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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 17

Proceedings of the Symposium on Remote Sensing of Snow and Ice

held in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.,
17-22 May 1992
Cover: Annals Vol. 17

Editor: K. Steffen


Snow and ice applications of AVHRR in polar regions: report of a workshop held in Boulder, Colorado, 20 May 1992
K. Steffen, R. Bindschadler, G. Casassa, J. Comiso, D. Eppler, F. Fetterer, J. Hawkins, J. Key, D. Rothrock, R. Thomas, R. Weaver and R. Welch

Surface reflectance of Hintereisferner, Austria, from Landsat 5 TM imagery
Robert Koelemeijer, Johannes Oerlemans and Stephen Tjemkes

Helicopter-borne radio-echo sounding of Svartisen, Norway
Michael Kennett, Tron Laumann and Cecile Lund

Studies of snow surface characteristics by Landsat TM in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Jan-Gunnar Winther

Airborne bidirectional radiances of snow-covered surfaces in Montana, U.S.A.
D.K. Hall, J.L. Foster, J.R. Irons and P.W. Dabney

Satellite monitoring of ice and snow conditions in the Sør Rondane Mountains, Antarctica
Frank Pattyn and Hugo Decleir

AVHRR surface temperature and narrow-band albedo comparison with ground measurements for the Greenland ice sheet
M. Haefliger, K. Steffen and C. Fowler

Undulating topography on the Antarctic ice sheet revealed by NOAA AVHRR images
Katsumoto Seko, Teruo Furukawa, Fumihiko Nishio and Okitsugu Watanabe

Glaciological study in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica, inferred from remote sensing analysis
Massimo Frezzotti

Measurements of snow- and glacier-covered areas with single-polarization SAR
Shi Jiancheng and Jeff Dozier

Geostatistical evaluation of satellite radar altimetry for high-resolution mapping of Lambert Glacier, Antarctica
Ute C. Herzfeld, Craig S. Lingle and Li-her Lee

Snow grain-size determination from Landsat imagery over Terre Adélie, Antarctica
Barbara Bourdelles and Michel Fily

Co-registration of an Antarctic digital elevation model with SSM/I brightness temperatures
J.D. Wilson and K.C. Jezek

Multifrequency and polarimetric SAR obervations on alpine glaciers
Helmut Rott and Robert E. Davis

Digital comparison of high resolution Sojuzkarta KFA-1000 imagery of ice masses with Landsat and SPOT data
J.A. Dowdeswell, M.R. Gorman, Yu Ya Macheret, M.Yu Moskalevsky and J.O. Hagen

Limitations imposed by cloud cover on multitemporal visible band satellite data sets from polar regions
G.J. Marshall, W.G. Rees and J.A. Dowdeswell

Mapping alpine snow using a spectral mixture modelling technique
Anne W. Nolin, Jeff Dozier and Leal A.K. Mertes

Passive microwave measurements of tundra and taiga snow covers in Alaska, U.S.A.
Matthew Sturm, Thomas C. Grenfell and Donald K. Perovich

Comparison of SMMR and SSM/I passive microwave data collected over Antarctica
Kenneth C. Jezek, Carolyn J. Merry and Don J. Cavalieri

Use of snow cover derived from satellite passive microwave data as an indicator of climate change
B.E. Goodison and A.E. Walker

Towards predicting temporal changes of the spectral signature of snow in visible and near- infrared wavelengths
Robert E. Davis, Anne W. Nolin, Rachel Jordan and Jeff Dozier

Satellite passive microwave observations and analysis of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice, 1978-1987
Per Gloersen, William J. Campbell, Donald J. Cavalieri, Josefino C. Comiso, Claire L. Parkinson and H.Jay Zwally

Multi-temporal microwave satellite observation of snowpacks
Anthony Wankiewicz

Comparison of the passive microwave spectral signature of the Antarctic ice sheet with ground traverse data
Sylviane Surdyk and Michel Fily

Photogrammetric analysis of 1984-89 surface altitude change of the partially debris-covered Eliot Glacier, Mount Hood, Oregon, U.S.A.
S.C. Lundstrom, A.E. McCafferty and J.A. Coe

Snow depths and grain-size relationships with relevance for passive microwave studies
Richard L. Armstrong, Alfred Chang, Albert Rango and Edward Josberger

Complex ice stream flow revealed by sequential satellite imagery
Ted A. Scambos and Robert Bindschadler

Characterization of a hoar-development episode using SSM/I brightness temperatures in the vicinity of the GISP2 site, Greenland
Christopher A. Shuman, Richard B. Alley and Sridhar Anandakrishnan

Climate signals from SSM/I observations of marginal ice shelves
J.K. Ridley

Precise altimetric topography in ice-sheet flow studies
F. Rémy and J.F. Minster

Retrieval of surface radiative fluxes on the marginal zone of sea ice from operational satellite data
Claude Kergomard, Bernard Bonnel and Yves Fouquart

