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Graham Cogley Award

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This award was established in memory of Professor Graham Cogley who made substantial and enduring contributions to glaciology, in particular to the understanding and quantification of glacier mass change. Graham is also recognized for his sustained and outstanding service to the wider glaciological community, including as IGS Chief Editor between 2016 and 2018. The Graham Cogley Award recognizes excellence in glaciological research by student scientists. The award was initiated and is generously sponsored by the Cogley family and is shared between the International Glaciological Society IGS and the International Association of Cryospheric Sciences IACS, with the IGS and the IACS giving out the award in alternate years.

The IGS will give out two ‘Graham Cogley Awards’ to students who have published papers of exceptional quality in the Journal of Glaciology or the Annals of Glaciology within the last two years.

Each award will include a cash prize of CAN$ 500 and a certificate. The awardees and their papers will be promoted online, including in the “Awards” section of the IGS web site.

IGS-IACS Graham Cogley Award

The following have been awarded the Graham Cogley Award:

2020 Carlo Licciulli – University of Heidelberg, Germany
‘Full Stokes ice-flow modeling of the high-Alpine glacier saddle Colle Gnifetti, Swiss/Italian Alps’ – Journal of Glaciology (2020)
View the paper:
2020 Paul Weber – University of Portsmouth, UK
‘Producing an ~1899 glacier inventory for Nordland, northern Norway, from historical maps’ – Journal of Glaciology (2020)
View the paper:
2022 Dominik Fahrner – University of Liverpool, UK
‘Linear response of the Greenland ice sheet’s tidewater glacier terminus positions to climate’ – Journal of Glaciology (2021)
View the paper:
2022 Emma “Mickey” MacKie – Stanford University, USA
‘Stochastic modeling of subglacial topography exposes uncertainty in water routing at Jakobshavn Glacier’ – Journal of Glaciology (2021)
View the paper: