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Elizabeth Ultee (2021)

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Elizabeth (Lizz) Ultee

Lizz Ultee (Middlebury College, Vermont, USA) was awarded her PhD in 2018. She combines theoretically-rigorous mathematical glaciology with geophysical observations to contribute across a range of glaciological topics.

These include a mathematical model of calving using an extended plastic approach, developing novel stochastic methods to model the variability of surface mass balance over Greenland, statistical examination of meltwater runoff and its societal impacts in Peru, and the use of remote sensing to bound the tensile strength of glacial ice.

As well as her substantial scientific contributions to glaciology, Lizz demonstrates an extremely strong commitment to a variety of community services including outreach and public engagement, service to the IGS, and a record of actively promoting diversity and equity, especially to increase the number of women in STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

On behalf of the Awards Committee of the International Glaciological Society
Ian Allison, Chair