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The ISMIP6 team (2022)

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The ISMIP6 team

We recognize the entire ISMIP6 team for its academic and leadership activities in the design and production of future sea-level projections. The ISMIP6 team, consisting of over 80 members, has provided outstanding service to the field of glaciology by planning and coordinating projections of ice-sheet change. The ISMIP6 team has been instrumental in providing a community-led response to two WCRP Grand Challenges: ‘Melting Ice and Global Consequences’ and ‘Regional Sea Level Change and Coastal Impacts’. Although ice-sheet model comparisons have a long history in the field of glaciology, dating back to the EISMINT experiments in the 1990s, the atmospheric, oceanic and other climate communities have made significant advances through the suite of CMIP simulations that form the basis of sections of the IPCC report. The ISMIP6 team was responsible for collaborative design and interpretation of the ensemble of model runs used for projections of future ice-sheet change and bringing the ice-sheet community under the auspices of the international CMIP community. As part of this, the ISMIP6 team has been instrumental in building international collaborations that span career stages and nations. Their projections have had a wide impact on the global community, serving as the basis for policy and adaptation discussions. We recognize the impact and leadership provided by the entire ISMIP6 team and its service to the glaciological and wider communities.

 On behalf of the Awards Committee of the International Glaciological Society
Jeremy Bassis, Chair.