Radar Sounder Development for an Expendable High Altitude Balloon

Thomas Teisberg, Theo Diamandis, Logan Herrera, Iskender Kushan, Aria Tedjarati, Dustin Schroeder


High Resolution Digitization of the Film Archive of SPRI/NSF/TUD Radar Sounding of the Antarctic Ice Sheet

Dustin Schroeder, Julian Dowdeswell


The role of atmospheric forcing on recent changes of Greenland mass loss partitioning trends

Marco Tedesco, Patrick Alexander, Xavier Fettweis, Thomas Mote, Asa Rennerlmalm, Edward Hanna, Von Walden, Robin Bell, Scott Luthcke


Assessing past snow cover changes in the Kola Peninsula, Arctic Russia, using a synthesis of MODIS snow products and station observations

Rebecca Vignols, Gareth Marshall, Gareth Rees, Yulia Zaika, Ilona Blinova


Storm-driven mixing in the autumn Arctic Ocean

Madison Smith, Sharon Stammerjohn, Ola Persson, Luc Rainville, Will Perrie, Guoqiang Liu, Jim Thomson


Automated extraction of sea ice edge from SAR for climate studies

Nick Hughes


New methods in imaging spectroscopy for cryosphere targets, examples using AVIRIS and Hyperion

Wendy Calvin, Ryley Hill


Forecast error covariance structure and a numerical experiment using a strongly coupled land-atmosphere data assimilation in Greenland ice sheet

Kazuyoshi Suzuki, Milija Zupanski, Dusanka Zupanski, Sebastian H. Mernild, Koji Matsuo, Shinji Matsumura


Supraglacial lakes advance inland in north-west Greenland under 30 years of climate change

Laura Gledhill, Andrew Williamson


@OceanSeaIceNPI: positive practice of Arctic science outreach via social media.

Anja Rösel, Alexey K. Pavlov, Amelie Meyer, Mats A. Granskog, Stephen R. Hudson, Jennifer King, Polona Itkin, Jean Negrel, Lana Cohen


Regional thick snow layer and widely negative freeboard biases Operation IceBridge's airborne snow radar data

Anja Rösel, Sinéad Louise Farrell, Jaqueline Richter-Menge, Sebastian Gerland, Gunnar Spreen


Coupled hydrodynamic–discrete-element modeling of wave–sea-ice interactions and ice breaking on waves

Agnieszka Herman


Expanding from local measurements to satellite scales: An example from the N-ICE2015 expedition

Anja Rösel, Jennifer King, Sebastian Gerland, Anthony P. Doulgeris, Penelope M. Wagner, Jean Negrel


Linkages Between Landfast Sea Ice and Ice Shelf Margin Stability: The Wilkins Ice Shelf

Rob Massom, Alex Fraser, Luke Bennetts, Phil Reid


Remote sensing of snow wetness using Sentinel – a multisensor approach

Øystein Rudjord, Rune Solberg, Øivind Due Trier, Arnt-Børre Salberg, Gheorghe Stancalie, Andrei Diamandi, Anisoara Irimescu, Vasile Craciunescu


Passive Radio Sounding for Terrestrial Glaciology: Preliminary Field Testing and Proof-of-Concept

Sean Peters, Dustin Schroeder, Andrew Romero-Wolf, Mark Haynes


What observations of landfast ice can tell us about projected ice conditions in Arcitc archipelagoes and marginal seas under anthropogenic forcing

Frédéric Laliberté, Stephen Howell, Jean-Francois Lemieux, Frédéric Dupont


Snow salinity affects Cryosat-2 derived Arctic first-year sea ice thickness

Vishnu Nandan, Torsten Geldsetzer, Randall Scharien, John Yackel, Mallik Mahmud


Estimating seasonal englacial water content using autonomous phase-sensitive radio-echo sounding data

Alexander K. Kendrick, Dustin M. Schroeder, Tun Jan Young, Poul Christoffersen, Paul V. Brennan, Keith W. Nicholls, Lai Bun Lok


Detection of quadratic ice mass variations in Greenland by ICEsat laser altimetry

Koji Matsuo, Kazuyoshi Suzuki, Yoichi Fukuda


Satellite-based radiative flux estimates over the Arctic: agreements, disagreements, and their causes

Aku Riihelä, Karl-Göran Karlsson, Jeffrey Key, Jan Fokke Meirink, Peter Kuipers Munneke, Timo Palo


The identification of the fastest ice-flow area of Austre Lovénbreen in Svalbard: from simulation to verification

Songtao Ai, Zemin Wang, Jiachun An, Yuande Yang


The influence of ice fragmentation on the atmospheric and oceanic boundary layers processes.

