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Sunday 10 July 2016
16:00-18:00 Registration
16:00-18:00 Icebreaker – on the grass by the Scripps Pier

Monday 11 July 2016
8:30–8.45 Registration
8:45 Symposium opening

Session 1

Observing ice-shelf processes in Antarctica: The big ice shelves
Chair: Helen Amanda Fricker
9:00 Kirsty Tinto, 74A2152: ROSETTA-Ice: a new framework for understanding the Ross Ice Shelf
9:15 Adam Campbell, 74A2102: Dynamic response of the Ross Ice Shelf to ice-sheet forcing
9:30 Kelly Brunt, 74A2103: A preliminary model of viscoelastic ice-shelf flow of the Ross Ice Shelf
9:45 Peter Bromirski, 74A2043: Response of the Ross Ice Shelf to tsunami and infragravity wave forcing
10:00 Olga Sergienko, 74A2027: The effects of the flexural gravity waves on stress regime of the Ross Ice Shelf
10:15 Keith Makinson, 74A2085: Using radar to determine the mechanical effect of tides on an ice shelf
10:30 Inka Koch, 74A2067: Deformation of meteoric and marine ice at the southern McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica
10:45–11:15 Break

Session 2

Observing ice-shelf processes in Antarctica: Elephants in the Amundsen Sea
Chair: Fiamma Straneo
11:15 Fernando Paolo, 74A2150: Response of Amundsen Sea ice-shelf thickness to El Niño–Southern Oscillation variability
11:30 Yoshihiro Nakayama, 74A2050: Amundsen Sea ocean, sea ice and thermodynamic ice-shelf simulation with optimized model parameters
11:45 Damon Davies, 74A2081: High-resolution basal topography and sediment properties beneath Pine Island Ice Shelf from autonomous underwater vehicle surveys
12:00 David Lilien, 74A2011: Modeling the influence of melt and buttressing on the recent speedup of Smith Glacier
12:15 David Shean, 74A2017: Ice shelf thickness, melt rates and inland response of the Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, from a 2008–15 high-resolution DEM record
12:30 Nat Wilson, 74A2024: Optical satellite-derived estimates of submarine melt rates along the northern coast of Greenland
12:45–13:45 Lunch
13:45–15:30 IGNITE/Poster Session A
15:30–16:00 Break

Session 3

Observations of dynamics at the ice-shelf base
Chair: Kelly Brunt
16:00 Keith Nicholls, 74A2071: Temporal variability in melting at the base of the Ronne–Filchner Ice Shelf, Antarctica
16:15 Ala Khazendar, 74A2119: Rapid submarine ice melting underlying glaciological changes in West Antarctica
16:30 Britney Schmidt, 74A2121: Basal ice dynamics of McMurdo Ice Shelf
16:45 Inga J. Smith, 74A2062: Glider measurements: towards directly measuring supercooling beneath ice shelves

Tuesday 12 July 2016

Session 4

Observing ice-shelf processes in Antarctica: Totten and swinging round EAIS
Chair: Keith Nicholls
9:00 Alessandro Silvano, 74A1992: Warm water drives basal melt of the Totten Glacier
9:15 Jamin Greenbaum, 74A2127: Basal terraces beneath Totten Glacier, East Antarctica

Tiancheng Zhao, 74A2001: Monitoring the front dynamics and ice flowing of Dalk Glacier using the Chinese Gaofen-2 satellite and the Polar Hawk-1 unmanned aerial vehicle-100 autonomous underwater vehicle

9:45 Leo Peters, 74A2054: Mapping the central Amery Ice Shelf region, East Antarctica: seismic constraints on ice, ocean and seafloor structure
10:00 Vikram Goel, 74A2007: Glaciological settings and recent mass balance of the Blåskimen Ice Rise in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
10:15 Bertie Miles, 74A2026: Simultaneous disintegration of outlet glaciers in the Porpoise Bay region of East Antarctica, driven by sea ice break-up
10:30 Catherine Walker, 74A2083: Surprise! Big changes in Seller and Prospect Glaciers in the decades after the collapse of Wordie Ice Shelf
10:45–11:15 Break

Session 5

Oceanic response to the input of ice: Bottom water and ice-shelf water
Chair: Jo Jacka
11:15 Kate Snow, 74A2135: Controls on circulation, cross-shelf exchange and dense water formation in an Antarctic polynya
11:30 Natalie Robinson, 74A1995: Influences of platelet and marine ice accumulations on ice–ocean interaction
11:45 Michael Dinniman, 74A2078: Transport pathways and consequences for Antarctic ice-shelf basal meltwater
12:00 Roland Warner, 74A2063: Multiyear temperature profiles for Amery Ice Shelf and sub-ice-shelf ocean
12:15 Pat Langhorne, 74A2105: Export of supercooled surface water from beneath an ice shelf: past records and future extent
12:30 Inga J. Smith, 74A2058: Sea ice as a record of freshwater fluxes: a comparison of isotopic composition near an Antarctic ice shelf and off the Alaskan coast
12:45–13:45 Lunch

