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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 27

Papers from the International Symposium on Antarctica and Global Change: Interactions and Impacts

held at Hobart, Australia,
13-18 July 1997
Cover: Annals Vol. 27

Editor: W.F. Budd


Identifying areas of low-profile ice sheet and outcrop damming in the Antarctic ice sheet by ERS-1 satellite altimetry
David G. Vaughan and Jonathan L. Bamber

Elevation changes on the East Antarctic ice sheet, 1978-93, from satellite radar altimetry: a preliminary assessment
Craig S. Lingle and David N. Covey

Comparison of ERS satellite radar altimeter heights with GPS-derived heights on the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica
Helen A. Phillips, Ian Allison, R. Coleman, G. Hyland, Peter J. Morgan and N.W. Young

Radar interferometry detection of hinge-line migration on Rutford Ice Stream and Carlson Inlet, Antarctica
Eric Rignot

Analysis of coastal change in Marie Byrd Land and Ellsworth Land, West Antarctica, using Landsat imagery
Jane G. Ferrigno, Richard S. Williams, Jr, Christine E. Rosanova, Baerbel K. Lucchitta and Charles Swithinbank

Retreat of northern margins of George VI and Wilkins Ice Shelves, Antarctic Peninsula
B.K. Lucchitta and C.E. Rosanova

Velocities of Thwaites Glacier and smaller glaciers along the Marie Byrd Land coast, West Antarctica
C.E. Rosanova, B.K. Lucchitta and J.G. Ferrigno

Comparison between glacier ice velocities inferred from GPS and sequential satellite images
Massimo Frezzotti, Alessandro Capra and Luca Vittuari

Detailed topography of Roosevelt Island and Siple Dome, West Antarctica
Ted A. Scambos, Nadine A. Nereson and Mark A. Fahnestock

Near coastal iceberg distributions in East Antarctica, 50°?E - 145°?E
N.W. Young, D. Turner, G. Hyland and R.N. Williams

The effects of ocean warming on melting and ocean circulation under the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica
M.J.M. Williams, R.C. Warner and W.F. Budd

Antarctic non-stationary signals derived from Seasat-ERS-1 alitmetry comparison
Frédérique Rémy and Benoît Legresy

Climatically induced retreat and collapse of northern Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula
Helmut Rott, Wolfgang Rack, Thomas Nagler and Pedro Skvarca

Continued northward expansion of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Harry J.R. Keys, Stanley S. Jacobs and Lawson W. Brigham

Circulation beneath the Filchner Ice Shelf, Antarctica, and its sensitivity to changes in the oceanic environment: a case-study
K. Grosfeld and R. Gerdes

Glaciological studies on the King George Island ice cap, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica
Wen Jiahong, Kang Jiancheng, Han Jiankang, Xie Zichu, Liu Leibao and Wang Dali

Holocene deglaciation and climate history of the northern Antarctic Peninsula region: a discussion of correlations between the Southern and Northern Hemispheres
Christian Hjort, Svante Björck, Ólafur Ingólfsson and Per Möller

Surface lowering of the ice ramp at Rothera Point, Antarctic Peninsula, in response to regional climate change
A.M. Smith, D.G. Vaughan, C.S.M. Doake and A.C. Johnson

Recent fluctuations of the Dry Valleys glaciers, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
T.J. Chinn

First point measurements of ice-sheet thickness change in Antarctica
Gordon S. Hamilton, Ian M. Whillans and Peter J. Morgan

Mass balance of the Antarctic ice sheet at Patriot Hills
Gino Casassa, Henry H. Brecher, Carlos Cárdenas and Andrés Rivera

Variations in shear deformation rate with depth at Dome Summit South, Law Dome, East Antarctica
Vin Morgan, Tas D. van Ommen, Alan Elcheikh and Li Jun

Delineation of a catchment boundary using velocity and elevation measurements
S.F. Price and I.M. Whillans

The origin and longevity of flow-stripes on Antarctic ice streams
G.Hilmar Gudmundsson, Charles F. Raymond and Robert Bindschadler

Modelling the Antarctic and Northern Hemisphere ice-sheet changes with global climate through the glacial cycle
W.F. Budd, B. Coutts and Roland C. Warner

Modelling the long-term response of the Antarctic ice sheet to global warming
Roland C. Warner and W.F. Budd

Simulations of the Northern Hemisphere through the last glacial-interglacial cycle with a vertically integrated and a three-dimensional thermomechanical ice-sheet model coupled to a climate model
R. Calov and I. Marsiat

Surface meltstreams on the Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica
Helen A. Phillips

