquet (Elizabeth Pier HFC Center)

Friday 14 March 2014
8:30 Plenary: Pat Langhorne, 69A917: The interdependency of sea ice and ice shelves
9:00 Plenary: Dirk Notz, 69A670: How not to compare models and observations
9:30 Plenary: Housekeeping

Main Auditorium Anglesea Room


14a: Melding modelling with observations (I)
Chair: TBA

14b: Ice-sheet interaction (I)
Chair: Pat Langhorne
9:35 S. Marsland, 69A867: Is fast-drifting sea ice resulting in unrealistic Antarctic sea ice in climate models? L. Copland, 69A789: Controls on the causes and patterns of Arctic ice shelf calving events
9:50 W. Maslowski, 69A770: On the sensitivity of sea-ice states to variable parameter space in the Regional Arctic System Model (RASM) T. Scambos, 69A862: Reduced sea ice in the northwestern Weddell Sea coincides with onset of Larsen Ice Shelf structural weakening
10:05 A. Roberts, 69A758: Evaluating modeled and observed sea-ice drift using Rotary Taylor Diagrams C. Wesche, 69A622: Observation and modeling the iceberg drift in the eastern Weddell Sea iceberg alley
10:20 P. Hezel, 69A662: Present Arctic sea-ice decline from the perspective of a rapid ice loss event (RILE) M. Hoppmann, 69A678: Sea-ice–ice-shelf interaction in the eastern Weddell Sea, Antarctica
10:35–10:55 Morning tea


15a: Melding modelling with observations (II)
Chair: Dirk Notz

15b: Ice-sheet interaction (II)
Chair: Christine Wesche
10:55 K. Golden, 69A794: Evolution of melt pond geometry B. Galton-Fenzi, 69A845: Ice-shelf basal melt control by small-scale coastal polynya
11:10 H. Shen, 69A887: A sensitivity study of the viscoelastic wave–ice interaction model M. Dinniman, 69A852: Sensitivity of sea ice, water masses and ice shelf basal melt in the Ross Sea to changes in the winds and atmospheric temperatures
11:25 K. Wang, 69A836: Modeling sea ice as a granular material C. Stevens, 69A703: Ice-shelf-water-influenced ice roughness and ocean turbulence beneath landfast sea ice
11:40 W. Meier, 69A694: How do sea-ice concentrations from operational data compare with passive microwave estimates? Implications for improved model evaluation and forecasting I.J. Smith, 69A849: Antarctic and Arctic landfast sea ice: deriving parent water mass properties changes from sea ice cores
11:55 C. Li, 69A579: Arctic sea-ice forecasting service during CHINARE 2012 G. Leonard, 69A697: An analysis of acoustic backscatter measurements from 2003–10 made under landfast sea ice adjacent to the McMurdo Ice Shelf
12:10 J. Stroeve, 69A594: Towards improving seasonal sea-ice predictability
12:25–12:50 Closing ceremony
12:50–13:30 Lunch
13.30–16.30 Workshop: Understanding linkages between different elements of the high-latitude cryosphere - How important are they? (C3 Meeting room, contact: Rob Massom)

Saturday 15 March 2014
9:00–12:00 Joint ASPeCt/CliC Arctic Sea-Ice Working Group meeting (IMAS flex room, contact: Petra Heil)
12.30–17:00 ASPeCt workshop (IMAS flex room #1, contacts: Marilyn Raphael, Steve Ackley)
12.30–17:00 CliC Arctic Sea-Ice Working Group meeting (IMAS flex room #2, contact: Don Perovich)

Sunday 16 March 2014
9:00–17:00 SCOR-BEPSII workshop (IMAS flex room; contacts: Jacqueline Stefels & Nadja Steiner)
9:00–12:00 Write-up group of the CliC Sea-Ice Working Group (IMAS meeting room, contacts: Petra Heil, Jenny Baeseman)

Monday 17 March 2014
9:00–17:00 SIPEX 2012 workshop (IMAS board room, contact: Klaus Meiners)