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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 30

Papers from the from the EISMINT/EPICA Symposium on Ice Sheet Modelling and Deep Ice Drilling

held at Den Haag, The Netherlands,
21-22 April, 1999
Cover: Annals Vol. 30

Editor: K. Hutter


Flow of anisotropic ice from the EPICA core: a new test apparatus
Peter R. Sammonds, S. Boon, N. Hughes and M.A. Rist

Shallow-ice microstructure at Dome Concordia, Antarctica
Laurent Arnaud, Jérôme Weiss, Michel Gay and Paul Duval

Spatial gradients in snow layering and 10 m temperatures at two EPICA-Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica) pre-site-survey drill sites
P. Holmlund, K. Gjerde, N. Gundestrup, M. Hansson, E. Isaksson, L. Karlöf, M. Nyman, R. Pettersson, F. Pinglot, C.H. Reijmer, M. Stenberg, M. Thomassen, R. van de Wal, C. van der Veen, F. Wilhelms and J.-G. Winther

Holocene electrical and chemical measurements from the EPICA-Dome C ice core
R. Udisti, S. Becagli, E. Castellano, R. Mulvaney, J. Schwander, S. Torcini and E. Wolff

Accumulation rates in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, as revealed by dielectric-profiling measurements of shallow firn cores
H. Oerter, F. Wilhelms, F. Jung-Rothenhäusler, F. Göktas, H. Miller, W. Graf and S. Sommer

Large-scale force budget of an outlet glacier: Jutulstraumen, Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
C. Rolstad, I.M. Whillans, J.O. Hagen and E. Isaksson

Surface topography of Dome Concordia (Antarctica) from kinematic interferential GPS and bedrock topography
A. Capra, R. Cefalo, S. Gandolfi, G. Manzoni, I.E. Tabacco and L. Vittuari

Analysis of bottom morphology of the David Glacier-Drygalski Ice Tongue, East Antarctica
I.E. Tabacco, C. Bianchi, M. Chiappini, A. Zirizzotti and E. Zuccheretti

Balance velocities and measured properties of the Antarctic ice sheet from a new compilation of gridded data for modelling
Philippe Huybrechts, Daniel Steinhage, Frank Wilhelms and Jonathan Bamber

Surface elevation, ice thickness, and subglacial-bedrock topography of Ekström Ice Shelf (Antarctica) and its catchment area
H. Sandhäger and N. Blindow

Simulation of the Antarctic ice sheet with a three-dimensional polythermal ice-sheet model, in support of the EPICA project. II. Nested high-resolution treatment of Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
A. Savvin, R. Greve, R. Calov, B. Mügge and K. Hutter

Geostatistical methods for mapping Antarctic ice surfaces at continental and regional scales
Ute Christina Herzfeld, Ralf Stosius and Marcus Schneider

Deformation and recrystallization processes of ice from polar ice sheets
Paul Duval, Laurent Arnaud, Olivier Brissaud, Maureen Montagnat and Sophie de la Chapelle

Strong single-maximum crystal fabrics developed in ice undergoing shear with unconstrained normal deformation
Li Jun, T.H. Jacka and W.F. Budd

Plane ice-sheet flow with evolving orthotropic fabric
R. Staroszczyk and L.W. Morland

Influence of geometrical boundary conditions on the estimation of rheological parameters
L. Testut, I.E. Tabacco, C. Bianchi and F. Rémy

Material update procedure for planar transient flow of ice with evolving anisotropy
Günter Gödert and Kolumban Hutter

Comparison of finite-element and homogenization methods for modelling the viscoplastic behaviour of a S2-columnar-ice polycrystal
Jacques Meyssonnier and Armelle Philip

Identification of strain heterogeneities arising during deformation of ice
Philippe Mansuy, Armelle Philip and Jacques Meyssonnier

Modelling self-organization in ice streams
N.R.J. Hulton and M.J. Mineter

Sliding over anisotropic beds
Richard C.A. Hindmarsh

Canals under sediment-based ice sheets
Felix S.L. Ng

Ice-stream-ice-shelf transition: theoretical analysis of two-dimensional flow
Alexander V. Wilchinsky and Vladimir A. Chugunov

Ice-age ice-sheet rheology: constraints from the Last Glacial Maximum form of the Laurentide ice sheet
W.Richard Peltier, David L. Goldsby, David L. Kohlstedt and Lev Tarasov

Laurentide ice sheet aspect ratio in models based on Glen's flow law
Lev Tarasov and W.Richard Peltier

Intercomparison of subglacial sediment-deformation models: application to the Late Weichselian western Barents margin
Daniel Howell and Martin J. Siegert

Change in mass balance of polar ice sheets and sea level from high-resolution GCM simulations of greenhouse warming
Martin Wild and Atsumu Ohmura

Analysis of ice-flow instabilities identified in the EISMINT intercomparison exercise
A.J. Payne and D.J. Baldwin

A comparison of balance velocities, measured velocities and thermomechanically modelled velocities for the Greenland ice sheet
J.L. Bamber, R.J. Hardy, P. Huybrechts and Ian Joughin

Simulation of anisotropic ice flow and fabric evolution along the GRIP-GISP2 flowline, central Greenland
Olivier Gagliardini and Jacques Meyssonnier

Geostatistical characterization of ice surfaces from ERS-1 and ERS-2 SAR data, Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland
Ute Christina Herzfeld, Monika Stauber and Natalie Stahl

Geostatistical analysis of glacier-roughness data
Ute Christina Herzfeld, Helmut Mayer, Wolfgang Feller and Matthias Mimler

Structural glaciology of the fast-moving Jakobshavn Isbræ, Greenland, compared to the surging Bering Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A..
Helmut Mayer and Ute Christina Herzfeld