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Richardson Medal

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The Richardson Medal is awarded in recognition of outstanding service.

In 1993, the Council of the Society decided to mark the retirement of the Secretary General, Mrs. Hilda Richardson, through the creation of an award to recognise service to the Society or to the science.

The Richardson Medal shall be awarded to a single person or a collaborative group/team that has provided outstanding service to the International Glaciological Society and/or to the field of Glaciology, defined as snow and/or ice studies. Service, for this award, is to be interpreted broadly, and may include, but is not limited to, efforts to promote, grow or transform the Society, its activities and/or its scientific publications, enriching knowledge of snow and ice studies, efforts of education and outreach to the public, contributions that enhance public understanding and awareness of glaciology, informing policy around glaciological issues, educational service and mentoring in glaciology including fostering the education, growth and involvement of early-career scientists, or academic and leadership activities promoting the discipline of glaciology at large The service contribution(s) should have made a significant impact. Nominations are encouraged for individuals at all career-levels who meet these criteria. All IGS award nominees are expected to exhibit high moral and ethical standards within the glaciological and wider communities.

A guide to nominations for the Richardson Medal

The following have been awarded the Richardson Medal

H. Richardson (1993) A. Weidick (2013) Tavi Murray (2023)
D.R. MacAyeal (1997) E.M. Morris (2016)  
G.K.C. Clarke (1998) T. Chinn (2016)  
J.A. Heap (2000) J.M. Palais (2017)  
C.S.L. Ommanney (2003) J. Oerlemans (2019)  
T.H. Jacka (2010) C. Hulbe & E. Wolff (2020)  
W.S.B. (Stan) Paterson (2012). R. Hock (2021)  
J.W. Glen (2013) The ISMIP6 team (2022)