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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 33

Papers from the
International Symposium on Sea Ice and its Interactions with the Ocean, Atmosphere and Biosphere

held in Fairbanks, Alaska, U.S.A.,
18–23 June 2000
Cover: Annals Vol. 33

Editors: M.O. Jeffries and H. Eicken


Time-series observations of the structure and properties of brackish ice in the Gulf of Finland
T. Kawamura, K. Shirasawa, N. Ishikawa, A. Lindfors, K. Rasmus, M. Granskog, J. Ehn, M. Leppäranta, T. Martma and R. Vaikmäe

Structure of sea ice in McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Stephen J. Jones and Brian T. Hill

Chlorinity/salinity distribution patterns in experimental granular sea ice
J.-L. Tison and V. Verbeke

Platelet ice and the land-fast sea ice of McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Inga J. Smith, Patricia J. Langhorne, Timothy G. Haskell, H. Joe Trodahl, Russell Frew and M. Ross Vennell

Brine percolation and the transport properties of sea ice
K.M. Golden

Phase and compositional evolution of the flooded layer during snow-ice formation on Antarctic sea ice
Ted Maksym and Martin O. Jeffries

Snow-ice growth: a fresh-water flux inhibiting deep convection in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
V.I. Lytle and S.F. Ackley

Snow-ice accretion and snow-cover depletion on Antarctic first-year sea-ice floes
Martin O. Jeffries, H. Roy Krouse, Barbara Hurst-Cushing and Ted Maksym

Seasonal contrasts in snow-cover characteristics on Ross Sea ice floes
Kim Morris and Martin O. Jeffries

The seasonal cycle of ERS scatterometer signatures over perennial Antarctic sea ice and associated surface ice properties and processes
Christian Haas

Spatial and temporal variability in snowmelt onset over Arctic sea ice
Mark R. Anderson and Sheldon D. Drobot

Comparison of interannual snowmelt-onset dates with atmospheric conditions
Sheldon D. Drobot and Mark R. Anderson

The onset of Arctic sea-ice snowmelt as detected with passive- and active-microwave remote sensing
Richard R. Forster, David G. Long, Kenneth C. Jezek, Sheldon D. Drobot and Mark R. Anderson

Determining the floe-size distribution of East Antarctic sea ice from digital aerial photographs
M.J. Paget, A.P. Worby and K.J. Michael

Evaluation of operational SSM/I ice-concentration algorithms
Walter N. Meier, Michael L. Van Woert and Cheryl Bertoia

Sea-ice concentration retrieval in the Antarctic based on the SSM/I 85.5 GHz polarization
Stefan Kern and Georg Heygster

CRL/NASDA airborne SAR (Pi-SAR) observations of sea ice in the Sea of Okhotsk
Takeshi Matsuoka, Seiho Uratsuka, Makoto Satake, Tatsuharu Kobayashi, Akitsugu Nadai, Toshihiko Umehara, Hideo Maeno, Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, Kazuki Nakamura and Fumihiko Nishio

Estimation of sea-ice physical parameters using polarimetric SAR: results from Okhotsk and Lake Saroma campaign
Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, Takeshi Matsuoka, Kazuki Nakamura and Fumihiko Nishio

Combined satellite- and ULS-derived sea-ice flux in the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Mark R. Drinkwater, Xiang Liu and Sabine Harms

Principal-component analysis of sea-ice motion from satellite data
Yunhe Zhao and Antony K. Liu

A comparison of East Antarctic sea-ice motion derived using drifting buoys and remote sensing
P. Heil, C.W. Fowler, J.A. Maslanik, W.J. Emery and I. Allison

Synoptic-scale ice-motion case-studies using assimilated motion fields
Walter N. Meier and James A. Maslanik

Sea-ice kinematics measured with GPS drifters
Matti Leppäranta, Zhanhai Zhang, Jari Haapala and Tapani Stipa

Modeling the formation and evolution of oriented fractures in sea ice
W.D. Hibler, III

Arctic sea-ice morphological characteristics in summer 1996
P. Wadhams and N.R. Davis

Seasonal changes in Arctic sea-ice morphology
Donald K. Perovich, Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge and Walter B. Tucker, III

Seasonal development of sea-ice thickness distribution in East Antarctica: measurements from upward-looking sonar data
A.P. Worby, G.M. Bush and I. Allison

Introduction of variable drag coefficients into sea-ice models
Nadja Steiner

Sea-ice thickness and roughness in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Tina Tin and Martin O. Jeffries

Indirect measurements of the mass balance of summer Arctic sea ice with an electromagnetic induction technique
H. Eicken, W.B. Tucker, III and D.K. Perovich

Summer ice dynamics during SHEBA and its effect on the ocean heat content
Jackie A. Richter-Menge, Donald K. Perovich and Scott Pegau

Temporal evolution of Arctic sea-ice temperature
Donald K. Perovich and Bruce C. Elder

Spatial variations in the winter heat flux at SHEBA: estimates from snow–ice interface temperatures
Matthew Sturm, Jon Holmgren and Donald K. Perovich

The albedo of Arctic leads in summer
W. Scott Pegau and Clayton A. Paulson

Arctic sea-ice albedo derived from RGPS-based ice-thickness estimates
R.W. Lindsay

Characteristics of the surface heat budget during the ice-growth season in the southern Sea of Okhotsk
Takenobu Toyota and Masaaki Wakatsuchi

Turbulent surface fluxes and air–ice coupling in Baltic–Air–Sea–Ice Study (BASIS)
Jouko Launiainen, Cheng Bin, Juha Uotila and Timo Vihma

Modelling sea-ice thermodynamics in BALTEX-BASIS
Bin Cheng, Jouko Launiainen, Timo Vihma and Juha Uotila

Spatial variability of the sea-ice radiation budget and its effect on aggregate-area fluxes
Xuanji Wang and Jeffrey R. Key

An efficient adjustable-layering thermodynamic sea-ice model formulation for high-frequency forcing
Jinro Ukita and Douglas G. Martinson

Solar radiative heating in first-year sea ice
M.J. McGuinness, K.A. Landman, H.J. Trodahl and A.E. Pantoja

Measurement of all-wave and spectral albedos of snow-covered summer sea ice in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Xiaobing Zhou, Shusun Li and Kim Morris

The surface energy budget in the Antarctic summer sea-ice pack
Gerd Wendler and Anthony P. Worby

Biomass, production and microhabitat characteristics near the freeboard of ice floes in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, during the austral summer
Christian H. Fritsen, Susan L. Coale, Diann R. Neenan, Angela H. Gibson and David L. Garrison

Vertical zonation and community transition of sea-ice diatoms in fast ice and platelet layer, Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Sven Günther and Gerhard S. Dieckmann

Dissolved organic matter in Antarctic sea ice
David N. Thomas, Gerhard Kattner, Ralph Engbrodt, Virginia Giannelli, Hilary Kennedy, Christian Haas and Gerhard S. Dieckmann

A microscopic approach to investigate bacteria under in situ conditions in sea-ice samples
Karen Junge, Christopher Krembs, Jody Deming, Aaron Stierle and Hajo Eicken

Observations on sea-ice and surface-water geochemistry --- implications for importance of sea ice in geochemical cycles in the northern Baltic Sea
M.A. Granskog and J. Virkanen

Behaviour of dissolved organic matter and inorganic nutrients during experimental sea-ice formation
Virginia Giannelli, David N. Thomas, Christian Haas, Gerhard Kattner, Hilary Kennedy and Gerhard S. Dieckmann

Calculation of wave propagation into land-fast ice
Hyuck Chung and Colin Fox

How a region of cracked sea ice affects ice-coupled wave propagation
Vernon A. Squire and Tony W. Dixon

Lifetime estimation for a land-fast ice sheet subjected to ocean swell
P.J. Langhorne, V.A. Squire, C. Fox and T.G. Haskell

Dynamic, in situ measurement of sea-ice characteristic length
Colin Fox, Tim G. Haskell and Hyuck Chung

Ice-floe kinematics in the Ross Sea marginal ice zone using GPS and accelerometers
Josh Downer and Timothy G. Haskell

Ocean wave speed in the Antarctic marginal ice zone
Colin Fox and Tim G. Haskell

Simulation of pancake-ice dynamics in a wave field
Mark A. Hopkins and Hayley H. Shen

A conceptual model for pancake-ice formation in a wave field
Hayley H. Shen, Stephen F. Ackley and Mark A. Hopkins

Ice formation in the Mertz Glacier polynya, East Antarctica, during winter
V.I. Lytle, A.P. Worby, R.A. Massom, M. Paget, I. Allison, X. Wu and A. Roberts

The Laptev Sea flaw polynya, Russian Arctic: effects on the mesoscale hydrography
I. Dmitrenko, J.A. Hölemann, K. Tyshko, V. Churun, S. Kirillov and H. Kassens

Sensible- and latent-heat-flux estimates over the Mertz Glacier polynya, East Antarctica, from in-flight measurements
Andrew Roberts, Ian Allison and Victoria I. Lytle

Interannual variability of the sea-ice-induced salt flux in the Greenland Sea
Leif Toudal and Max D. Coon

Effects of regional fast-ice and iceberg distributions on the behaviour of the Mertz Glacier polynya, East Antarctica
R.A. Massom, K.L. Hill, V.I. Lytle, A.P. Worby, M.J. Paget and I. Allison

Sea-ice growth and water-mass modification in the Mertz Glacier polynya, East Antarctica, during winter
N.L. Bindoff, G.D. Williams and I. Allison

Satellite observations of upper-ocean currents in Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica
Michael L. Van Woert, Walter N. Meier, Cheng-Zhi Zou, Andy Archer, Andrea Pellegrini, Paolo Grigioni and Cheryl Bertoia

A case-study in tracking 1998 polynya ice dynamics in Smith Sound, North Water polynya region, Canadian Arctic, using RADARSAT-1 data
K.J. Wilson, D.J. King and D.G. Barber

The role of sea ice in the fresh-water budget of the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
R. Timmermann, A. Beckmann and H. H. Hellmer

The Ronne polynya of 1997/98: observations of air–ice–ocean interaction
S.F. Ackley, C.A. Geiger, J.C. King, E.C. Hunke and J. Comiso

Interannual variability of the Storfjorden (Svalbard) ice cover and ice production observed by ERS-2 SAR
Jörg Haarpaintner, Peter M. Haugan and Jean-Claude Gascard

Seasonal transformation of water masses, circulation and brine formation observed in Storfjorden, Svalbard
Jörg Haarpaintner, Jane O'Dwyer, Jean-Claude Gascard, Peter M. Haugan, Ursula Schauer and Svein Østerhus

20th-century sea-ice variations from observational data
John E. Walsh and William L. Chapman

Observation of sea-ice thickness fluctuation in the seasonal ice-covered area during 1992–99 winters
Kazutaka Tateyama and Hiroyuki Enomoto

Satellite-observed variability and trend in sea-ice extent, surface temperature, albedo and clouds in the Arctic
Josefino C. Comiso

Sea ice and the stability of north and northeast Greenland floating glaciers
Niels Reeh, Henrik Højmark Thomsen, Anthony K. Higgins and Anker Weidick

Arctic sea-ice oscillation: regional and seasonal perspectives
Jia Wang and Moto Ikeda

Variations of surface air temperature and sea-ice extent in the western Antarctic Peninsula region
Raymond C. Smith and Sharon E. Stammerjohn

Sea ice, as the glacial cycles' climate switch, and interhemispheric thermohaline teleconnections
Hezi Gildor and Eli Tziperman

Investigating the anomalous sea-ice conditions in the Canadian High Arctic (Queen Elizabeth Islands) during summer 1998
Sharon Jeffers, Tom A. Agnew, Bea Taylor Alt, Roger De Abreu and Steve McCourt

Response of the Northern Hemisphere sea ice to greenhouse forcing in a global climate model
Larissa Nazarenko, James Hansen, Nickolai Tausnev and Reto Ruedy

Sea ice and climate in 20th- and 21st-century simulations with a global atmosphere–ocean–ice model
John W. Weatherly and Julie M. Arblaster

Decadal variability in high northern latitudes as simulated by an intermediate-complexity climate model
H. Goosse, F.M. Selten, R.J. Haarsma and J.D. Opsteegh

An observational and modelling analysis of Laptev Sea (Arctic Ocean) ice variations during summer
K. Görgen, J. Bareiss, A. Helbig, A. Rinke and K. Dethloff

The Antarctic Circumpolar Wave in a global, high-resolution, coupled ice–ocean model
Yuxia Zhang and Albert J. Semtner

On large-scale shifts in the Arctic Ocean and sea-ice conditions during 1979–98
W. Maslowski, D.C. Marble, W. Walczowski and A.J. Semtner

Understanding climatic controls on sea-ice transport pathways in the Arctic Ocean
Andrey Proshutinsky, Mark Johnson and Tatiana Proshutinsky

Modelling the variability of the sea-ice conditions in the Baltic Sea under different climate conditions
Jari Haapala, Arja Juottonen, Marika Marnela, Matti Leppäranta and Heikki Tuomenvirta

Modeling of the Beaufort ice–ocean climatology change
Larissa Nazarenko and Nickolai Tausnev

The Arctic Ocean Circulation as simulated in a very high-resolution global ocean model (OCCAM)
Ye. Aksenov and A.C. Coward

Sensitivity of the Antarctic sea-ice distribution to oceanic heat flux in a coupled atmosphere–sea-ice model
Xingren Wu, W.F. Budd, A.P. Worby and Ian Allison

The simulation of Antarctic sea ice in the Hadley Centre Climate Model (HadCM3)
John Turner, William Connolley, Doug Cresswell and Steven Harangozo