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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 21

Proceedings of the International Symposium on the Role of the Cryosphere in Global Change

held in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A.,
7-12 August 1994
Cover: Annals Vol. 21

Editor: D.A. Rothrock


Greenland under changing climates: sensitivity experiments with a new three-dimensional ice-sheet model
Adeline Fabre, Anne Letréguilly, Catherine Ritz and Anne Mangeney

Polythermal three-dimensional modelling of the Greenland ice sheet with varied geothermal heat flux
R. Greve and K. Hutter

Surface energy exchange at the equilibrium line on the Greenland ice sheet during onset of melt
Konrad Steffen

A 1200 year record of accumulation from northern Greenland
Arne Friedmann, John C. Moore, Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson, Josef Kipfstuhl and Hubertus Fischer

The effect of ice-sheet thickness change on the accumulation history inferred from GISP2 layer thicknesses
Nadine N. Cutler, C.F. Raymond, E.D. Waddington, D.A. Meese and R.B. Alley

Constraints on Holocene ice-thickness changes in central Greenland from the GISP2 ice-core data
J.F. Bolzan, E.D. Waddington, R.B. Alley and D.A. Meese

Ground-based radar observations of snow stratigraphy and melt processes in the percolation facies of the Greenland ice sheet
I.H.H. Zabel, K.C. Jezek, P.A. Baggeroer and S.P. Gogineni

Characterizing the long-term variability of snow-cover extent over the interior of North America
Ross D. Brown, Marilyn G. Hughes and David A. Robinson

Melt features in ice cores from Site J, southern Greenland: some implications for summer climate since AD 1550
T. Kameda, H. Narita, H. Shoji, F. Nishio, Y. Fujii and O. Watanabe

Indications of melt in near-surface ice-core stratigraphy: comparisons with passive-microwave melt signals over the Greenland ice sheet
Clinton M. Rowe, Mark R. Anderson, Thomas L. Mote and Karl C. Kuivinen

Variations in melt-layer frequency in the GISP2 ice core: implications for Holocene summer temperatures in central Greenland
Richard B. Alley and Sridhar Anandakrishnan

Recent variations and regional relationships in Northern Hemisphere snow cover
David A. Robinson, Allan Frei and Mark C. Serreze

Variations in aerologically derived Arctic precipitation and snowfall
Mark C. Serreze, Mark C. Rehder, Roger G. Barry, John E. Walsh and David A. Robinson

Simulations of the 1979-88 polar climates by global climate models
Biao Chen, David H. Bromwich, Keith M. Hines and Xuguang Pan

Climate change and the Arctic hydrologic cycle as calculated by a global coupled atmosphere-ocean model
James R. Miller and Gary L. Russell

The waxing and waning of the Northern Hemisphere ice sheets
I. Marsiat

Ice-sheet models as tools for palaeoclimatic analysis: the example of the European ice sheet through the last glacial cycle
G.S. Boulton, N. Hulton and M. Vautravers

Thermomechanical modelling of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets with a two-level mass-balance parameterization
Philippe Huybrechts and Stephen T'siobbel

Arctic and Antarctic precipitation simulations produced by the NCAR community climate models
David H. Bromwich, Biao Chen and Ren-Yow Tzeng

Accumulation in Antarctica and Greenland derived from passive-microwave data: a comparison with contoured compilations
H. Jay Zwally and Mario B. Giovinetto

Recent increase in South Pole snow accumulation
E. Mosley-Thompson, L.G. Thompson, J.F. Paskievitch, M. Pourchet, A.J. Gow, M.E. Davis and J. Kleinman

Ages and ablation and accumulation rates from 14C measurements on Antarctic ice
J.J. van Roijen, K. van der Borg, A.F.M. de Jong and J. Oerlemans

Climate, the Antarctic ice sheet and ground heat flux
Garth W. Paltridge and Christopher M. Zweck

Antarctic moisture flux and net accumulation from global atmospheric analyses
W.F. Budd, P.A. Reid and L.J. Minty

The climate sensitivity of Antarctic blue-ice areas
Richard Bintanja and Michiel R. van den Broeke

Sub-surface melting in blue-ice fields in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica: observations and modelling
Carl Egede Bøggild, Jan-Gunnar Winther, Knut Sand and Hallgeir Elvehøy

A 340 year record of biogenic sulphur from the Weddell Sea area, Antarctica
E.C. Pasteur, R. Mulvaney, D.A. Peel, E.S. Saltzman and P-Y Whung

A 1000 year climatic ice-core record from the Guliya ice cap, China: its relationship to global climate variability
L.G. Thompson, E. Mosley-Thompson, M.E. Davis, P.N. Lin, J. Dai, J.F. Bolzan and T. Yao

A 485 year record of atmospheric chloride, nitrate and sulfate: results of chemical analysis of ice cores from Dyer Plateau, Antarctic Peninsula
Jihong Cole-Dai, Lonnie G. Thompson and Ellen Mosley-Thompson