Marta Wenta, Agnieszka Herman


Wet snow fraction time series from 1978 to 2016 for the Antarctic continent as derived from subpixel mixture analysis of SMMR, SSM/I and SSM/IS EASE-Grid data

Cláudio Wilson Mendes Júnior, Marcos Wellausen Dias de Freitas, Juliana Costi, Jorge Arigony Neto, Jefferson Cardia Simões


Possibilities and challenges with sea ice satellite product validation with in situ and airborne observations

Sebastian Gerland, Dmitry Divine, Anthony P. Doulgeris, Christian Haas, Stefan Hendricks, Nick Hughes, A. Malin Johansson, Lars Kaleschke, Jennifer King


An Improved Sea Ice Concentration Estimation Method Utilizing SSM/I Data

Tingting Liu


Spatiotemporally resolved fjord freshwater budget including iceberg melt

Twila Moon, David Sutherland, Dustin Carroll, Denis Felikson, Laura Kehrl, Fiamma Straneo


Hydrological, glaciological and synoptic controls on rapid supraglacial lake drainage in West Greenland

Andrew Williamson, Neil Arnold, Ian Willis, Alison Banwell


Retreat of two outlet glaciers in the Antarctic Península (1957–2016)

Carolina Lorenz Simoes, Katia Kellem da Rosa, Rafaela Mattos Costa


The applicability of Kennaugh Decomposition to track the formation of near-surface ice bodies in the firn layer of the Devon Ice Cap, Canada

Luisa Fernandes, Martin Sharp, Andreas Schmitt, Anna Wendleder


The trends of albedo level before snow melting season in the Northern Hemisphere boreal forest zone in 1982–2015

Kati Anttila, Terhikki Manninen, Emmihenna Jaaskelainen, Aku Riihela, Panu Lahtinen


Winter mass balance of Drangajökull ice cap (NW Iceland) derived from satellite sub-meter stereo images

Joaquín M.C. Belart, Etienne Berthier, Eyjólfur Magnússon, Leif S. Anderson, Finnur Pálsson, Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson, Ian M. Howat, Guðfinna Adalgeirsdóttir, Tómas Jóhannesson


Changes in Eyjafjallajökull ice cap 1945–2015 based on multiple archives of elevation data

Joaquín M.C. Belart, Eyjólfur Magnússon, Etienne Berthier, Finnur Pálsson, Guðfinna Adalgeirsdóttir


SUMup: An aggregated data set for surface mass balance processes over sea ice and ice sheets

Lynn Montgomery, Lora Koenig, Patrick Alexander


Changes in Arctic sea ice dynamics: ice thinning, wind, and storms

Gunnar Spreen, Polona Itkin, Ron Kwok


Synthesizing the PASIN and HiCARS Radar Sounding Data to Constrain Basal Conditions across the Amundsen Sea Embayment of West Antarctica

Andrew M Hilger, Dustin M Schroeder, Hugh F J Corr, Donald D Blankenship, John D Paden


Estimation of surface elevation change rate and re-establishment of surface ice velocity field, around Dome Argus Antarctica

Hao Ke, Yuande Yang, Fei Li, Zemin Wang, Bo Sun, Wengang Gao, Minghu Ding, Dongchen E, Bo Jin


Drivers of anthropogenic response of Southern Ocean sea ice in CMIP5 models

Will Hobbs


Marie Byrd Land glacier change intimately linked to inter-decadal climate variability

Frazer Christie, Robert Bingham, Noel Gourmelen, Eric Steig, Daniel Goldberg, Kate Snow, Rosie Bisset


Sub-seasonal velocity and discharge behavior of Greenland outlet glaciers

Michalea King, Ian Howat, Seongsu Jeong, Ian Joughin, Benjamin Smith, Ted Scambos


Multiscale subpixel mixture analysis applied for melting detection using microwave passive and radar scatterometer time series in the Antarctic Peninsula (1999–2009)

Marcos Wellausen Dias de Freitas, Cláudio Wilson Mendes Júnior, Juliana Costi, Jorge Arigony Neto, Jefferson Cardia Simões


Mapping and Modeling the Present and Future Extent of Blocking Ice Layers in Greenland's Firn

