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The Firn Award

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The Firn Award

The IGS Firn Award is given in recognition of significant scientific and community contributions to glaciology by a mid-career scientist.

In 2023, the Council of the Society decided to establish an award to recognize mid-career scientists.

The Firn Award is given to a mid-career scientist who has made significant scientific contributions to glaciology, defined as any cryospheric study, and contributions to the community. Scientific contributions will be assessed on the excellence, originality and impact of the nominee’s body of research. Community contributions are broadly defined as any professional effort that contributes to the betterment of science or society.

Nominees are also expected to demonstrate and promote IGS core values. This award focuses on the achievements and contributions of the nominee since completion of their terminal degree; nominees are not required to hold a doctorate. All IGS award nominees are expected to exhibit integrity and high ethical standards within the glaciological and wider communities.

Nominations for the Firn Award will be called for annually. One, or in exceptional cases, two awards may be given following each call for nominations.

The Firn medal depicts firn from 31 m depth, EGRIP 2018 (s631t31; EDML/Kohnen Station: B36- 41/51 m depth, and the diameter of the core is 30mm. The central part of the medal is 42 mm so only slightly larger than the original image.
The image was supplied to us by Sepp Kipfstuhl and Johannes Freitag at the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research.

IGS Firn Award guidelines

The following have been awarded the Firn award: