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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 24

Papers from the International Symposium on Changing Glaciers

held at Fjærland, Norway,
24-27 June 1996
Cover: Annals Vol. 24

Editor: I.M. Whillans


The Cambridge Austerdalsbreen expeditions 1954-1963
John Nye

Accurate mapping of Arctic glaciers over 50 years ago
John Wright

Greatest Holocene advance of Glaciar Pio XI, Chilean Patagonia: possible causes
Charles R. Warren, Andrés Rivera and Austin Post

Predicted response of the calving glacier Svartisheibreen, Norway, and outbursts from it, to future changes in climate and lake level
Michael Kennett, Tron Laumann and Bjarne Kjøllmoen

Sediment deformation and basal dynamics beneath a glacier surge front: Bakaninbreen, Svalbard
Philip R. Porter, Tavi Murray and Julian A. Dowdeswell

The rate of chemical weathering beneath a quiescent, surge-type, polythermal-based glacier, southern Spitsbergen, Svalbard
J.L. Wadham, A.J. Hodson, M. Tranter and J.A. Dowdeswell

Glacier thermal regime and suspended-sediment yield: a comparison of two high-Arctic glaciers
A.J. Hodson, M. Tranter, J.A. Dowdeswell, A.M. Gurnell and J.O. Hagen

Thinning and retreat of Glaciar Upsala, and an estimate of annual ablation changes in southern Patagonia
Renji Naruse, Pedro Skvarca and Yukari Takeuchi

Large-scale rheology of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, computed by a control method
Vincent Rommelaere and Douglas R. MacAyeal

Effect of extension rate on terminus position, Columbia Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A.
E.R. Venteris, I.M. Whillans and C.J. van der Veen

Equilibrium line and mean annual mass balance of Finsterwalderbreen, Spitsbergen, determined by in situ and laboratory gamma-ray measurements of nuclear test deposits
J.F. Pinglot, M. Pourchet, B. Lefauconnier and M. Creseveur

Changes in areal extent, elevation and volume of Athabasca Glacier, Alberta, Canada, as estimated from a series of maps produced between 1919 and 1979
J.R. Reynolds and G.J. Young

The 20th-century advance of Glaciar Pio XI, Chilean Patagonia
Andrés Rivera, Heiner Lange, Juan Carlos Aravena and Gino Casassa

Comparison of satellite-derived with ground-based measurements of the fluctuations of the margins of Vatnajökull, Iceland, 1973-92
Richard S. Williams, Jr, Dorothy K. Hall, Oddur Sigurðsson and Janet Y.L. Chien

Dynamics of mountain ice caps during glacial cycles: the case of Patagonia
Nick Hulton and David Sugden

Monitoring and prediction of shrinkage of a small glacier in the Nepal Himalaya
Tsutomu Kadota, Koji Fujita, Katsumoto Seko, Rijan B. Kayastha and Yutaka Ageta

Spatial, temporal and kinematic characteristics of surges of Variegated Glacier, Alaska
Wendy Lawson

Retreat of Wurtenkees, European East Alps, since 1850
W. Schöner, I. Auer, R. Böhm, N. Hammer and T. Wiesinger

A century-long recession record of Glaciar O'Higgins, Chilean Patagonia
Gino Casassa, Henry Brecher, Andrés Rivera and Masamu Aniya

Statistical modelling of equilibrium-line altitudes of Hintereisferner, central Alps, Austria, 1859-present
Hanns Kerschner

Calving processes at a grounded ice cliff
Martin P. Kirkbride and Charles R. Warren

Structures within the surge front at Bakaninbreen, Svalbard, using ground-penetrating radar
Tavi Murray, Daniel L. Gooch and Graham W. Stuart

Glacial variations on a meso-scale: examples from glaciers in the Aurland Mountains, southern Norway
Arve M. Tvede and Tron Laumann

Glacier geomorphometry—an approach for analysing long-term glacier surface changes using grid-based digital elevation models
Bernd Etzelmüller and Johan Ludvig Sollid

Modern and Little Ice Age glaciers in "humid" and "arid" areas of the Tien Shan, Central Asia: two different patterns of fluctuation
O.S. Savoskul

Use of the total input and output of ions to measure meltwater runoff time through a glacier's accumulation area
Peter Raben and Wilfred H. Theakstone

Investigation of a possible crevasse near the main airstrip on McMurdo Ice Shelf, Antarctica
I.M. Whillans, C.J. Merry and G.S. Hamilton

Kinematic GPS survey of geometry changes on Svalbard glaciers
Trond Eiken, Jon Ove Hagen and Kjetil Melvold

Eastern Alpine glacier activity and climatic records since 1860
M. Kuhn, E. Schlosser and N. Span

Longitudinal coupling in ice flow across a subglacial ridge
Peter Jansson

Glacial lake drainage: a stability analysis
Krzysztof Szilder, Edward P. Lozowski and Martin J. Sharp

Experimental studies on the transformation from firn to ice in the wet-snow zone of temperate glaciers
Katsuhisa Kawashima and Tomomi Yamada

The influence of superimposed-ice formation on the sensitivity of glacier mass balance to climate change
John Woodward, Martin Sharp and Anthony Arendt

Seasonal variation in the apparent height of the East Antarctic ice sheet
D. Yi, C.R. Bentley and M.D. Stenoien

