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Our Branches Around the World

The Society has branches in different parts of the world that provide a further opportunity for those sharing a common interest to meet and exchange information.

The most recent branch is the Northwest Glaciologists Branch. Northwest Glaciologists have been holding informal meetings for decades. Originally the meeting rotated between Tacoma, Seattle and Vancouver. With changes in the demographics of the glaciologists the meetings are now held in Portland (Portland University), Seattle (University of Washington), Vancouver (University of Vancouver and Simon Fraser University) and Fairbanks (University of Alaska – Fairbanks). The meetings are very informal, just show up with your presentation, the program is sorted out the first morning. The meeting are very student and early-career focused.

Nordic Branch

French Branch

Northeastern North American Branch

British Branch

Western Alpine Branch

Ottawa Glaciological Group

Northwest Glaciologists

Midwest Glaciologists

Polish Branch

New Zealand Branch 🡕

In an effort to establish a ‘contact’ list for the various branches so as better to disseminate information that is specifically related to the individual Branches we have created a sign up sheet.
Although the form refers to a ‘Membership’ you are definitely NOT signing up to become an IGS member (although we would dearly like you do so, but that is another path).

Signing up does NOT cost anything and will only be used by the officers of the respective IGS Branches and the IGS to convey information that is directly relevant to the individual Branch.

Membership of a Branch does not make you eligible for a discount on Article Processing Charges (APCs) nor does in give you an IGS members rate when you sign up to attend to an IGS symposium. To be eligible for those discounts you have to become a member of the IGS itself.

Join an IGS Branch

Instructions on how to join an IGS Branch