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Names given are the presenting authors; see abstract for full list

Sunday 19 June 2022
17:00–20:00 Registration and IcebreakerForbidden Peaks Brewery

Monday 20 June 2022
8:30 Registration
9:15 Symposium opening
9:30 Tlingit introduction: Lance X’unei Twitchell: Sít’ Tóonáx̱ Daak Is.áx̱ch (Resounding through a glacier): An overview of Lingít language, place names, and perspectives of glaciers.
Session 1: Tidewater and lake-calving glaciers
Chair: Jason Amundson
10:00 Will Kochtitzky, 89A3705: Which marine-terminating, Northern Hemisphere glaciers have retreated the most since 2000?
10:15 Taryn Black, 89A3714: Maritime glacier change in Kenai Fjords National Park between 1984 and 2021
10:30 Regine Hock, 89A3688: Glacier mass and surface speed variations on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
10:45 Coffee
Session 2: Tidewater and lake-calving glaciers
Chair: Doug Brinkerhoff
11:15 Will Kochtitzky, 89A3750: Exploring the role of frontal ablation parameterization in projected 21st-century mass change for Northern Hemisphere glaciers
11:30 Shin Sugiyama, 89A3720: Subglacial discharge controls seasonal variations in the thermal structure of a glacial lake in Patagonia, Chile
11:45 Ziad Rashed, 89A3775: Determining the drivers of recent retreat at Sermeq Kujalleq (Jakobshavn), Greenland through large ensemble simulations
12:00 Andy Aschwanden, 89A3786: Of subshelf melt, calving, and the break-up of Jakobshavn Isbræ’s floating tongue
12:15 Lunch (catered)
Session 3: Special session on Roman Motyka’s work
Chair: Martin Truffer
14:00 Roman Motyka, 89A3785: Tidewater glaciers and dynamic landscape changes: three examples from southeast Alaska
14:45 Andrew Bliss, 89A3722: The glaciers of Glacier Bay
15:00 Jason Amundson, 89A3734: Taku Glacier’s swan song?
15:15 Nicole Abib, 89A3735: Investigating feedbacks between time-varying terminus morphology and spatial patterns in frontal ablation at a tidewater glacier
14:00 Coffee
Session 4: Tidewater and lake-calving glaciers
Chair Erin Pettit
16:00 Dominik Fahrner, 89A3729: Seasonal strain rate and force balance evolution from terrestrial radar data at LeConte Glacier, Alaska
16:15 Marguerite Shaya, 89A3769: Calving from tidewater glaciers as a source of kinetic energy to fuel enhanced submarine melt
16:30 Hayden Johnson, 89A3717: Understanding the underwater noise of melting glacier ice
16:45 Martin Truffer, 89A3782: The past decades of glacier change at Malaspina Glacier and lessons for the future
17.00 Michael G. Loso, 89A3772: Salty lakes, crevassed forests, and the non-retreat of a shrinking glacier: patterns of landscape development and decay along the Malaspina Glacier foreland
17.15–20:30 Bus charter from UAS to downtown Juneau, returning at 20:30

Tuesday 21 June 2022


Session 5: Surging glaciers
Chair: Max Stevens
9:15 Julia Liu, 89A3718: Surge evolution of Sít’ Kusá (Turner Glacier), southeast Alaska
9:30 Brandon S. Tober, 89A3768: Radar mapping of Malaspina (Sít’ Tlein) Glacier’s bed reveals potential for instability
9:45 Victor Devaux-Chupin, 89A3749: Flow and ice flux history of the Malaspina Glacier, Southeast Alaska, USA, from Landsat 5 to 8 and Sentinel 1–2 images
10:00 Neal Iverson, 89A3703: Weakening of a soft bed during glacier surging: Pore-pressure response to till dilation and shrinkage of bed-surface voids
10:15 Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, 89A3776: Modeling of maritime ice cap Vatnajökull, Iceland
10:30 Coffee
  Session 6: Impacts on ecosystems and society
Chair: Michael Loso
11:00 Jessica Cherry, 89A3727: NOAA’s climate data records, model output and services for Alaska, USA
11:15 Eran Hood, 89A3778: Impacts of glacier change on aquatic food webs in southeast Alaska, USA