Numerical simulation of fluctuations of Hintereisferner, Ötztal Alps, since AD 1850
Elisabeth Schlosser

Modelling the mass balance of northwest Spitsbergen glaciers and responses to climate change
Kevin M. Fleming, Julian A. Dowdeswell and Johannes Oerlemans

Areal melt and discharge modelling of Storglaciären, Sweden
Regine Hock and Christian Noetzli

Predicted response of Storglaciären, Sweden, to climatic warming
Keith A. Brugger

Modelling of Last Glacial Maximum ice sheets using different accumulation parameterizations
Adeline Fabre, Catherine Ritz and Gilles Ramstein

Coupling between the atmospheric circulation and extremes of the mass balance of Storglaciären, northern Scandinavia
Veijo Allan Pohjola and Jeffrey C. Rogers

Numerical modelling of the historic front variation and the future behaviour of the Pasterze glacier, Austria
Z. Zuo and J. Oerlemans

Flow simulation of a firn-covered cold glacier
Olivier Gagliardini and Jacques Meyssonnier

Quiescent-phase changes in velocity and geometry of Finsterwalderbreen, a surge-type glacier in Svalbard
Anne-Marie Nuttall, Jon Ove Hagen and Julian Dowdeswell

Visible and near-infrared digital images for determination of ice velocities and surface elevation during a surge on Osbornebreen, a tidewater glacier in Svalbard
Cecilie Rolstad, Jostein Amlien, Jon Ove Hagen and Bengt Lundén

Comparison of radio-echo sounding (30-1000 MHz) and high-resolution borehole-temperature measurements at Finsterwalderbreen, southern Spitsbergen, Svalbard
R.S. Ødegård, J. Hagen and S.-E. Hamran

Dynamic behavior of Glaciar Perito Moreno, southern Patagonia
Pedro Skvarca and Renji Naruse

The effect of continentality on glacier response and mass balance
Per Holmlund and Thomas Schneider

Borehole video observation of englacial and basal ice conditions in a temperate valley glacier
Luke Copland, Jon Harbor and Martin Sharp

The changes of Eurasian glaciation during the past century: glacier mass balance and ice-core evidence
Vladimir N. Mikhalenko

Interaction between water pressure in the basal drainage system and discharge from an Alpine glacier before and during a rainfall-induced subglacial hydrological event
Andrew P. Barrett and David N. Collins

Airborne measurement of glacier surface elevation by scanning laser altimeter
Mike Kennett and Trond Eiken

100 years of ice dynamics of Hintereisferner, Central Alps, Austria, 1894-1994
N. Span, M. Kuhn and H. Schneider

Advances in ice radar studies of a temperate Alpine glacier, South Cascade Glacier, Washington, U.S.A
Andrew G. Fountain and Robert W. Jacobel

Mathematical modeling of temporal changes in snow-firn properties in cold period
Elena Guseva-Lozinski

Monitoring glacier changes using a global positioning system
Frank M. Jacobsen and Wilfred H. Theakstone

Surface-velocity and strain-rate variations at the glacier Austre Okstindbreen, Okstindan, Norway, 1976-95
Frank M. Jacobsen, Wilfred H. Theakstone and N.Tvis Knudsen

Kinematic global positioning system to monitor small Antarctic glaciers
S. Gandolfi, M. Meneghel, M.C. Salvatore and L. Vittuari

The use of borehole inclinometry in determining basal sliding and internal deformation at Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Luke Copland, Jon Harbor, Marie Minner and Martin Sharp

Fluctuations of unstable mountain glaciers: scale and character
V.M. Kotlyakov, G.B. Osipova and D.G. Tsvetkov

Changes of the equilibrium-line altitude in the tropical Cordillera Blanca, Peru, 1930-50, and their spatial variations
Georg Kaser and Christian Georges

Signals of 20th-century warming from the glaciers in the Central Italian Alps
Manuela Pelfini and Claudio Smiraglia

Using ground-penetrating radar to image previous years' summer surfaces for mass-balance measurements
Jack Kohler, John Moore, Mike Kennett, Rune Engeset and Hallgeir Elvehøy

Volumetric variations of the Glacier de Sarennes, French Alps, during the last two centuries
François Valla and Christian Piedallu

Effects of weather events on X-SAR radar returns from ice fields: a case study of the Hielo Patagónico Sur, South America
Richard R. Forster, Laurence C. Smith and Bryan L. Isacks

Structural evolution of a surge-type polythermal glacier: Hessbreen, Svalbard
Michael J. Hambrey and Julian A. Dowdeswell

A flowline model for Nigardsbreen, Norway: projection of future glacier length based on dynamic calibration with the historic record
J. Oerlemans

Stick-slip sliding behaviour at the base of a glacier
Urs H. Fischer and G.K.C. Clarke

Interpretation of borehole impulse tests at Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Bernd Kulessa and Bryn Hubbard

Topography and dynamics of Austfonna, Nordaustlandet, Svalbard, from SAR interferometry
Beverley Unwin and Duncan Wingham

Actively surging West Antarctic ice streams and their response characteristics
Robert Bindschadler

The reaction of mountain glaciers to climatic change under continental conditions
M.G. Kunakhovitch and A.M. Sokalskaya