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Here is a listing of all the seminars, from the beginning up until September.

To watch the video of a talk, please click on the title of the talk and you will be taken to the IGS Youtube channel.

Christmas break

  • January 12th Ute Herzfeld, University of Boulder, Colorado, ‘Lasers big and small — From ICESat-2 to the surge of Negribreen, Svalbard
  • January 19th No talks – we get the day off
  • January 26th Nozomu Takeuchi, Chiba University, Japan – ‘Cryoconite: the dark side of glaciers’

  • February 2nd Seligman Crystal talks
    • Douglas R. MacAyeal, University of Chicago – ‘Who is Gerald Seligman’
    • Richard C A Hindmarsh, University of Durham – ‘What we have done’
  • February 9th Koji Fujita, Nagoya University ‘Behind the Himalayan glacier fields’
  • February 16th 3 ECR talks
    • Ugo NanniI, University of Oslo – ‘Dynamic imaging of glacial structures with a dense seismic array: active/passive crevasses and subglacial hydrology.’
    • Slot available
    • Slot available
  • February 23rd Richard Alley, Penn State ‘GHOSTly flute music: drumlins, moats, and the bed of Thwaites Glacier’
  • March 2nd Alex Fraser, UTAS Tasmania ‘Antarctic fast ice: why it matters, what we know, and what’s missing?’
  • March 9th Shelley MacDonell, Centro de Estudios Avanzados en Zonas Áridas (CEAZA) ‘Snow and ice in the desert: mountain hydrology and community engagement in the semiarid Chilean Andes’
  • March 16th Felicity McCormack, Monash University, Australia ‘Recent developments in modelling ice sheet deformation’
  • March 23rd 3 ECR talks
    • 3 slots available
  • March 30th Andres Rivera Ibanez, University of Chile ‘Current status of Chilean glaciers and the discussion of a glacier law’
  • April 6th Andy Aschwanden, Fairbanks, Alaska ‘Predicting sea-level rise from ice sheets: the good, the bad, and the ugly’


  • April 15th = 2 YEARS of SEMINAR
  • April 27th 3 ECR talks
    • 3 slots available
  • May 4th JEDI-themed talks on Star Wars Day: Helen Amanda Fricker, Julia Wellner, Tavi Murray
    • JW: Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) efforts of the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration (ITGC)
    • TM: ‘Justice, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (JEDI) in the climate emergency: how the IGS seminars contribute’
  • May 11th Samuel Cook, IGE(CNRS) ‘Fully-coupled 3D modelling of a large Greenlandic outlet glacier with evolving subglacial hydrology, frontal plume melting and calving’
  • May 18th Donald Slater, University of Edinburgh ‘Revisiting the crevasse depth calving law in the presence of submarine melting’
  • May 25th Jane Hart, University of Southampton ‘Exploring the subglacial environment’
  • June 1st Sue Cook, UTAS Tasmania ‘Ocean-driven melt of Antarctic ice shelves: integrating field measurements into a model intercomparison
  • June 8th 3 ECR talks
    • 3 slots available

We encourage you to read the article published in the Covid issue of ICE pages 26-33 for more detail on the inception of the seminar series.