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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 31

Papers from the International Symposium on the Verification of Cryospheric Models

held in Zürich, Switzerland,
16-20 August 1999

Editor: K. Steffen


Fritz Müller's legacy on Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut, Canada
W.P. Adams

Climate on tundra and thoughts on causes of regional climate differences
Atsumu Ohmura

Verification of a hydrometeorological model of glacierized basins
Michael Kuhn

Consequences of climate change for runoff from Alpine regions
L.N. Braun, M. Weber and M. Schulz

Retreat of mountain glaciers of northern Eurasia since the Little Ice Age maximum
Olga N. Solomina

Climate variability and glacier reaction in the Austrian eastern Alps
Wolfgang Schöner, Ingeborg Auer and Reinhard Böhm

Holocene glacier fluctuations: is the current rate of retreat exceptional?
J. Oerlemans

Photogrammetric reconstruction of glacier mass balance using a kinematic ice-flow model: a 20 year time series on Grubengletscher, Swiss Alps
Andreas Kääb

Modelling seasonal and spatial variations in the surface energy balance of Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Ben W. Brock, Ian C. Willis, Martin J. Sharp and Neil S. Arnold

High-resolution measurements of spatial and temporal variations in surface velocities of Unteraargletscher, Bernese Alps, Switzerland
G.H. Gudmundsson, A. Bassi, M. Vonmoos, A. Bauder, U.H. Fischer and M. Funk

Dating of ice cores from a high Alpine glacier with a flow model for cold firn
M. Lüthi and M. Funk

Alpine Younger Dryas glaciers as palaeo-precipitation gauges
Hanns Kerschner, Georg Kaser and Rudolf Sailer

Evidence for deep icequakes in an Alpine glacier
N. Deichmann, J. Ansorge, F. Scherbaum, A. Aschwanden, F. Bernardi and G.H. Gudmundsson

Modelling glacier response to measured mass-balance forcing
Olaf Albrecht, Peter Jansson and Heinz Blatter

Modelling of historic variations and future scenarios of the mass balance of Svartisen ice cap, northern Norway
Rune Verpe Engeset, Hallgeir Elvehøy, Liss Marie Andreassen, Nils Haakensen, Bjarne Kjøllmoen, Lars Andreas Roald and Erik Roland

The response of a glacier to a surface disturbance: a case study on Vatnajökull ice cap, Iceland
G. Aðalgeirsdóttir, G.H. Gudmundsson and Helgi Björnsson

Tidal movement of Nioghalvfjerdsfjorden glacier, northeast Greenland: observations and modelling
Niels Reeh, Christoph Mayer, Ole B. Olesen, Erik Lintz Christensen and Henrik Højmark Thomsen

Gridded temperature and accumulation distributions for Greenland for use in cryospheric models
Pierluigi Calanca, Hans Gilgen, Simon Ekholm and Atsumu Ohmura

Reducing the uncertainty in the contribution of Greenland to sea-level rise in the 20th and 21st centuries
Véronique Bugnion

Spatial distribution of net surface mass balance on Greenland
H.J. Zwally and M.B. Giovinetto

The treatment of meltwater retardation in mass-balance parameterizations of the Greenland ice sheet
Ives Janssens and Philippe Huybrechts

Ice flow in the northeast Greenland ice stream
Ian R. Joughin, Mark A. Fahnestock and Jonathan L. Bamber

Runoff and drainage pattern derived from digital elevation models, Finsterwalderbreen, Svalbard
Jon Ove Hagen, Bernd Etzelmüller and Anne-Marie Nuttall

Evidence for recent climate change from ice cores in the central Himalaya
Qin Dahe, Paul A. Mayewski, Cameron P. Wake, Kang Shichang, Ren Jiawen, Hou Shugui, Yao Tandong, Yang Qinzhao, Jin Zhefan and Mi Desheng

Mass balance of Xiao Dongkemadi glacier on the central Tibetan Plateau from 1989 to 1995
Koji Fujita, Yutaka Ageta, Pu Jianchen and Yao Tandong

Remote-sensing science and technology for studying glacier processes in high Asia
Michael P. Bishop, Jeffrey S. Kargel, Hugh H. Kieffer, David J. MacKinnon, Bruce H. Raup and John F. Shroder, Jr

Spatial distribution of net surface accumulation on the Antarctic ice sheet
M.B. Giovinetto and H.J. Zwally

Characteristics of summer energy balance on the west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula
Matthias Braun and Christoph Schneider

Tributaries to West Antarctic ice streams: characteristics deduced from numerical modelling of ice flow
Christina L. Hulbe, Ian R. Joughin, David L. Morse and Robert A. Bindschadler

Derivation of ice thickness and bedrock topography in data-gap regions over Antarctica
Roland C. Warner and W.F. Budd

Primary results of glaciological studies along an 1100 km transect from Zhongshan station to Dome A, East Antarctic ice sheet
Qin Dahe, Ren Jiawen, Kang Jiancheng, Xiao Cunde, Li Zhongqin, Li Yuansheng, Sun Bo, Sun Weizhun and Wang Xiaoxiang

Interferometric analysis of the deformation pattern of the northern Larsen Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula, compared to field measurements and numerical modeling
Wolfgang Rack, Christopher S.M. Doake, Helmut Rott, Andreas Siegel and Pedro Skvarca

Ice-sheet modelling at different spatial resolutions: focus on the grounding zone
Frank Pattyn

Tidewater glaciers: frontal flow acceleration and basal sliding
Andreas Vieli, Martin Funk and Heinz Blatter

An integrated modelling approach to understanding subglacial hydraulic release events
Gwenn E. Flowers and Garry K.C. Clarke