Michael MacFerrin, Horst Machguth, Dirk van As, Charalampos Charalampidis, Peter Langen, Ruth Mottram, W Tad Pfeffer, Mahsa Moussavi, Waleed Abdalati


Modeling tabular icebergs coupled to an ocean model

Alon Stern, Alistair Adcroft, Gustavo Marques, Olga Sergienko


Validation of quad-pol sea ice classification maps from N-ICE2015 expedition datasets

Jean Negrel, Penelope Wagner, Sebastian Gerland, Anthony Doulgeris, Anja Rösel, Jennifer King, Malin Johansson, Gunnar Spreen, Nicholas Hughes


ArcticDEM Validation and Accuracy Assessment

Salvatore G Candela, Ian Howat, Myoung-Jong Noh, Claire Porter, Paul Morin


Comparison of the Arctic overlap AMSR2 and SSMIS ASI sea ice concentrations and analysis of sea ice conditions during CHINARE-2012

Qing Ji, Xiang Gao, Qingquan Liu, Xi Zhao, Xiaoping Pang


Emerging Air-Sea Ice-Ocean Interactions in the Autumn Arctic

Ola Persson, Byron Blomquist, Christopher Fairall, Sharon Stammerjohn, Peter Guest, Luc Rainville, Jim Thomson, Madison Smith, Michael Tjernstrom


Inter-calibration of satellite passive microwave brightness temperature observed by F13 SSM/I and F17 SSMIS for the retrieval of snow depth on the Arctic first-year sea ice

Xiaoping Pang, Qingquan Liu, Qing Ji, Xi Zhao


Local and regional trends in snow cover from a 34-year time series of satellite observations

Rune Solberg, Øystein Rudjord, Arnt-Børre Salberg, Mari Anne Killie, Steinar Eastwood, Lars-Anders Breivik


A proposal for a sea-ice thickness estimation algorithm using the satellite passive microwave radiometer AMSR2 in Lützow-Holm Bay, East Antarctica during summer season

Hoshino Seita, Kazutaka Tateyama, Shuki Ushio


Observing and quantifying dipping internal reflectors in 3-dimensions using phase-sensitive ice-penetrating radar

Tun Jan Young, Dustin Schroeder, Poul Christoffersen, Lai Bun Lok, Keith Nicholls, Paul Brennan, Samuel Doyle, Bryn Hubbard, Alun Hubbard


On the potential of GPS tracking of fjord ice features for remote-sensing validation

Jean Negrel, Sebastian Gerland, Anthony Doulgeris, Tom Rune Lauknes, Line Rouyet


Investigating the Response of the Ross Ice Shelf to Perturbations at its Western Shear Margin Using ISSM-DAKOTA

Lynn Kaluzienski, Peter Koons, Ellyn Enderlin, Chris Borstad


Three-dimensional controls on grounding zone flexure and apparent ice thickness distribution from DInSAR

Christian Wild, Oliver Marsh, Wolfgang Rack


Comparison of ICESat Inter-campaign Bias Corrections and Influence on Antarctic Elevation Change Estimation

Huan Xie, Lei Chen, Gang Hai, Shijie Liu, Xiaohua Tong, Rongxing Li


Quasi-periodic breakups of multi-year landfast sea ice and associated change of a floating glacier tongue in Lützow-Holm Bay, East Antarctica, since 1980

Shuki Ushio, Takenobu Toyota, Daiki Nomura, Kazuki Nakamura


Estimation of interaction between displacement of fast ice in Lützow-Holm Bay occurred with breaking away event in 2015–2016 and ice flow velocity of Shirase Glacier using SAR image correlation

Kazuki Nakamura, Takeshi Tamura, Shuki Ushio, Shigeru Aoki, Tsutomu Yamanokuchi, Koichiro Doi


Remote sensing of icebergs in Disko Bay, west Greenland

Jessica Scheick, Ellyn Enderlin, Gordon Hamilton


Large Variability in Subglacial Drainage Processes Revealed by Airborne Radar Sounding Across the Greenland Ice Sheet

Winnie Chu, Dustin Schroeder, Helene Seroussi, Timothy Creyts, Robin Bell


The role of snow in a changing Arctic Ocean

Ioanna Merkouriadi, Anja Rösel, Bin Cheng, Mats Granskog


Variability of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice extent and comparative analysis in Weddell Sea, Prydz Bay and Ross Sea