Anna Simpson, 89A3732: Hydrographic trends in glacier influenced fjord environments across the Gulf of Alaska

11:45 Jamie Womble, 89A3742: The role of ice as habitat for harbor seals in tidewater glacier fjords

Annika Ord 89A3745: Community perceptions of the impact of glacier loss on salmon and people in coastal British Columbia and Alaska

12:15 Efthymia Koliokosta, 89A3774: Do we know enough about glacier tsunamis? A review
12:30 Lunch (catered)
  Session 7: Special session on social and indigenous perspectives
Chair: Michele Koppes
14:00 Judy Dax̱ootsú Ramos, 89A3787: Sit’tu Kwaani (Spirit of the Glacier): Lingit beliefs and oral history of glaciers
14:20 Thomas Royer, 89A3784: Glaciology, oceanography and early Americans

Aron L. Crowell, 89A3783: The human ecology of glacial retreat in a subarctic Alaskan fjord since 800 CE

15:00 Daniel Monteith, 89A3788: Tlingit oral histories and place names can provide a better understanding of the human history of Glacier Bay
15:20–16:00 Panel discussion, chaired by Michele Koppes
15:40 Coffee
16:10 Outreach exchange – Chairs: Carolyn L. Driedger, Lynn Kaluzienski
17.15–20:30 Bus charter from UAS to downtown Juneau, returning at 20:30

Wednesday 22 June 2022
  Session 8: Glacier–ocean–sediment interactions
Chair: Emily Eidam
9:15 Lynn Kaluzienski, 89A3741: Early 21st century evolution of Johns Hopkins Glacier and Inlet
9:30 Douglas Brinkerhoff, 89A3684: Bayesian inference for data synthesis at Malaspina Glacier
9:45 Alan Rempel, 89A3773: Diffuse debris entrainment in glacier, lab, and model environments
10:00 Maria Osińska, 89A3704: Zeroing in on tidal impact on glacial cove hydrodynamics
10:15 Roman Motyka, 89A3712: The relationship between submarine melt and subglacial discharge from observations at LeConte Glacier, Alaska
10:30 Coffee
  Session 9: Glacier runoff and sediment/nutrient export
Chair:Taryn Black
11:00 Jon Hawkings, 89A3779: The influence of glacier cover on iron cycling in Patagonian fjords
11:15 Sonia Nagorski, 89A3780: Contrasting mercury sources and fluxes from adjacent glacierized and forested watersheds in Juneau, Alaska, USA
11:30 Aurora Roth, 89A3777: Optimum multi-parameter analysis of glacially modified water in Sermilik Fjord, Greenland
11:45 Timothy Bartholomaus, 89A3743: Mass continuity constraints on outlet glacier surface mass balance in Greenland
12:00 Amy Jenson 89A3793: Evolving outburst flood hazards and impacts from glacier-dammed lakes: A case study of Mendenhall Glacier (Áakʼw Tʼáak Sítʼ), Alaska, USA
12:15 Joanna Young, 89A3715: Detecting decadal-scale trends in hydropower availability in a coastal glacierized watershed, Cordova, Alaska, USA
12:30 Lunch (catered)
14:00 Poster introductions (3 min each)
Chair: Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir
  Thomas Frank, 89A3685: A new fast thickness inversion approach and its application to Kronebreen, Svalbard
  Michael Shahin, 89A3686: Calving at Helheim Glacier dominated by large flexure events: observations from two autonomous terrestrial laser scanners
  Shuntaro Hata, 89A3710: Changes in the dynamics of lake-terminating glaciers after the outburst of Lago Greve in Patagonia
  José M Muñoz-Hermosilla, 89A3711: Characterization of meltwater discharging channels in Hansbreen and their role on the intraseasonal front behaviour
  James Sanders, 89A3719: Investigating recent and historical change in tidewater glaciers in Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA
  Ryan North, 89A3721: Historic imagery reveals glacier response to ice shelf debutressing on the Antarctic Peninsula
  José M. Muñoz-Hermosilla, 89A3723: A 3D glacier dynamics-line plume model to estimate the frontal ablation of Hansbreen, Svalbard
  Aman KC, 89A3730: Analysis of terminus ablation time series for Helheim Gletsjer and Kangiata Nunaata Sermia
  Bridget Ovall, 89A3737: Subglacial discharge plume at LeConte Glacier, Alaska, USA: evolution from upwelling to outflowing
  Lois Anderson, 89A3740: Fjord circulation in Greenland: freshwater sources, mixing, and the estuarine exchange flow
  Journey Berry, 89A3794: Historical evolution and possible triggers for the retreat of Bear Glacier Lagoon, Alaska, USA
  Coline Bouchayer, 89A3681: Access the inaccessible: ploughing subglacial sediments of a surging glacier
  Yoram Terleth, 89A3707: A new fast thickness inversion approach and its application to Kronebreen, Svalbard
  Phoebe Kinzelman, 89A3736: Terminus position change of Greenland’s peripheral marine-terminating glaciers 2013–2
  Joanna Young, 89A3731: The cryosphere and climate change communication: a systematic review of messengers, messages, and outcomes of framing climate change as thawing ice
  Karla Boxall, 89A3687: Seasonal land ice-flow variability in the Antarctic Peninsula
  Cody Barnett, 89A3733: Spatiotemporal variability in basal melt derived from sequential radar echograms for ice shelves in northern Greenland and Antarctica
  Bruno Belotti, 89A3752: Sediment dynamics and erosion in the subglacial environment; sedimentological analysis of ancient processes in Kennicott glacier, Alaska, USA
  Mikaila Mannello, 89A3706: Change in firn thickness across the Juneau Icefield between 2012 and 2021
  Verenis Lucas, 89A3751: Monitoring spring meltwater infiltration at Wolverine Glacier, Alaska, USA
  Lucas Zeller, 89A3690: Automated delineation of accumulation areas on Alaskan glaciers from satellite imagery, 1984–2021
  Rainey Aberle, 89A3725: Seasonal snow line mapping using Planet imagery
  Michael Daniel, 89A3747: Snow accumulation results from airborne radar in the Gulf of Alaska
15:30 Coffee and Poster Session
17.15–20:30 Bus charter from UAS to downtown Juneau, returning at 20:30

