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Sunday 16 August 2015
14:00–19:00 Registration
19:30 Icebreaker barbecue at Churchill College

Monday 17 August 2015
8:00–8.40 Registration
8:40 Symposium opening
8:55 Duncan Wingham: Opening address

Session 1

Continental shelf ocean processes
Chair: Patrick Heimbach
9:15 Elin Darelius, 73A1783: Circulation and hydrography in the Filchner Depression, Weddell Sea
9:30 Heather Regan, 73A1845: Sources and fate of fresh water in the ocean west of the Antarctic Peninsula
9:45 Laura Herraiz-Borreguero, 73A1953: Sensitivity of Antarctic Bottom Water formation to fresh water from sea ice and basal ice-shelf meltwater using noble gases
10:00 Louise C. Biddle, 73A1823: Identifying meltwater pathways in the Amundsen Sea
10:15 Tae Wan Kim, 73A1974: Interannual variation of cyclonic eddy in the Amundsen Sea Polynya, Antarctica
10:30–11:00 Tea/coffee

Session 2

Ice shelves and ocean circulation
Chair: Helen Fricker
11:00 Svein Østerhus, 73A1970: Circulation and processes beneath the Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica
11:15 Jennifer Graham, 73A1839: Modelling on-shelf ocean heat transport along the West Antarctic Peninsula
11:30 Catherine Walker, 73A1950: Basal ice conditions under McMurdo Ice Shelf
11:45 Oskar Glowacki, 73A1808: Passive underwater acoustics gives insight into glacier–ocean interactions
12:00 Laurie Padman, 73A1938: Interannual climate response of large Antarctic ice shelves
12:15 Olga Sergienko, 73A1817: Strong effects of thermodynamic interactions of the Antarctic ice shelves with the ocean circulation on the Southern Ocean and sea-ice formation in a global coupled ocean circulation model
12:30–12:45 Group photo
12:45–14:00 Lunch

Session 3

Ocean processes beneath Pine Island ice shelf
Chair: Paul Holland
14:00 Atsuhiro Muto, 73A1811: Subglacial bathymetry and sediment distribution beneath the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf modeled using aerogravity and in situ geophysical data
14:15 Satoshi Kimura, 73A1844: Ocean mixing beneath the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf
14:30 Lai Bun Lok, 73A1856: Year-long monitoring and imaging of the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf using phase sensitive radar
14:45 Pierre Dutrieux, 73A1886: Autonomous ocean observations beneath the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf, West Antarctica
15:00 Atsuhiro Muto, 73A1946: Seismic observations of ocean stratification beneath the Pine Island Glacier ice shelf, West Antarctica
15:15 Benjamin Webber, 73A1880: Sustained ocean cooling observed in front of Pine Island Glacier in 2011–13
15:30–16:00 Tea/coffee

Session 4

Ice shelf processes
Chair: Christina Hulbe
16:00 Oliver Marsh, 73A1812: Highly concentrated melting and channel formation at the grounding line of the southern Ross Ice Shelf
16:15 Sophie Berger, 73A1956: SAR observation and inverse modelling of ice-shelf pinning point dynamics and channel formation
16:30 Reinhard Drews, 73A1955: The evolution of Antarctic ice-shelf channels in observations and models
16:45 Karen Alley, 73A1949: Observations of basal melt channels on Antarctic ice shelves
17:00 Sue Cook, 73A1898: Analysing fracture and calving on the Totten Ice Shelf
17:15 Julia Christmann, 73A1925: On calving rates and the determination of critical stress states at the ice front vicinity of Antarctic ice shelves

Tuesday 18 August 2015

Session 5A

Fjord and calving front processes
Chair: Adrian Luckman
9:00 Fiamma Straneo, 73A1885: Patterns of variability in the Helheim Glacier/Sermilik Fjord system, southeast Greenland: a 5 year synthesis
9:15 Rebecca Jackson, 73A1871: Glacial fjord circulation: how is heat imported and meltwater exported?
9:30 Tom Cowton, 73A1848: Controls on heat transport, submarine melting and ice melange stability at Kangerdlugssuaq Fjord (East Greenland) from numerical modelling experiments
9:45 Pierre Mathiot, 73A1816: Parameterization of melting along the calving face of Jacobshavn Glacier, Greenland
10:00 Janin Schaffer, 73A1903: Pathways of warm water to the 79°N Glacier
10:15 Eva Cougnon, 73A1835: Modelling the impact of a major calving event in a region of high Dense Shelf Water formation
10:30–11:00 Tea/coffee

Session 5B

Fjord and calving front processes
Chair: Fiamma Straneo

Laura Stevens, 73A1865: Evidence of multiple distinct subglacial meltwater plumes observed using the REMUS-100 autonomous underwater vehicle