In situ stress tensor measured in an Alaskan glacier
W.T. Pfeffer, N.F. Humphrey, B. Amadei, J. Harper and J. Wegmann

Dynamic observations of dislocation/grain-boundary interactions in ice
I. Baker, F. Liu, K. Jia, X. Hu, D. Cullen and M. Dudley

Glacier monitoring within the Global Climate Observing System
Wilfried Haeberli, Josef Cihlar and Roger G. Barry

Raman scattering and neutron-diffraction studies of fresh ice and Antarctic ice
Hiroshi Fukazawa, Shinji Mae and Susumu Ikeda

Spatial distribution of air molecules within individual clathrate hydrates in polar ice sheets
Tomoko Ikeda, Andrey N. Salamatin, Vladimir Y.a Lipenkov, Shinji Mae and Takeo Hondoh

Preliminary investigations of centrifuge modelling of polycrystalline-ice deformation
Brice R. Rea, Duncan H.B. Irving, Bryn Hubbard and John McKinley

Geotechnical centrifuge modelling of gelifluction processes: validation of a new approach to periglacial slope studies
Charles Harris, Brice R. Rea and Michael C.R. Davies

Comparison of spatial modelling and field evidence of glacier/permafrost relations in an Alpine permafrost environment
Christof Kneisel, Wilfried Haeberli and Roland Baumhauer

First results and interpretation of energy-flux measurements over Alpine permafrost
Catherine Mittaz, Martin Hoelzle and Wilfried Haeberli

Towards a palaeoclimatic model of rock-glacier formation in the Swiss Alps
Regula Frauenfelder and Andreas Kääb

Ground surface-temperature reconstruction based on data from a deep borehole in permafrost at Janssonhaugen, Svalbard
Ketil Isaksen, Daniel Vonder Mühll, Hansueli Gubler, Thomas Kohl and Johan Ludvig Sollid

The mathematical modelling of salinity changes in ice and frozen soil as a result of thermal variations
Elena Guseva-Lozinski

Verification of geophysical models in Alpine permafrost using borehole information
Daniel S. Vonder Mühll, Christian Hauck and Frank Lehmann

Sea-ice model validation using submarine measurements of ice draft
Timothy L. Shy, John E. Walsh, William L. Chapman, Amanda H. Lynch and David A. Bailey

Geometry and the deformation of pack ice: I. A simple kinematic model
Richard E. Moritz and Jinro Ukita

Geometry and the deformation of pack ice: II. Simulation with a random isotropic model and implication in sea-ice rheology
Jinro Ukita and Richard E. Moritz

Data assimilation in sea-ice monitoring
Ronald L.S. Weaver, Konrad Steffen, John Heinrichs, James A. Maslanik and Gregory M. Flato

Operational ice-model verification at the Canadian Ice Service
Tom Carrieres

Modeling interdecadal variations of lake-ice thickness and sensitivity to climatic change in northernmost Alaska
T. Zhang and M.O. Jeffries

Antarctic regional modelling of atmospheric, sea-ice, and oceanic processes and validation with observations
David A. Bailey and Amanda H. Lynch

Snow and firn permeability at Siple Dome, Antarctica
Mary R. Albert, Edward F. Shultz and Frank E. Perron, Jr

Development of radar glacier zones on the King George Island ice cap, Antarctica, during austral summer 1996/97 as observed in ERS-2 SAR data
Matthias Braun, Frank Rau, Helmut Saurer and Hermann Gossmann

Attenuation of solar radiation in Arctic snow: field observations and modelling
S. Gerland, G.E. Liston, J.-G. Winther, J.B. Ørbæk and B.V. Ivanov

Intercomparison of satellite-derived snow-cover maps
Dorothy K. Hall, Andrew B. Tait, James L. Foster, Alfred T.C. Chang and Milan Allen

Predictions in avalanche forecasting
David M. McClung

A snowdrift index based on SNOWPACK model calculations
Michael Lehning, Judith Doorschot and Perry Bartelt

Seasonal differences in surface energy exchange and accumulation at Summit, Greenland
Mary R. Albert and Robert L. Hawley

Verification of simulated snow cover in an Arctic basin using satellite-derived snow-cover maps
O.C. Turpin, R.G. Caves, R.I. Ferguson and B. Johansson

Simulation of microwave emission from physically modeled snowpacks
Andreas Wiesmann, Charles Fierz and Christian Mätzler

Snowmelt lysimeters in the evaluation of snowmelt models
Richard Kattelmann

On the physical model of frozen soil
Anatoly D. Frolov

Model of the influence of snow cover on soil freezing
N.I. Osokin, R.S. Samoylov, A.V. Sosnovskiy, S.A. Sokratov and V.A. Zhidkov

Influences of avalanche-defence snow-supporting structures on ground temperature in Alpine permafrost terrain
Marcia Phillips, Perry Bartelt and Marc Christen

Wind propagation to snow observed in laboratory
S.A. Sokratov and A. Sato

Model of structure and mechanical properties of dry granular snow
Vladimir N. Golubev and Anatoly D. Frolov

Quantifying grain-shape changes in snow subjected to large temperature gradients
Charles Fierz and Thorsten Baunach

Diffusivity and vapor flow into snow during phase change
P.K. Satyawali

Modelling thermomechanical properties of the snowpack
Elena Guseva-Lozinski

Triaxial tests to determine a microstructure-based snow viscosity law
Perry Bartelt and Markus von Moos

Laboratory measurement of the shear strength of ice-filled rock joints
Michael C.R. Davies, Omar Hamza, Bruce W. Lumsden and Charles Harris