Chunxia Zhou, Shuaibin Liu, Xiangyi Wang, Zemin Wang


Evolution of fast ice thickness from Cryosat-2 radar altimetry data, a case study in Scar Inlet, Antarctica

Mahsa Moussavi, Ted Scambos, Waleed Abdalati, Erin Pettit


Modeling the recent Arctic sea ice with a coupled ROMS-CICE model

Keguang Wang, Jens Debernard, Nils Christensen


DEM generation for the Lambert Glacier–Amery Ice Shelf system, East Antarctica, from CryoSat-2 satellite radar altimetry

Feng Xiao, Shengkai Zhang, Fei Li, Weifeng Hao, Lexian Yuan, Tingting Zhu, Yu Zhang, Chaohui Zhu


Multi-sensor data fusion of sea ice concentration, thickness and type

Keguang Wang


Contribution of sea ice deformation processes to the sea ice mass balance: a case study from N-ICE2015

Polona Itkin, Gunnar Spreen, Sine Munk Hvidegaard, Henriette Skourup, Jeremy Wilkinson, Mats Granskog, Sebastian Gerland


Monitoring ELA of Durung Drung Glacier of Greater Himalaya using RISAT-1 (SAR) Data

Rupal Brahmbhatt, Sanchayita Kundu, Ishmohan Bahuguna


Good Morning, Antarctica

Christian Wild, Oliver Marsh


Antarctic Non-ice shelf Region Analysis based on Remote Sensing Products

Yixiang Tian, Da Lv, Shanshan Zhang, Rongxing Li


The potential for positive feedback between deglaciation of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS), decompression-melt-induced subglacial volcanism, and resultant sea level rise

John Behrendt, Wesley LeMasurier


The Cape Darnley Polynya: A case study in landfast sea ice-coastal polynya interaction

Alexander Fraser, Kay Ohshima, Sohey Nihashi, Takeshi Tamura, Kazuki Nakata, Guy Williams, Robert Massom, Scott Carpentier, Sascha Willmes


Estimation of Annual Sea-ice production in the Terra Nova Bay Polynya using AMSR-E Data

Yifan Ding, Xiao Cheng


Polar ice-sheet precipitation and its contribution to the global sea-level budget: Twenty years of reanalysis evolution

Richard Cullather, Sophie Nowicki


Impact of land cover characterization and properties on simulated albedo in the presence of snow in CLASS

Libo Wang, Paul Bartlett, Paul Mannix Montesano


Seasonal and long-term mass balance of glaciers and perennial snowfields in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Daniel McGrath, Steven Fassnacht, Mike Willis


Evaluating the utility of remotely sensed sea surface temperatures in studying ice-ocean interactions at Sermilik Fjord, Greenland

Tasha Snow, Ted Scambos, Brandon Shepherd, Waleed Abdalati


Drainage Cycles of Water-Filled Crevasses in Jakobshavn Isbræ as a Function of Conduit Creep Deformation

John Cavanagh, Derrick Lampkin


Cloud-Sea Ice Interactions: Constraining Arctic Warming Projections

Patrick Taylor, Bradley Hegyi, Robyn Boeke


Antarctic icebergs distributions determined from 2005-2012 ENVISAT ASAR images

Tian Li, Teng Li, Yan Liu, Xiao Cheng, Fengming Hui


Catastrophic Collapse of a Cold-Based Arctic Ice Cap

Michael Willis, Whyjay Zheng, William Durkin, Matthew Pritchard, Joan Ramage, Julian Dowdeswell, Toby Benham, Leigh Stearns, Andrei Glazovsky


Blowing Snow Detection and Speed Estimation in Antarctica Using ZY-3 Multi-view Satellite Images

Shijie Liu, Chenxi Wu, Xiaohua Tong, Rongxing Li, Huan Xie


Retrieving glacier surface velocity using D-InSAR and offset tracking applied to ascending and descending passes of Sentinel-1 for Ellesmere, Nunavut, Canada.