Session 6

Coupling between grounded and floating ice
Chair: Ted Scambos
13:45 Christian Wild, 74A2051: Viscosity and elasticity: a model-intercomparison of tidal bending in Antarctic grounding zones
14:00 Mark Simons, 74A2112: Ice-shelf buttressing and the response of ice-stream flow to vertical ocean tidal motion
14:15 Marianne Haseloff, 74A2053: The effect of ice shelves on grounding line stability
14:30 Felicity Graham, 74A2046: A synthetic high-resolution bedrock topography dataset for investigating resolution dependence of numerical ice-sheet model simulations
14:45 Bradley Lipovsky, 74A1996: Tidal modulation, stagnation and stick–slip in a viscoelastic ice stream model with frictional sliding
15:00 Anders Damsgaard, 74A2137: Creep and stick-slip in subglacial granular beds forced by ocean tides
15:15–15:45 Break

Session 7

Observing ice-shelf processes in Antarctica: Modern change in the Antarctic Peninsula
Chair: Fernando Paolo
15:45 Erin Pettit, 74A2117: Fast-ice/ice-shelf interactions in the Larsen B embayment
16:00 Adrian Luckman, 74A2031: Velocity variability in Larsen C Ice Shelf
16:15 David Ashmore, 74A2022: Firn heterogeneity of Larsen C Ice Shelf from borehole optical-televiewing
16:30 Brooke Medley, 74A2142: Airborne radar observations of winter snow accumulation on the Larsen C Ice Shelf, Antarctica
17:30–19:30 Reception – at ‘Seiche’, the home of Emeritus Professor Walter Munk

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Session 8

Modeling studies that advance our understanding of ice-sheet–ocean interaction: Coupling big models
Chair: Ellyn Enderlin
9:00 Helene Seroussi, 74A2034: Simulating the evolution of Thwaites Glacier with a coupled ice–ocean model
9:15 Nicolas C. Jourdain, 74A2040: On the processes affecting melt rates beneath the ice shelves of the Amundsen Sea sector
9:30 Mark Petersen, 74A2039: Ocean–ice-shelf interactions in MPAS-Ocean and the Accelerated Climate Model for Energy (ACME)
9:45 Xylar Asay-Davis, 74A2045: Results from the second Ice Shelf–Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (ISOMIP+) and the first Marine Ice Sheet–Ocean Model Intercomparison Project (MISOMIP1)
10:00 Daniel Martin, 74A2069: Decadal-scale response of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to a warming ocean using the POPSICLES coupled ice sheet-ocean model
10:15 Enea M. Montoli, 74A2018: Interactions between ice shelves and ocean in Antarctica: grounding line dynamics and ocean properties
10:30 Hongju Yu, 74A2098: Full-Stokes modeling of grounding-line dynamics and iceberg calving for Thwaites Glacier, West Antarctica
10:45–11:15 Break

Session 9

Modeling studies that advance our understanding of ice-sheet–ocean interaction: Details in Greenland
Chair: Doug MacAyeal
11:15 Michal Kopera, 74A2157: NUMO: a new ice-sheet/ocean interaction model for Greenland fjords using high-order discontinuous Galerkin methods
11:30 Rebecca Jackson, 74A2120: Drivers of glacial fjord circulation: shelf versus local forcing
11:45 Dustin Carroll, 74A2108: Using an idealized ocean circulation model to assess the role of fjord-glacier geometry on circulation in tidewater glacier fjords
12:00 Michael Wolovick, 74A2032: Geoengineering glacial fjords
12:15 Laurie Padman, 74A2133: Seasonal connections between Nares Strait and Petermann Glacier: linking the sea ice, ocean and ice shelf
12:30 Laura Gillard, 74A2100: Ocean circulation and marine-terminating glaciers of the Greenland Ice Sheet
12:45–13:45 Lunch
13:45–17:00 Activities/Outreach

Thursday 14 July 2016

Session 10

Observing tidewater glacier processes in Greenland and Alaska
Chair: Jeremy Bassis
9:00 Ian Fenty, 74A2115: Oceans melting Greenland: mission update
9:15 Nicholas Beaird, 74A2004: Seasonality of glacier-driven water mass transformation in Greenland’s fjords
9:30 Eric Rignot, 74A2130: Modeling of ocean-induced ice melt rates of five Greenland glaciers over the past two decades
9:45 Laura Kehrl, 74A2012: Seasonal changes in basal conditions at Helheim and Kangerdlugssuaq Glaciers, southeast Greenland, from 2011–15
10:00 Georges Djoumna, 74A2094: Surface radiation budget of Helheim and Jakobshavn glaciers, Greenland, as measured with automatic weather stations
10:15 Cilan Cai, 74A2047: Modeling of subaqueous melting in Petermann Fjord, northwestern Greenland, using IceBridge data and a numerical ocean circulation model
10:30 Oskar Glowacki, 74A1993: Melting tidewater glaciers create subsurface acoustic waveguides
10:45–11:15 Break

