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Awards by the International Glaciological Society

Members are invited to recognize their colleagues by submitting nominations, marked confidential, to the Secretary General and the Chairman of the Awards Committee.

  • The Seligman Crystal (awarded to a single person or a collaborative group/team that has made exceptional scientific contributions to glaciology, defined as any snow and/or ice studies.)
  • The Richardson Medal (awarded to a single person or a collaborative group/team that has provided outstanding service to the International Glaciological Society and/or to the field of glaciology), and
  • Honorary Membership (recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of glaciology at a national or regional level.).
  • The Graham Cogley Award will be given to students, every second (even-numbered) year, who have published papers of exceptional quality in the Journal of Glaciology or the Annals of Glaciology within the last two years. On the alternating (odd-numbered) years, two Graham Cogley Awards will be given by the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences (IACS), one for the best student oral presentation and one for the best student poster presentation at the bi-annual IACS General Assemblies
  • The IGS Early Career Scientist Award is given in recognition of significant scientific and/or community contributions to Glaciology by an Early Career Scientist. Nominations for the award will be called for annually.

Please note that the award system has been revamped and that it is the intention of IGS to give these awards from now on roughly on an annual basis and that some awards have changed in scope and content.


Documentation describing the nomination process is posted under each of the awards as a PDF document. Just click on the links for the individual awards.

2022 Call for nominations

Awards Committee