Pablo Sánchez Gámez, Francisco J. Navarro


Transient variations in glacial mass near Greenland coast detected by the combined use of GPS and GRACE data

Lin Liu, Bao Zhang, Shfaqat Abbas Khan, Tonie van Dam, Enze Zhang


Internal layering structure of ice sheet along a traverse route from Zhongshan station to Dome A, East Antarctica, determined from airborne radio echo sounding

Xueyuan Tang, Tiantian Wang, Bo Sun, Xiangbin Cui, Jingxue Guo


New opportunities for creating glacier inventories in the Russian Arctic exemplified for Novaya Zemlya

Philipp Rastner, Tazio Strozzi, Frank Paul


Mass balance of Greenland's Glaciers and Ice Caps 2010 to 2014 based on Cryosat-2 data

Kate Briggs, Tobias Bolch, Andrew Shepherd, Malcolm McMillan, Alan Muir, Lin Gilbert, Xavier Fettweis, Phillip Rastner, Frank Paul


Autonomous buoy data from N-ICE2015

Polona Itkin, Gunnar Spreen, Bin Cheng, Martin Doble, Sebastian Gerland, Mats Granskog, Jari Haapala, Stephen Hudson, Lars Kaleschke


Generating a temperature based probability for an ice free Arctic

Jeff Ridley, Ed Blockley


Spatiotemporal Variations in Ice Velocities of Polar Record Glacier Using Landsat 8 and Sentinel-1 Data

Yiming Chen, Chunxia Zhou, Qi Liang, Ruixi Liu


Towards understanding regional variability and trends in Antarctic sea ice

Laura Landrum, Marika Holland, Marilyn Raphael, Lorenzo Polvani


Lead distribution in the European Arctic derived from Sentinel-1 SAR images

Dmitrii Murashkin, Gunnar Spreen, Marcus Huntemann, Wolfgang Dierking, Stefan Hendricks


Ice sheets and sea level: To rise, or not to rise, that is no longer the question

Sophie Nowicki


Heterogeneous mass changes of glaciers in the Third Pole since the 1970s with special consideration of debris-covered glaciers and rock glaciers

Tobias Bolch


On the evolution of ice rheology in glacier shear margins

Brent Minchew, Colin Meyer, Alexander Robel, Hilmar Gudmundsson, Mark Simons


The Evolution of Seasonal Heat Uptake and Release over the Arctic Ocean

Meghan Helmberger, Mark Serreze


Sea Ice Pressure-Ridge Sail Height in the Arctic, Derived from High-Resolution Airborne Data

Kyle Duncan, Sinead Farrell, Laurence Connor, Jenny Hutchings, Jackie Richter-Menge, Rose Dominguez


Coupled ice shelf-ocean modelling and complex grounding line retreat for Pine Island Glacier

Jan De Rydt, Hilmar Gudmundsson


Fiducials Imagery Time-Series for Monitoring Arctic Sea-Ice Dynamics

Bruce Molnia


Assessing the Antarctic sea ice mass balance using detailed physics-based simulations and in-situ measurements

Nander Wever, Leonard Rossman, Margaux Couttet, Nina Maaß, Lars Kaleschke, Marcel Nicolaus, Katherine Leonard, Michael Lehning


Ross sea ice thickness

Liuxi Tian, Hongjie Xie, Ackley Steve, Jiakui Tang, Jing Li


Plate Waves Observed on the Ross Ice Shelf

Zhao Chen, Peter Gerstoft, Peter Bromirski, Ralph Stephen


Sea-ice production in Antarctic coastal polynyas estimated from AMSR2 data and its comparison with AMSR-E and SSM/I-SSMIS data

Sohey Nihashi, Kay I. Ohshima, Takeshi Tamura


Sea-ice thickness and volume in the Sea of Okhotsk estimated from ICESat data

Sohey Nihashi, Nathan T Kurtz, Thorsten Markus, Kay I. Ohshima, Kazutaka Tateyama, Takenobu Toyota


Slope changes and impacts in Southwest Greenland during the previous decade

Shane Grigsby, Waleed Abdalati, William Colgan, Harihar Rajaram


Larsen C Ice Shelf – Assessing the impact of surface ponding and rifting on future stability

Adrian Luckman, MIDAS Project


Centuries of intense surface melt on Larsen C ice shelf

Suzanne Bevan, Adrian Luckman, Bryn Hubbard, Bernd Kulessa, David Ashmore, Peter Kuipers Munneke, Martin O'Leary, Adam Booth, Heidi Sevestre


A Decadal Study of Interannual Variability in Arctic Sea Ice Freeboard using Airborne Laser Altimetry (2006-2016)

Laurence Connor, Sinéad Farrell, David McAdoo


Finding Cordillera La Raya's Remaining Glaciers and Other Adventures Remapping Tropical Ice Masses with Landsat 8 and Digital Globe Imagery