11:15 Nicholas Beaird, 73A1872: Noble gases quantify meltwater distribution in a West Greenland fjord
11:30 Ellyn Enderlin, 73A1878: Submarine melting of icebergs in Sermilik Fjord, southeast Greenland, based on satellite remote sensing and hydrographic observations
11:45 Eleanor Darlington, 73A1907: Seasonal and interannual evolution of meltwater production, storage and discharge from a tidewater glacier: insights from in situ and remotely sensed data
12:00 Kenneth Mankoff, 73A1899: Ice melt rates in a subglacial outflow plume
12:15 Donald Slater, 73A1939: Proglacial discharge plumes at tidewater glaciers: scalings for ice–ocean interaction from buoyant plume theory and time-lapse imagery
12:30–14:00 Lunch
14:00–15:30 Poster Session A

Session 6

Calving and marine-terminating glacier dynamics
Chair: Frank Pattyn
15:30–16:00 Tea/coffee
16:00 Rachel Carr, 73A1809: Pan-Arctic controls on the rapid retreat of marine-terminating Arctic outlet glaciers
16:15 Martin O’Leary, 73A1914: Observable consequences of calving laws
16:30 Timothy Bartholomaus, 73A1951: High-resolution velocity observations and model results reveal a strong bed at stable, tidewater Rink Isbræ, West Greenland
16:45 Shin Sugiyama, 73A1902: Glacier dynamics near the calving front of Bowdoin Glacier, northwestern Greenland
17:00 Twila Moon, 73A1864: Variability of seasonal Greenland glacier velocities and implications for ice-sheet sensitivity to ocean and surface meltwater changes
17:15 Adrian Luckman, 73A1857: Surging and calving activity in Svalbard from an unusually dense series of velocity maps

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Session 7

Grounding lines and ice-stream dynamics
Chair: Gaël Durand
9:00 Gunter Leguy, 73A1790: Parameterization of basal hydrology near grounding lines: parameter sensitivity and transient results in one- and three-dimensional ice-sheet models
9:15 Martin Wearing, 73A1786: Investigating the flow dynamics at ice-shelf calving fronts
9:30 Sebastian Rosier, 73A1793: Insights into ice-stream dynamics through modelling their response to tidal forcing
9:45 Rupert Gladstone, 73A1869: Marine ice-sheet model resolution depends on basal processes
10:00 Tim Hodson, 73A1940: Grounding zone sediment accumulation and tidewater and ice-shelf stability
10:15 Roiy Sayag, 73A1897: Marine ice-sheet dynamics investigated using laboratory experiments
10:30–11:00 Tea/coffee

Session 8

Ice flow dynamics
Chair: Hilmar Gudmundsson
11:00 Robert Arthern, 73A1850: Flow speed within the Antarctic ice sheet and its controls inferred from satellite observations
11:15 Felix Ng, 73A1831: The pattern of flow convergence across Antarctic ice-stream networks
11:30 Brad Lipovsky, 73A1876: Ice stream stick–slip: dynamic rupture simulations
11:45 Chris Borstad, 73A1874: Observational constraints for a generalized constitutive relation for ice creep with damage
12:00 Jenny Suckale, 73A1821: A virtual laboratory for understanding shear margin dynamics
12:15 Dustin Schroeder, 73A1789: Characterizing the attenuation and temperature structure of Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica
12:30–14:00 Lunch
14:00–16:00 Symposium tour – Walking tour of Cambridge
18:00 Symposium Banquet – at Homerton College. Coaches leave from Churchill College and the Backs.

Thursday 20 August 2015

Session 9

Pine Island Glacier
Chair: Ted Scambos (to be confirmed)
9:00 Robert G. Bingham, 73A1854: New high-resolution views of the bed of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica
9:15 Alex Brisbourne, 73A1825: Bed properties beneath the tributaries of Pine Island Glacier from seismic investigations
9:30 Damon Davies, 73A1922: Temporal changes in basal conditions of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, from repeat radar surveys
9:45 Pierre Dutrieux, 73A1913: External forcing modulates Pine Island Glacier flow
10:00 Daniel Goldberg, 73A1935: Committed near-future retreat of Smith, Pope and Kohler Glaciers inferred from transient model calibration
10:15 Isabel Nias, 73A1852: Instability and sensitivity of the Amundsen Sea ice streams
10:30–11:00 Coffee

Session 10

Subglacial lakes
Chair: Anne Le Brocq
11:00 Martin Siegert, 73A1779: Radio-echo sounding of active subglacial lakes in Institute Ice Stream, West Antarctica
11:15 Andrés Rivera, 73A1900: Detail mapping of a new subglacial lake at the ice divide between Institute Ice Stream and Minnesota Glacier in West Antarctica
11:30 Catherine Walker, 73A1961: Extraterrestrial glaciology: the role of subsurface lakes and basal fractures in ice-shell–ocean interactions on Jupiter’s moon Europa
11:45–12.30 IGS AGM
12:30–14:00 Lunch
14:00–15.30 Poster Session B
15:30–16:00 Tea/coffee