1000 years of climatic change in China: ice-core 18O evidence
P.N. Lin, L.G. Thompson, M.E. Davis and E. Mosley-Thompson

Recent warming as recorded in the Qinghai-Tibetan cryosphere
Tandong Yao, Lonnie G. Thompson, Keqin Jiao , Ellen Mosley-Thompson and Zhihong Yang

Mass balance variability as a base for interpreting ice-core data
V.N. Mikhalenko

Application of inventory data for estimating characteristics of and regional climate-change effects on mountain glaciers: a pilot study with the European Alps
Wilfred Haeberli and Martin Hoelzle

An ice-core chemistry record from Snøfjellafonna, northwestern Spitsbergen
Kumiko Goto-Azuma, Shiro Kohshima, Takao Kameda, Shuhei Takahashi, Okitsugu Watanabe, Yoshiyuki Fujii and Jon Ove Hagen

Are changes in atmospheric cleansing responsible for observed variations of impurity concentrations in ice cores?
Margareta E. Hansson

Recent ice-core climate records from the Cordillera Blanca, Peru
M.E. Davis, L.G. Thompson, E. Mosley-Thompson, P.N. Lin, V.N. Mikhalenko and J. Dai

Recent changes of McCall Glacier, Alaska
Bernhard Rabus, Keith Echelmeyer, Dennis Trabant and Carl Benson

"Little Ice Age" glaciers in Kamchatka, northeastern Russia
O.N. Solomina, Ya D. Murav'yev and L.I. Bazanova

On the use of radiosondes to model glacier ablation
H. Conway, L.A. Rasmussen and P. Hayes

Change in position and altitude of a small outlet glacier during the period 1943-92: Leverett Glacier, West Greenland
Frank G.M. van Tatenhove, Chris M. Roelfsema, Geert Blommers and Anton van Voorden

Thickening of Jacobshavns Isbræ, West Greenland, measured by airborne laser altimetry
R. Thomas, W. Krabill, E. Frederick and K. Jezek

Relation of glacier variations to climate changes in Iceland
Oddur Sigurðsson and Trausti Jónsson

Glaciological observations of Brúarjökull, Iceland, using synthetic aperture radar and thematic mapper satellite data
Dorothy K. Hall, Richard S. Williams Jr. and Oddur Sigurdsson

Velocities of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica, from ERS-1 SAR images
B.K. Lucchitta, C.E. Rosanova and K.F. Mullins

Coastal-change and glaciological maps of Antarctica
Richard S. Williams, Jr., Jane G. Ferrigno, Charles Swithinbank, Baerbel K. Lucchitta and Barbara A. Seekins

Satellite imagery, a base line for glacier variation study on James Ross Island, Antarctica
Pedro Skvarca, Helmut Rott and Thomas Nagler

Recent variations of calving glaciers in Patagonia, South America, revealed by ground surveys, satellite-data analyses and numerical experiments
Renji Naruse, Masamu Aniya, Pedro Skvarca and Gino Casassa

Modelling mass balance on former maritime ice caps: a Patagonian example
Nicholas R.J. Hulton and David E. Sugden

Glaciar Upsala, Patagonia: rapid calving retreat in fresh water
Charles R. Warren, Debbie R. Greene and Neil F. Glasser

Glacier inventory in Chile: current status and recent glacier variations
Gino Casassa

Spatial and temporal variability of Arctic ice thickness
Gregory M. Flato

Spring-season climate variability in the central Canadian Arctic Islands
T. Agnew and A. Silis

Spectral albedo of snow-covered first-year and multi-year sea ice during spring melt
Roger De Abreu, David G. Barber, Kevin Misurak and E.F. LeDrew

Sensitivity experiments to sea surface temperatures, sea-ice extent and ice-sheet reconstruction for the Last Glacial Maximum
G. Ramstein and S. Joussaume

Recent sea-ice advances in Baffin Bay/Davis Strait and retreats in the Bellingshausen Sea
Claire L. Parkinson

The influence of the albedo-temperature feed-back on climate sensitivity
Richard Bintanja and Johannes Oerlemans

On the effect of sea-ice dynamics on oceanic thermohaline circulation
W.D. Hibler, III and Jinlun Zhang

Effects of the snow cover on Antarctic sea ice and potential modulation of its response to climate change
Hajo Eicken, Holger Fischer and Peter Lemke

Simulation of past variability in seasonal snow in the Southern Alps, New Zealand
B.B. Fitzharris and C.E. Garr

Climatic-change implications from long-term (1823-1994) ice records for the Laurentian Great Lakes
R.A. Assel, D.M. Robertson, M.H. Hoff and J.H. Selgeby

Sensitivity of lake freeze-up and break-up to climate change: a physically based modeling study
Glen E. Liston and Dorothy K. Hall

Ion content of polygonal wedge ice on Bolshoi Lyakhov: a source of palaeoenvironmental information
Oksana S. Savoskul

Simulating the effects of mean annual air-temperature changes on permafrost distribution and glacier size: an example from the Upper Engadin, Swiss Alps
Martin Hoelzle and Wilfried Haeberli