Christopher Shuman, Compton Tucker, Katherine Melocik, Rikke Jepsen


Topside clues: The underlying structures of ice shelf rift propagation

Catherine Walker, Alex Gardner


Changing predictability characteristics of Arctic sea ice in a warming climate

Marika Holland, Laura Landrum


Retrieving sea ice surface characteristics using spectral unmixing

Andrew Barrett, Julienne Stroeve


Changes in North American Atmospheric Circulation and Extreme Weather: Influence of Arctic Amplification and Northern Hemisphere Snow Cover

Steve Vavrus, Fuyao Wang, Jonathan Martin, Jennifer Francis, Yannick Peings, Julien Cattiaux


The International Arctic Science Committee & The Cryosphere

Allen Pope


An updated 2016 glacier inventory for central western Greenland and changes since 1985

Frank Paul


ICESat Inter-campaign Biases Corrections – Exploration of ICB Trends

Christopher Shuman, Ted Scambos, Ludwig Schröder


West Antarctic surface elevation change from CryoSat-2 radar altimetry and multi-mission lidar mapping

Tyler Sutterley, Isabella Velicogna, Eric Rignot, Jeremie Mouginot, Thorsten Markus, Tom Neumann


Investigating macro-scale relationships between winter sea ice roughness and thickness and spring melt pond fraction

Sasha Nasonova, Randy Scharien, Christian Haas


The upcoming ICESat-2 mission and it's measurements of ice sheet elevation, elevation change, and sea ice freeboard

Thomas Neumann, Thorsten Markus, Benjamin Smith, Ron Kwok


Land Ice in Version 2.0 of the Community Earth System Model

William Lipscomb, Jeremy Fyke, Gunter Leguy, Jan Lenaerts, William Sacks, Leo van Kampenhout, Miren Vizcaino


Spatial velocity response of glaciers in the firn aquifer region of the Greenland ice sheet

Lora Koenig, Derrick Lampkin, Twila Moon, Richard Forster, Clement Miege, Kristin Poinar


Assessing waveform retrackers on sea ice freeboard retrieval from Cryosat-2 using IceBridge ATM data

Hongjie Xie, Wentao Xia, Liyun Dai, Xiaoyan Wang


Characterizing uncertainty in projected changes of Antarctic surface temperature, precipitation and sea ice extent

David Schneider


Observations of recent climate change in East Antarctica outpace future model simulations

Brooke Medley, Joseph McConnell, Thomas Neumann, Carleen H. Reijmer, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Michael Sigl


Systematic analysis of summer cyclone impacts on Arctic sea ice concentration

Erika Schreiber, Mark Serreze


Regional analysis of glaciers dynamic response to climatic forcing in High Mountain Asia

Amaury Dehecq, Alex Gardner, Noel Gourmelen, Peter Nienow, Dan Goldberg


Winter Sentinel-1 synthetic aperture radar backscatter as a predictor of spring melt pond fraction on sea ice

Randy Scharien, Rebecca Segal, Sasha Nasonova, Stephen Howell


Millennial-scale Vulnerability of the Antarctic Ice Sheet to Localized Subshelf Melting

Daniel Martin, Stephen Cornford, Antony Payne


Insights from a Detailed Surface Elevation Reconstruction of Helheim Glacier (1981–2016)

Carolyn Roberts, Beata Csatho, Toni Schenk


Tracking the evolution of the Arctic summer sea ice cover through Lagrangian advection of key physical parameters

Walter N. Meier, Mark Tschudi, J. Scott Stewart, Mattew Tooth


Towards an improved estimate of Arctic glaciers contribution to sea level rise since 1972.

Amaury Dehecq, Alex Gardner, Oleg Alexandrov


Antarctic Megadunes, Wind Glaze, and snow roughness variability in East Antarctica (and Mars)

Ted Scambos, Christopher Shuman, Mark Fahnestock


Flexural-response of the McMurdo Ice Shelf to surface lake filling and drainage

Alison Banwell, Doug MacAyeal, Ian Willis, Grant Macdonald, Becky Goodsell


Detailed ice-flow mapping using SAR satellite scenes lacking stable ground – an application to Fimbulisen ice shelf, East Antarctica

Jelte van Oostveen, Yngvar Larsen, Geir Moholdt, Kenichi Matsuoka


Recent iceā€front variations and glaciers response to long melting seasons on the northernmost point of the Antarctic Peninsula