Comparison of ice-shelf creep flow simulations with ice-front motion of Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica, detected by SAR interferometry
Christina L. Hulbe, Eric Rignot and Douglas R. MacAyeal

Relative magnitudes of shear and longitudinal strain rates in the inland Antarctic ice sheet, and response to increasing accumulation
Craig S. Lingle and Elena N. Troshina

Simulation of the influence of ice rheology on velocity profiles and ice-sheet mass balance
W.L. Wang and Roland C. Warner

Simulation of the Antarctic ice sheet with a three-dimensional polythermal ice-sheet model, in support of the EPICA project
R. Calov, A. Savvin, R. Greve, I. Hansen and K. Hutter

Sensitivity of the divide position at Siple Dome, West Antarctica, to boundary forcing
N.A. Nereson, R.C.A. Hindmarsh and C.F. Raymond

70 years of northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) accumulation rate
V. Maggi, G. Orombelli, B. Stenni, O. Flora, R. Udisti, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, S. Vermigli and J.-R. Petit

Antarctic precipitation and its contribution to the global sea-level budget
David H. Bromwich, Richard I. Cullather and Michael L. Van Woert

Variability of accumulation rate in the catchments of Ice Streams B, C, D and E, Antarctica
E.R. Venteris and I.M. Whillans

Large spatial variation in accumulation rate in Jutulstraumen ice stream, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Kjetil Melvold, Jon Ove Hagen, Jean Francis Pinglot and Niels Gundestrup

Firnification and the effects of wind-packing on Antarctic snow
Mike Craven and Ian Allison

Model estimates of Antarctic accumulation rates and their relationship to temperature changes
I.N. Smith, W.F. Budd and P. Reid

The contribution of snowdrift sublimation to the surface mass balance of Antarctica
Richard Bintanja

Very high-resolution seismic definition of glacial and postglacial sediment bodies in the continental shelves of the northern Trinity Peninsula region, Antarctica
M. Canals, F. Estrada, R. Urgeles and GEBRAP 96/97 Team

Internal structure and seismic facies of the deep-water sediment drifts off northern Graham Land, Antarctica: results from a very high-resolution survey
M. Canals, R. Urgeles, F. Estrada and GEBRAP 96/97 Team

A geochemical study of marine sediments from the Mac. Robertson shelf, East Antarctica: initial results and palaeoenvironmental implications
P.N. Sedwick, P.T. Harris, L.G. Robertson, G.M. McMurtry, M.D. Cremer and P. Robinson

Late Quaternary palaeoenvironment of the Ross Sea continental shelf, Antarctica
Akira Nishimura, Toru Nakasone, Chikara Hiramatsu and Manabu Tanahashi

A new depositional model for ice shelves, based upon sediment cores from the Ross Sea and Mac. Robertson shelf, Antarctica
Eugene W. Domack and Peter T. Harris

Identification and correlation of distal tephra layers in deep-sea sediment cores, Scotia Sea, Antarctica
S.G. Moreton and J.L. Smellie

Provenence, geochemistry, and grain-sizes of glacigene sediments, including the Sirius Group, and Late Cenozoic glacial history of the southern Prince Albert Mountains, Victoria Land, Antarctica
Sandra Passchier, Anja L.L.M. Verbers, Frederik M. van der Wateren and Frans J.M. Vermeulen

Fluctuations of the East Antarctic ice-sheet margin since the last glaciation from stratigraphy of raised beach deposits along the Sôya coast
Hideki Miura, Kiichi Moriwaki, Hideaki Maemoku and Kazuomi Hirakawa

Sea-ice extent in the Southern Ocean during the Last Glacial Maximum: another approach to the problem
Lloyd H. Burckle and Richard Mortlock

Changes in climate, ocean and ice-sheet conditions in the Ross embayment, Antarctica, at 6 ka
Eric J. Steig, Charles P. Hart, James W.C. White, Wendy L. Cunningham, Matthew D. Davis and Eric S. Saltzman

Effect of meltwater input from the Antarctic ice sheet on the thermohaline circulation
Uwe Mikolajewicz

Freezing at the grounding line in East Antarctica; possible implications on sediment export efficiency
R. Souchez, A. Khazendar, D. Ronveaux and J.-L. Tison

Glacial isostasy and the crustal structure of Antarctica
C. Zweck

Ice dynamics near Antarctic marginal mountain ranges: implications for interpreting the glacial-geological evidence
Frank Pattyn and Hugo Decleir

Deep ice-core drilling at Dome Fuji and glaciological studies in east Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Dome-F Deep Coring Group

Preliminary investigation of palaeoclimate signals recorded in the ice core from Dome Fuji Station, east Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Dome-F Ice Core Research Group