Determination of the interannual variability of the Bering Strait transport from satellite data
T.J. Irwin, S. Martin and E.A. Munoz

A synthesis of remote sensing data on Wilkins Ice Shelf, Antarctica
D.G. Vaughan, D.R. Mantripp, J. Sievers and C.S.M. Doake

The response of lead patterns in the Beaufort Sea to storm-scale wind forcing
Bernard A. Walter and James E. Overland

The detectability of sea-ice leads in satellite data as a function of atmospheric conditions and measurement scale
J. Key, R. Stone, J. Maslanik and E. Ellefsen

Passive microwave-derived spatial and temporal variations of summer melt on the Greenland ice sheet
Thomas L. Mote, Mark R. Anderson, Karl C. Kuivinen and Clinton M. Rowe

Velocity measurements and changes in position of Thwaites Glacier/iceberg tongue from aerial photography, Landsat images and NOAA AVHRR data
J.G. Ferrigno, B.K. Lucchitta, K.F. Mullins, A.L. Allison, R.J. Allen and W.G. Gould

Toward the satellite monitoring of glacier changes on Mount Kenya
Stefan Hastenrath

Texture-based classification of cloud and ice-cap surface features
W.G. Rees and I-I Lin

Relief and decay of flow stripes on Byrd Glacier, Antarctica
G. Casassa and H.H. Brecher

Radar studies at the mouths of Ice Streams D and E, Antarctica
Robert W. Jacobel and Robert Bindschadler

Relation between ice sheet internal radio-echo reflections and ice fabric at Mizuho Station, Antarctica
Shuji Fujita and Shinji Mae

Dielectric anisotropy in ice Ih at 9.7 GHz
Shuji Fujita, Shinji Mae and Takeshi Matsuoka

Experimental investigation of optical snow properties
Claude Sergent, Evelyne Pougatch, Marcel Sudul and Barbara Bourdelles

Modelling the radiation budget of alpine snowfields with remotely sensed data: model formulation and validation
Claude R. Duguay

Stereological determination of dry-snow parameters for discrete-scatterer microwave modeling
Shi Jiancheng, Robert E. Davis and Jeff Dozier

Seasonal variations in brightness temperature for central Antarctica
C.J. van der Veen and K.C. Jezek

Discrimination of a wet snowcover using passive microwave satellite data
A.E. Walker and B.E. Goodison

Interpretation of basal ice conditions from radio-echo soundings in the eastern Heimefrontfjella and the southern Vestfjella mountain ranges, East Antarctica
Per Holmlund

Fast recession of the northern Larsen Ice Shelf monitored by space images
Pedro Skvarca

Snow conditions and hydrology of the upper Colorado River basin from satellite passive microwave observations
Edward G. Josberger, William J. Campbell, Per Gloersen, Alfred T.C. Chang and Al Rango

Interannual variations in snow melt over Arctic sea ice and relationships to atmospheric forcing
Mark C. Serreze, James A. Maslanik, Gregory R. Scharfen, Roger G. Barry and David A. Robinson

Description of a program for SAR investigation of the Greenland ice sheet and an example of margin change detection using SAR
Mark A. Fahnestock and Robert A. Bindschadler

Active and passive microwave signatures of Antarctic firn by means of field measurements and satellite data
Helmut Rott, Klaus Sturm and Heinz Miller

Comparison of SSM/I ice-concentration algorithms for the Weddell Sea
Barbara A. Burns

Detection of coastal polynyas with passive microwave data
Thorsten Markus and Barbara A. Burns

Antarctic glacier-tongue velocities from Landsat images: first results
B.K. Lucchitta, K.F. Mullins, A.L. Allison and J.G. Ferrigno

Hemispheric snow cover from satellites
David A. Robinson

Comparison and integration of ice-pack temperatures derived from AVHRR and passive microwave imagery
J. Maslanik and J. Key

Geodetic airborne laser altimetry of Breidamerkurjökull and Skeidarárjöjull, Iceland, and Jakobshavns Isbræ, West Greenland
James B. Garvin and Richard S. Williams Jr.

Cloud screening in AVHRR digital data over Arctic regions
Sonia C. Gallegos, Jeffrey D. Hawkins and Chiu Fu Cheng

The calculation of surface temperature and albedo of Arctic sea ice from AVHRR
R. Lindsay and D. Rothrock

Data set of Arctic AVHRR imagery for the study of leads
Florence Fetterer and Jeffrey Hawkins

Sea-ice tracking on the east coast of Canada using NOAA AVHRR imagery
T. Heacock, T. Hirose, F. Lee, M. Manore and B. Ramsay

A systematized approach to AVHRR image navigation
D.G. Baldwin and W.J. Emery