Maria Eliza Sotille, Ulisses Franz Bremer, Jefferson Cardia Simoes


Recent slowdown and thickening of Fimbulisen ice shelf, East Antarctica

Jelte van Oostveen, Geir Moholdt, Kenichi Matsuoka


The Decline of Arctic sea ice: current results and a look ahead

Nathan Kurtz


Present and Future Ice Volume of Monte Tronador Glaciers, North Patagonian Andes

VALENTINA ZORZUT, Ruiz Lucas, Pierre Pitte


Assessing Variability in the Snow Depth and Sea Ice Thickness Distributions in the Arctic Ocean, with Respect to Ice Type

Sinead Louise Farrell, Jacqueline Richter-Menge, Marissa Dattler, Christopher Jackson, Laurence Connor


Future directions of the GLIMS Glacier Database

Bruce H. Raup, Jeffrey S. Kargel, Adina Racoviteanu, Tobias Bolch, Frank Paul, Etienne Berthier


Inferring firn permeability from pneumatic testing: A case study on the Greenland ice sheet

Aleah Sommers, Harihar Rajaram, Eliezer Weber, Michael MacFerrin, William Colgan, C. Max Stevens


Evolution of meltwater on the McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica during two summer melt seasons

GRANT MACDONALD, Alison Banwell, Ian Willis, David Mayer, Kang Yang, Emily Hansen, Douglas MacAyeal


Variability in the thickness of sea ice and the sub-ice platelet layer in McMurdo Sound by electromagnetic induction soundings

Gemma Marie Brett, Wolfgang Rack, Christian Haas, Patricia Langhorne, Anne Bublitz


Effects of climate variability on marine ice sheet stability

Matthew Hoffman, Jeremy Fyke, Stephen Price


Rift propagation and stability of ice shelves governed by ice shelf heterogeneity

Chris Borstad, Daniel McGrath, Allen Pope


Surface elevation change of Transantarctic Mountain outlet glaciers from 1960 – 2016 using Structure-from-Motion photogrammetry

Sarah Child, Leigh Stearns, Luc Girod


A numerical modeling approach to surge crevassing: Validation and comparison to observations, exemplified for the Bering Bagley Glacier System during surge

Thomas Trantow, Ute Herzfeld


Crevassed Glaciers, Ice Streams and Ice Shelves in the Views of ICESat-2 and CryoSat-2

Ute Herzfeld, Thomas Trantow, Gavin Medley


Freshwater Melt Runoff from Greenland Ice-Sheet from ICESat: Regional Variations

H Jay Zwally, John Robbins, Donghui Yi


Characterizing unconformal layers in ice and their impact on ice flow

Indrani Das, Timothy Creyts, Roger Buck


Constraining the Mass Budget of Antarctica using a Combination of Satellite Geodetic Data

Ryan A. Hardy, R. Steven Nerem, David N. Wiese


Local Processes and Regional Patterns – Interpreting Greenland Ice Sheet Changes since Little Ice Age

Beata Csatho, Anton Schenk, Cornelis van der Veen


Warmer, wetter and darker: the changing face of the Greenland ice sheet

Marco Tedesco


Fast-Ice/Ice-Shelf Interactions in the Larsen B Embayment

Erin Pettit, Theodore Scambos, Adrian Luckman, Martin Truffer, Mahsa Moussavi, Terence Haran


Modeling past, present, and future basal ice thickness of a High Arctic snowpack

Jack Kohler, Ward Van Pelt


A summer ice-free Arctic by the end of the 21st century? A question of future emissions

Alexandra Jahn


How the Timing of Melt and Freeze Onset Impacts Arctic Sea Ice Cover

Abigail Ahlert, Alexandra Jahn


Redefining glacial pace: Progress and results from a velocity data revolution

Twila Moon


Glacier changes and its spatial differences over the Tibetan Plateau since the 1970s

Qinghua Ye, Jibiao Zong, Lide Tian, J. Graham Cogley


Patterns and drivers of Antarctic sea ice variability: observational insights, gaps and challenges

Sharon Stammerjohn


Model studies of polar regions, including: ice-sheet and ice–ocean processes

Rachael Mueller, Tore Hattermann, Susan Howard, Laurie Padman


Comparison of ice sheet snowmelt between Antarctica and Greenland

Lei Liang, Zhixing Ruan


Feedbacks between subglacial drainage and ice thickness evolution in a coupled ice sheet model

Benjamin Hills, Matthew Hoffman