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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 28

Papers from the International Symposium on Glaciers and the Glaciated Landscape

held at Kiruna, Sweden,
17-21 August 1998
Cover: Annals Vol. 28

Editor: J. Kleman


Deglaciation of the Northern Hemisphere at the onset of the Eemian and Holocene
Ralf Greve, Karl-Heinz Wyrwoll and Anton Eisenhauer

Basal ice temperatures during late Weichselian deglaciation: comparison of landform assemblages in west-central Sweden
Ingmar Borgström

Assessment of requirements for cirque formation in northern Sweden
Peter Jansson, Cecilia Richardson and Stig Jonsson

Glaciodynamic context of subglacial bedform generation and preservation
Chris D. Clark

Was the cirque glaciation of Wales time-transgressive, or not?
Ian S. Evans

Glaciated landscapes along Smith Sound, Ellesmere Island, Canada and Greenland
Weston Blake Jr.

Palimpsest tunnel valleys: evidence for relative timing of advances in an interlobate area of the Laurentide ice sheet
Alan E. Kehew, Linda P. Nicks and W.Thomas Straw

The significance of pre-existing, deeply weathered crystalline rock in interpreting the effects of glaciation in the Minnesota River valley, U.S.A
C.J. Patterson and T.J. Boerboom

Identifying fast ice flow from landform assemblages in the geological record: a discussion
Jane K. Hart

Geomorphological criteria for identifying Pleistocene ice streams
Chris R. Stokes and Chris D. Clark

Geomorphology and sedimentology of surging glaciers: a land-systems approach
David J.A. Evans and Brice R. Rea

Thermomechanical modelling of the Scandinavian ice sheet: implications for ice-stream formation
A.J. Payne and D.J. Baldwin

Multi-scale analyses of subglacial and glaciomarine deposits from the Ross Sea continental shelf, Antarctica
S.J. Kluiving, L.R. Bartek and F.M. van der Wateren

Plateau icefields as contributing areas to valley glaciers and the potential impact on reconstructed ELAs: a case study from the Lyngen Alps, North Norway
Brice R. Rea, W.Brian Whalley, Tom S. Dixon and John E. Gordon

The use of in-situ produced cosmogenic radionuclides in glaciology and glacial geomorphology
Derek Fabel and Jon Harbor

Grain textural analysis across a range of glacial facies
A. Khatwa, J.K. Hart and A.J. Payne

Characteristics of Khumbu Glacier, Nepal Himalaya: recent changes in the debris-covered area
M. Nakawo, H. Yabuki and A. Sakai

Dendrogeomorphological study of glacier fluctuations in the Italian Alps during the Little Ice Age
Manuela Pelfini

Assessing area and volume changes from deglaciated areas, Valle d'Aoste, Italy
Chiara Vanuzzo and Manuela Pelfini

Paleoclimatic interpretation of the early Late-glacial glacier in the Gschnitz valley, central Alps, Austria
Hanns Kerschner, Susan Ivy-Ochs and Christian Schlüchter

Equilibrium-line altitudes and rock glaciers during the Younger Dryas cooling event, Ferwall Group, western Tyrol, Austria
Rudolf Sailer and Hanns Kerschner

Size distribution of two cross-cutting drumlin systems in northern Sweden: a measure of selective erosion and formation time length
Clas Hättestrand, Dermot Goodwillie and Johan Kleman

The glacial impact on an exhumed sub-Mesozoic etch surface in southwestern Sweden
Mats Olvmo, Karna Lidmar-Bergström and Göran Lindberg

Landform modification by palaeo-ice streams in east-central Ireland
Jasper Knight, Stephen G. McCarron and A.Marshall McCabe

The horned crag-and-tails of the Ungava Bay landform swarm, Quebec-Labrador, Canada
Krister Jansson and Johan Kleman

Evidence for water storage and drainage at the base of the Laurentide ice sheet, south-central Alberta, Canada
Mandy J. Munro-Stasiuk

Cosmogenic analysis of glacial terrains in the eastern Canadian Arctic: a test for inherited nuclides and the effectiveness of glacial erosion
P.Thompson Davis, Paul R. Bierman, Kimberly A. Marsella, Marc W. Caffee and John R. Southon

Zooming in on frozen bed patches: scale-dependent controls on Fennoscandian ice sheet basal thermal zonation
Johan Kleman, Clas Hättestrand and Anders Clarhäll

Glacial landform-sediment assemblages in the Canadian High Arctic and their implications for late Quaternary glaciation
C. O Cofaigh, D.S. Lemmen, D.J.A. Evans and J. Bednarski

Distribution and glaciological implications of relict surfaces on the Ultevis plateau, northwestern Sweden
Anders Clarhäll and Johan Kleman

Drainage system behaviour of a High-Arctic polythermal glacier
Mark L. Skidmore and Martin J. Sharp

20th century mass balance and thermal regime change at Scott Turnerbreen, Svalbard
Richard Hodgkins, Jon Ove Hagen and Svein-Erik Hamran

Coupled ice-till dynamics and the seeding of drumlins and bedrock forms
Richard C.A. Hindmarsh

Occurrence of rocky and sedimentary glacier beds in the Swiss Alps as estimated from glacier-inventory data
Max Maisch, Wilfried Haeberli, Martin Hoelzle and Jörg Wenzel

Structure and strength of basal ice and substrate of a dry-based glacier: evidence for substrate deformation at sub-freezing temperatures
Sean J. Fitzsimons, Kevin J. McManus and Reginald D. Lorrain

Subglacial sediment textures: character and evolution at Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Urs H. Fischer and Bryn Hubbard

Estimating rates of basal motion and internal ice deformation from continuous tilt measurements
G.Hilmar Gudmundsson, Andreas Bauder, Martin Lüthi, Urs H. Fischer and Martin Funk

Tracer experiments and borehole observations in the overdeepening of Aletschgletscher, Switzerland
Regine Hock, Almut Iken and Alexander Wangler

Preliminary study of laminated, silt-rich debris bands: Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A
Staci L. Ensminger, Edward B. Evenson, Grahame J. Larson, Daniel E. Lawson, Richard B. Alley and Jeffrey C. Strasser

Seasonal variability in hydrologic-system response to intense rain events, Matanuska Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A
Jon Denner, Daniel E. Lawson, Grahame J. Larson, Edward B. Evenson, Richard B. Alley, Jeffrey C. Strasser and Sarah Kopczynski

Katabatic wind influence on meltwater supply to fuel glacier-substrate interactions at the grounding line, Terra Nova Bay, East Antarctica
A. Bouzette and R. Souchez

Ice composition evidence for the formation of basal ice from lake water beneath a cold-based Antarctic glacier
R.D. Lorrain, S.J. Fitzsimons, M.J. Vandergoes and M. Stiévenard

A new surface-processes model combining glacial and fluvial erosion
Jean Braun, Dan Zwartz and Jonathan H. Tomkin