Session 11

Tidewater glacier processes: Subglacial discharge and plumes
Chair: Anders Damsgaard
11:15 Jason Amundson, 742005: Variations in subglacial discharge during tidewater glacier retreat
11:30 Victor Tsai, 74A2091: Sub-seasonal pressure, geometry and sediment transport changes observed in subglacial channels
11:45 Jonathan Nash, 74A2149: Observations of subglacially driven surface meltwater plumes in a Greenland Fjord
12:00 Yoshimasa Matsumura, 74A2146: Modeling turbid meltwater plume and associated sediment transport
12:15–12.45 IGS AGM
12:45–13:45 Lunch
13:45–15.30 IGNITE/Poster Session B
15:30–16:00 Break

Session 12

Greenland run-off
Chair: Matt Siegfried
16:00 H. Jay Zwally, 74A2132: Calculation of freshwater melt runoff from the Greenland Ice Sheet from ICESat measurements
16:15 Ankit Pramanik, 74A2087: Mass balance and runoff of glaciers in the Kongsfjord basin, northwestern Svalbard
16:30 David Hill, 74A2099: Linkages between glaciated coastal mountain watersheds and near-shore waters
18:00 Symposium Banquet – on a Hornblower cruise boat on San Diego bay. Buses will leave from UCSD Revelle Apartments and the Hotel La Jolla

Friday 15 July 2016

Session 13

Sea ice, icebergs, melange, polynyas I
Chair: Erin Pettit
9:00 Jennifer MacKinnon, 74A2134: New observations of upward turbulent heat fluxes in the Arctic Ocean
9:15 Ellyn Enderlin, 74A2009: Large freshwater fluxes from melting ice melange in Greenland glacial fjords
9:30 David Sutherland, 74A2138: Do icebergs matter to fjord circulation?
9:45 Ted Scambos, 74A2037: Drift, evolution and break-up of Iceberg B-15
10:00 Anna FitzMaurice, 74A2077: Iceberg motion and melt from observational and laboratory studies
10:15 Irena Vankova, 74A2014: Icebergs in sea ice framework: Ideas towards a numerical model of ice melange
10:30 Tian Li, 74A1990: Monitoring the tabular icebergs C28A and C28B calved from the Mertz Ice Tongue using continuous satellite remote sensing data
10:45–11:15 Break

Session 14

Sea ice, icebergs, melange, polynyas II
Chair: Laurie Padman
11:15 Shigeru Aoki, 74A2052: Regime shift in basal melt of the Mertz Glacier after the 2010 calving
11:30 Alon Stern, 74A2025: The effect of iceberg calving size distribution on melt patterns and sea-ice formation around Antarctica
11:45 Inga J. Smith, 74A2061: Southern Ocean and Antarctic sea ice responses to fresh water from icebergs and ice-shelf basal melting in an Earth System model
12:00 Justin Burton, 74A2002: Discrete particle simulations of ice melange dynamics
12:15 Alexander Robel, 74A2008: Granular dynamics of iceberg melange
12:30–13:45 Lunch

Session 15

Tidewater glacier processes: Calving – if it ain’t broke, don’t study it
Chair: Keith Makinson
13:45 Donald Slater, 74A2114: Modelling the evolution of calving-front morphology under submarine melting
14:00 Mason Fried, 74A2059: Unlocking controls on frontal ablation rates at Greenlandic tidewater glaciers
14:15 Knut Christianson, 74A2096: Ice-cliff failure via slumping
14:30 Surui Xie, 74A2015: Precursor motion to iceberg calving at Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland, observed with terrestrial radar interferometry
14:45 Kira Olsen, 74A2028: Recent glacial earthquakes in Greenland
15:00–15:30 Break

Session 16

Gotta get back in time: Paleo iceā€“ocean interactions
Chair: Helen Amanda Fricker
15:30 Jonathan Kingslake, 74A2082: Ice-penetrating radar evidence for Late-Holocene ice-shelf grounding and ice-sheet expansion in the Ronne Ice Shelf, West Antarctica
15:45 Jeremy Bassis, 74A2079: Sensitivity of ice sheets to ocean forcing over decadal to millennial timescales: the role of isostatic adjustment
16:00 Sarah Shackleton, 74A2154: Reconstructing last interglacial ocean temperature from ice core gas records
16:15 Closing