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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 22

Proceedings of the International Symposium on Glacial Erosion and Sedimentation

held at Reykjavík, Iceland,
20-25 August 1995
Cover: Annals Vol. 22

Editor: D.N. Collins


Glacial quarrying: a simple theoretical model
Bernard Hallet

Abraded rock landforms (whalebacks) developed under ice streams in mountain areas
Ian S. Evans

Is erosion by deforming subglacial sediments significant? (Toward till continuity)
Kurt Cuffey and Richard Alley

Subglacial chemical erosion: seasonal variations in solute provenance, Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Valais, Switzerland
G.H. Brown, M. Sharp and M. Tranter

Cavities and the effective pressure between abrading clasts and the bedrock
R.C.A. Hindmarsh

Sliding of till over bedrock: scratching, polishing, comminution and kinematic-wave theory
R.C.A. Hindmarsh

Erosion rates and sediment yields of glaciers
Jim Bogen

Glacial debris accumulation and sediment deformation influenced by permafrost: examples from Svalbard
B. Etzelmüller, J.O. Hagen, G. Vatne, R.S. Ødegård and J.L. Sollid

Sediment-mass exchange between turbid meltwater streams and proglacial deposits of Storglaciären, northern Sweden
Per Holmlund, Helene Burman and Torbjörn Rost

Formation of thrust-block moraines at the margins of dry-based glaciers, south Victoria Land, Antarctica
Sean J. Fitzsimons

The origin of till sequences by subglacial sediment deformation beneath mid-latitude ice sheets
G.S. Boulton

Regional-scale meltwater erosion and deposition patterns, northern Quebec, Canada
T.A. Brennand, J. Shaw and D.R. Sharpe

Implications of till-provenance studies for glaciological reconstructions of the paleoglaciers of Wildhorse Canyon, Idaho, U.S.A.
Keith A. Brugger

Glacial cirque formation in northern Scandinavia
Cecilia Richardson and Per Holmlund

Basal debris entrainment and transport in glaciers of southwestern Bylot Island, Canadian Arctic
C.M. Zdanowicz, F.A. Michel and W.W. Shilts

Characteristics of basal ice at Engabreen, northern Norway
Peter Jansson, Jack Kohler and Veijo A. Pohjola

The role of bedrock topography, structure, ice dynamics and preglacial weathering in controlling subglacial erosion beneath a high-latitude, maritime ice field
Brice R. Rea and W. Brian Whalley

Preliminary results of tritium analyses in basal ice, Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.: evidence for subglacial ice accretion
Jeffrey C. Strasser, Daniel E. Lawson, Grahame J. Larson, Edward B. Evenson and Richard B. Alley

Nature of basal debris in the GISP2 and Byrd ice cores and its relevance to bed processes
Anthony J. Gow and Debra A. Meese

Scales and rates of glacial sediment removal: a 20 km long and 300 m deep trench created beneath Breiðamerkurjökull during the Little Ice Age
Helgi Björnsson

Seasonal trend in suspended-sediment transport from an Arctic glacier, and implications for drainage-system structure
Richard Hodgkins

Lumped-element model for subglacial transport of solute and suspended sediment
Garry K.C. Clarke

The influence of englacial drainage on sediment-transport pathways and till texture of temperate valley glaciers
Martin Kirkbride and Nick Spedding

A laboratory study of sediment deformation: stress heterogeneity and grain-size evolution
Neal R. Iverson, Thomas Hooyer and Roger LeB. Hooke

Observations of tunnel channels in glacial sediments with shallow land-based seismic reflection
A. Pugin, S.E. Pullan and D.R. Sharpe

Supraglacial debris-transport variability over time: examples from Switzerland and Iceland
W.B. Whalley, C.F. Palmer, S.J. Hamilton and D. Kitchen

On the sedimentological character of Alpine basal ice facies
Bryn Hubbard, Martin Sharp and Wendy J. Lawson

The marine record of the Russell Fiord outburst flood, Alaska, U.S.A.
Ellen A. Cowan, Paul R. Carlson and Ross D. Powell

Changes in the character of glaciomarine sedimentation in the SW Weddell Sea, Antarctica: evidence from the core PS1423-2
Kevin Crawford, Gerhard Kuhn and Michael J. Hambrey

20th-century glacial-marine sedimentation in Vitus Lake, Bering Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A
Bruce F. Molnia, Austin Post and Paul R. Carlson

Morainal-bank sediment budgets and their influence on the stability of tidewater termini of valley glaciers entering Glacier Bay, Alaska, U.S.A.
Lewis E. Hunter, Ross D. Powell and Daniel E. Lawson

Observations of the grounding-line area at a floating glacier terminus
Ross D. Powell, Michael Dawber, James N. McInnes and Alex R. Pyne

A conceptually based model of the interaction between flowing meltwater and subglacial sediment
David N. Collins

Water and sediment discharge from a large surging glacier: Bering Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A., summer 1994
Yann Merrand and Bernard Hallet

Thrusting and debris entrainment in a surging glacier: Bakaninbreen, Svalbard
Michael J. Hambrey, Julian A. Dowdeswell, Tavi Murray and Philip R. Porter

The jökulhlaup from Katla in 1918
Haukur Tómasson

The role of sediment transport in the mechanics of jökulhlaups
A.C. Fowler and F.S.L. Ng