Crystal-size and microparticle record in the ice core from Dome Summit South, Law Dome, East Antarctica
Li Jun, T.H. Jacka and Vin Morgan

Lead isotopes and selected metals in ice from Law Dome, Antarctica
K.J.R. Rosman, W. Chisholm, C.F. Boutron, S. Hong, R. Edwards, Vin Morgan and P.N. Sedwick

Atmospheric dust concentration record from the Hercules Névé firn core, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
V. Maggi and J.-R. Petit

Internal radio-echo layering at Vostok station, Antarctica, as an independent stratigraphic control on the ice-core record
Martin J. Siegert, Richard Hodgins and Julian A. Dowdeswell

Iron in ice cores from Law Dome, East Antarctica: implications for past deposition of aerosol iron
R. Edwards, P.N. Sedwick, Vin Morgan, C.F. Boutron and S. Hong

Limited migration of soluble ionic species in a Siple Dome, Antarctica, ice core
Karl J. Kreutz, Paul A. Mayewski, Sallie I. Whitlow and Mark S. Twickler

Spatial variability of snow chemistry in western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Malin Stenberg, Elisabeth Isaksson, Margareta Hansson, Wibjörn Karlén, Paul A. Mayewski, Mark S. Twickler, Sallie I. Whitlow and Niels Gundestrup

Seasonal characteristics of the major ions in the high-accumulation Dome Summit South ice core, Law Dome, Antarctica
Mark A.J. Curran, Tas D. van Ommen and Vin Morgan

Preliminary evidence of a biomass-burning event from a 60 year-old firn core from Antarctica by ion chromatographic determination of carboxylic acids
R. Udisti, S. Becagli, R. Traversi, S. Vermigli and G. Piccardi

Implications for the interpretation of ice-core isotope data from analysis of modelled Antarctic precipitation
D. Noone and I. Simmonds

Interannual variations and regionality of Antarctic sea-ice-temperature associations
Andrew M. Carleton, Gareth John and Robert G. Welsch

Relationships between Antarctic sea-ice concentration, wind stress and temperature temporal variability, and their changes with distance from the coast
Andrew B. Watkins and Ian Simmonds

Modelling global warming and Antarctic sea-ice changes over the past century
Xingren Wu and W.F. Budd

The distribution and formative processes of latent-heat polynyas in East Antarctica
R.A. Massom, P.T. Harris, Kelvin J. Michael and M.J. Potter

East Antarctic sea ice: observations and modelling
Anthony P. Worby and Xingren Wu

Enhanced thermodynamic ice growth by sea-ice deformation
Petra Heil, Victoria I. Lytle and Ian Allison

Break-up of sea ice by ocean waves
Patricia J. Langhorne, Vernon A. Squire, Colin Fox and Timothy G. Haskell

On simulating high frequency variability in Antarctic sea-ice dynamics models
W.D. Hibler, III, Petra Heil and Victoria I. Lytle

Sea-ice pressure ridges in East Antarctica
Victoria I. Lytle, A.P. Worby and R.A. Massom

Atmospheric drag coefficients of Weddell Sea ice computed from roughness profiles
R. Fisher and Victoria I. Lytle

Brine infiltration in the snow cover of sea ice in the eastern Weddell Sea, Antarctica
M. Rapley and Victoria I. Lytle

Radiometric measurements of sea-ice surface temperature in East Antarctica
Kelvin J. Michael, Clemente S. Hungria and R.A. Massom

Non-linear thermal transport and brine convection in first-year sea ice
M. McGuinness, H.J. Trodahl, K. Collins and T.G. Haskell

East Antarctic seasonal sea-ice and ocean stability: a model study
Simon Marsland and Jörg-Olaf Wolff

Antarctic Circumpolar Wave in a coupled ocean-atmosphere model
T. Motoi, A. Kitoh and H. Koide

Intra-annual variability of Antarctic precipitation from weather forecasts and high-resolution climate models
Christophe Genthon, Gerhard Krinner and Michael Déqué

Antarctic sea-ice simulations with a coupled ocean/sea-ice model on a telescoped grid
Jörg-Olaf Wolff

Drift patterns in an Antarctic channel from a quasi-geostrophic model with surface friction
Jörg-Olaf Wolff and John A.T. Bye

Evaluation of a regional atmospheric model for January 1993, using in situ measurements from the Antarctic
Nicole P.M. van Lipzig, Erik van Meijgaard and Johannes Oerlemans

Surface climate of the interior of the Lambert Glacier basin, Antarctica, from automatic weather station data
Ian Allison

Global atmospheric responses to Antarctic forcing
David H. Bromwich, Biao Chen, Keith M. Hines and Richard I. Cullather