Thursday 23 June 2022
Time? Symposium Excursion – Boat trip to Tracy Arm, leaving from Statter Harbor (in Auke Bay) at 9:45 am
19:30–21.30 Symposium Banquet at Orca Point Lodge – The boat will drop us off at 21:00. A second, smaller boat for those not on the excurtsion will leave from Statter Harbor for Orca Point Lodge at 21:00 and arrive at 21:30

Friday 24 June 2022
  Session 10: Glacier hydrology and wet firn
Chair: Liss Andreasson
10:30 Kamilla Hauknes Sjursen, 89A3726: Bayesian estimation of mass balance model parameters for glaciers along a maritime–continental climate gradient
10:50 C. Max Stevens, 89A3738: Wet firn cores and alpine weather station data constrain Alaska maritime glacier firn densification
10:30 John-Morgan Manos, 89A3753: Using distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) to constrain glacier surface melt
10:45 Jacob Fowler, 89A3781: Permeability of temperate ice: sensitivity to ice-crystal size and liquid water content
10:30 Jonathan Maurer, 89A3709: Applied deep learning techniques in temperate glacial environments for the prediction of snow and firn distributions from ground-penetrating radar data
10:50 Louis Sass, 89A3716: Optimizing radar surveys to accurately measure winter mass balance on mountain glaciers
10:45 Coffee
  Session 11: Glacier hydrology and wet firn
Chair: Kamilla Hauknes Sjursen
11:15 Michael Christoffersen, 89A3754:Characterization of relict ice in the Malaspina Glacier forelands using time domain electromagnetic induction and seismic methods
11:30 Jessica Scheick, 89A3739: Reproducible investigations of maritime glaciers using open-source tools
11:45 Jack Holt, 89A3746: Radar sounding of Alaskan glaciers by NASA’s Operation IceBridge
12:00 Liss Marie Andreassen, 89A3724: Geometric and geodetic mass balance changes of Jostedalsbreen ice cap
12:15 Paulina Lewińska, 89A3682: 90 years of glacier change: is it possible to measure glacier volume change from historical images?
12:30 Closing session
12:45 Lunch (catered)
14:00? Excursion to the Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center – leaving from UAS in university vans