Session 11

Grounding line migration and ice sheet dynamics
Chair: Chris Little
16:00 Gaël Durand, 73A1952: Reducing uncertainties in projections of Antarctic ice mass loss
16:15 Johannes Fürst, 73A1841: Susceptibility of the Antarctic ice sheet to changes in ice-shelf buttressing
16:30 Bas de Boer, 73A1908: Coupled ice-sheet–sea-level modelling: on the stability of marine ice sheets and the interaction with relative sea-level change
16:45 Beáta Csathó, 73A1948: Evolution of Antarctic ice dynamics from ICESat
17:00 Jamin Greenbaum, 73A1923: Controls on the Sabrina Coast grounding line, East Antarctica
17:15 Jonathan Kingslake, 73A1830: Dating ice-rise formation in the Ronne Ice Shelf region, West Antarctica, using ice-penetrating radars

Friday 21 August 2015

Session 12

Antarctic Peninsula and Patagonia
Chair: Bernd Kulessa
9:00 Ted Scambos, 73A1933: Pre-disintegration precursors to the Larsen Ice Shelf disintegrations: the climate–ocean conspiracy
9:15 Thorsten Seehaus, 73A1820: Changes in ice dynamics of tributary glaciers of former Larsen A and Prince Gustav Channel Ice Shelf (Antarctic Peninsula)
9:30 Jan De Rydt, 73A1912: Modelling the response of the Larsen B glaciers after the ice-shelf collapse
9:45 Melchior van Wessem, 73A1928: A model study of the mass balance and firn structure of ice shelves in the Antarctic Peninsula
10:00 Helen Amanda Fricker, 73A1972: Is the Larsen C ice shelf ungrounding from Bawden Ice Rise?
10:15 Carlos Moffat, 73A1860: The ocean’s influence on glacier retreat in Patagonia
10:30–11:00 Tea/coffee

Session 13

Chair: Elizabeth Morris
11:00 Beáta Csathó, 73A1944: Greenland outlet glacier dynamics from a complete remote-sensing elevation change record
11:15 Denis Felikson, 73A1921: External forcing and geometric controls on surface elevation changes of central-west Greenland outlet glaciers
11:30 Thomas Jordan, 73A1824: Determining the basal properties and englacial temperature of the Greenland ice sheet from radio-echo sounding
11:45 Alistair Everett, 73A1901: Annual supraglacial lake drainage linked to plume formation at Helheim Glacier, southeast Greenland
12:00 Ruth Mottram, 73A1942: Greenland ice sheet–ocean–atmosphere interactions in a fully coupled GCM (EC-Earth–PISM), evaluated using high-resolution regional climate modelling and observations
12:15 Reinhard Calov, 73A1868: Uncertainty in the contribution of the Greenland ice sheet to future sea-level rise assessed with an integrated approach
12:30–14:00 Lunch

Session 14

Ice sheet and climate modelling
Chair: Catherine Ritz
14:00 Jeff Ridley, 73A1827: Water properties at the Antarctic shelf edge in high-resolution climate models
14:15 Alon Stern, 73A1819: Iceberg interactions in a coupled GCM
14:30 Christopher Little, 73A1862: Developing observationally constrained, regime-specific projections of basal melting
14:45 Xylar Asay-Davis, 73A1798: Design and sample results from the ISOMIP+ (ocean-only) and MISOMIP (coupled ice-sheet–ocean) intercomparison projects
15:00 Victor Tsai, 73A1813: Marine ice-sheet profiles and stability under Coulomb basal conditions
15:15 Torsten Albrecht, 73A1941: Modeling today’s sea-level contribution of glacial Antarctica
15:30–16:00 Tea/coffee

Session 15

Ice sheet modelling
Chair: Olga Sergienko (to be confirmed)
16:00 David Pollard, 73A1780: Large-ensemble modeling of last deglacial and future variations of the Antarctic ice sheet
16:15 Johannes Sutter, 73A1873: Antarctic Eemian ice-sheet–shelf dynamics controlled by sustained ocean warming
16:30 Frank Pattyn, 73A1954: Ensemble predictions of future Antarctic mass loss with the FETISH model
16:45 Daniel Martin, 73A1884: Response of the Antarctic ice sheet to a warming ocean using the POPSICLES coupled ice-sheet–ocean model
17:00 Nicholas Holschuh, 73A1805: Discriminating between steady-state and transient controls on englacial structures
17:15 Ian Hewitt, 73A1945: A new model for polythermal ice
17:30 Closing