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International Glaciological Society

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About the Society

The International Glaciological Society was founded in 1936 to provide a focus for individuals interested in practical and scientific aspects of snow and ice.

The objects of the Society enshrined in its Constitution are to:

The Society recognizes achievements in glaciology and contributions to the development of the science through the award of the Seligman Crystal, Honorary Membership and the Richardson Medal. Information on recent work in glaciology is submitted periodically to National Correspondents and compiled into reports which are published in ICE.

The Society has branches in different parts of the world that provide a further opportunity for those sharing a common interest to meet and exchange information

The affairs of the International Glaciological Society are managed by an elected Council, assisted by committees, dealing with Awards, Nominations and Publications.

Founder: Gerald Seligman
President: Douglas R. MacAyeal
Secretary General: Magnús Már Magnússon