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Honorary Membership

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Honorary Membership of the Society is awarded in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of Glaciology at a national or regional level.

The oldest of the Society’s awards. It was first officially recorded in the 1962 Constitution, when the name of the Society changed from “the British Glaciological Society” to “the Glaciological Society”. (Prior to that date, a few eminent persons had been made Honorary Members on an informal and ad hoc basis.)

The award of Honorary Membership to the Society recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of Glaciology, defined as snow and/or ice studies, at a national or regional level. The nominee should have made unique contributions to the field of glaciology with demonstrable impacts on a specific country or region. These contributions may include, but are not limited to, initiating or maintaining national glaciological monitoring and research programs, inspiring and promoting young scientists, or enhancing the status and visibility of glaciology in a country or region. The Honorary Membership award is specifically designed to increase the diversity of the IGS membership and encourages nominees from underrepresented scientific fields or Nations that contribute to IGS’s goals and missions. Nominations are encouraged for individuals at all career-levels who meet these criteria. Honorary Membership is awarded for life. All IGS award nominees are expected to exhibit high moral and ethical standards within the glaciological and wider community.

A guide to nominations for an IGS Honorary Membership

The following are Honorary Members of the The International Glaciological Society:

H. Björnsson G.K.C. Clarke
V.M. Kotlyakov M. Kuhn
Yang Zhenniang