Automatic weather station program during Dome Fuji Project by JARE in east Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
S. Takahashi, T. Kameda, H. Enomoto, T. Shiraiwa, Y. Kodama, S. Fujita, H. Motoyama, O. Watanabe, G.A. Weidner and C.R. Stearns

Spatial distribution and seasonal pattern of biogenic sulphur compounds in snow from northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
R. Udisti, R. Traversi, S. Becagli and G. Piccardi

Regional impacts of climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic
Gunter Weller

Detection of temperature and sea-ice-extent changes in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean, 1949-96
T.H. Jacka and W.F. Budd

Monitoring of atmospheric aerosol particles on the Antarctic Peninsula
Alexandre Correia, Paulo Artaxo and Willy Maenhaut

Comparison of warming trends over the last century around Antarctica from three coupled models
William M. Connolley and Siobhan P. O'Farrell

Climate change in the western Antarctic Peninsula since 1945: observations and possible causes
J.C. King and S.A. Harangozo

Comparison of warming trends predicted over the next century around Antarctica from two coupled models
Siobhan P. O'Farrell and William M. Connolley

Areal distribution of the oxygen-isotope ratio in Antarctica: comparison of results based on field and remotely sensed data
H. Jay Zwally, Mario Giovinetto, Mike Craven, Vin Morgan and Ian Goodwin

Understanding Antarctic Peninsula precipitation distribution and variability using a numerical weather prediction model
John Turner, Steven Leonard, Tom Lachlan-Cope and Gareth J. Marshall

Seasonal variations of clouds and precipitation at Syowa station, Antarctica
Hiroyuki Konishi, Makoto Wada and Tatsuo Endoh

Surface energy balance and meltwater production for a Dry Valley glacier, Taylor Valley, Antarctica
Karen J. Lewis, Andrew G. Fountain and Gayle L. Dana

Interpreting recent accumulation records through an understanding of the regional synoptic climatology: an example from the southern Antarctic Peninsula
Gareth J. Marshall, John Turner and William D. Miners

Multi-decadal climate variability in the Antarctic region and global change
Ian Simmonds, David A. Jones and David J. Walland

Monitoring climate variability on the Antarctic Peninsula by means of observations of the snow cover
Christoph Schneider

Evidence of recent climatic warming on the eastern Antarctic Peninsula
Pedro Skvarca, Wolfgang Rack, Helmut Rott and Teresa Ibarzábal y Donángelo

Recent retreat of the ice cliffs on King George Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula
Byong-Kwon Park, Soon-Keun Chang, Ho Il Yoon and Hosung Chung

Climate change indicators from archival aerial photography of the Antarctic Peninsula
A.J. Fox and A.P.R. Cooper

Ice-front change and iceberg behaviour along Oates and George V Coasts, Antarctica, 1912-96
Massimo Frezzotti, Alessandro Cimbelli and Jane G. Ferrigno

The geoelectric field: a link between the troposphere and solar variability
G.B. Burns, A.V. Frank-Kamenetsky, O.A. Troshichev, E.A. Bering and P.O. Papitashvili

PANGAEA information system for glaciological data management
Michael Diepenbroek, Dieter Fütterer, Hannes Grobe, Heinz Miller, Manfred Reinke and Rainer Sieger

Re-examining the Antarctic Paradox: speculation on the Southern Ocean as a nutrient-limited system
Julian Priddle, David B. Nedwell, Michael J. Whitehouse, David S. Reay, Graham Savidge, Linda C. Gilpin, Eugene J. Murphy and J.Cynan Ellis-Evans

Monitoring the Antarctic mesopause region for signatures of climate change
G.B. Burns, W.J.R. French, P.A. Greet, P.F.B. Williams, K. Finlayson and R.P. Lowe

Sources and origins of aerosols reaching Antarctica as revealed by lead concentration profiles in shallow snow
C. Barbante, C. Turetta, A. Gambaro, G. Capodaglio and G. Scarponi

Chemical and isotopic profiles from snow pits and shallow firn cores on Campbell Glacier, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
R. Gragnani, C. Smiraglia, B. Stenni and S. Torcini

Inorganic carbon-isotope distribution and budget in the Lake Hoare and Lake Fryxell basins, Taylor Valley, Antarctica
Klaus Neumann, W.Berry Lyons and David J. Des Marais

Arctic and Antarctic lakes as optical indicators of global change
Warwick F. Vincent, Isabelle Laurion and Reinhard Pienitz

Late Pleistocene-Holocene sedimentary fluxes of organic carbon and biogenic silica in the northwestern Ross Sea, Antarctica
M. Frignani, F. Giglio, L. Langone, M. Ravaioli and M. Mangini