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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 36

Selected papers from the
International Symposium on Fast Glacier Flow

held at Yakutat, Alaska, U.S.A.
10-14 June 2002
annals vol.36

Editors: C.F. Raymond and C.J. van der Veen

How much do we really know about glacier surging?
William D. Harrison and Austin S. Post

The ``Galloping Glacier'' trots: decadal-scale speed oscillations within the quiescent phase
Matt Nolan

Does englacial water storage drive temperate glacier surges?
Craig S. Lingle and Dennis R. Fatland

Ice surface velocity patterns on the Seward Glacier, Alaska/Yukon, and their implications for regional tectonics in the Saint Elias Mountains
Andrew L. J. Ford, Richard R. Forster and Ronald L. Bruhn

A surface motion survey of Black Rapids Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A
Dennis R. Fatland, Craig S. Lingle and Martin Truffer

Surge-front propagation and velocities during the early-1993-95 surge of Bering Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A., from sequential SAR imagery
James J. Roush, Craig S. Lingle, Richard M. Guritz, Dennis R. Fatland and Vera A. Voronina

The slow advance of a calving glacier: Hubbard Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A
Dennis C. Trabant, Robert M. Krimmel, Keith A. Echelmeyer, Sandra L. Zirnheld and Daniel H. Elsberg

An 850 year record of climate and fluctuations of the iceberg-calving Nellie Juan Glacier, south central Alaska, U.S.A
David J. Barclay, Gregory C. Wiles and Parker E. Calkin

Submarine melting at the terminus of a temperate tidewater glacier, LeConte Glacier, Alaska, U.S.A
Roman J. Motyka, Lewis Hunter, Keith A. Echelmeyer and Cathy Connor

Of isbrĉ and ice streams
Martin Truffer and Keith A. Echelmeyer

The distribution and flow characteristics of surge-type glaciers in the Canadian High Arctic
Luke Copland, Martin J. Sharp and Julian A. Dowdeswell

Surges of glaciers in Iceland
Helgi Björnsson, Finnur Pálsson, Oddur Sigurðsson and Gwenn E. Flowers

Observational verification of predicted increase in bedrock-to-surface amplitude transfer during a glacier surge
G. Hilmar Gudmundsson, Gudfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir and Helgi Björnsson

From surge-type to non-surge-type glacier behaviour: midre Lovénbreen, Svalbard
Siri Hansen

Slug-test derived differences in bed hydraulic properties between a surge-type and non-surge-type Svalbard glacier
Bernd Kulessa and Tavi Murray

The initiation of glacier surging at Fridtjovbreen, Svalbard
Tavi Murray, Adrian Luckman, Tazio Strozzi and Anne-Marie Nuttall

Streaming flow in an ice sheet through a glacial cycle
Geoffrey S. Boulton, Magnus Hagdorn and Nicholas R. J. Hulton

ERS SAR feature-tracking measurement of outlet glacier velocities on a regional scale in East Greenland
Adrian Luckman, Tavi Murray, Hester Jiskoot, Hamish Pritchard and Tazio Strozzi

Sediment, glaciohydraulic supercooling, and fast glacier flow
Richard B. Alley, Daniel E. Lawson, Edward B. Evenson and Grahame J. Larson

Surge potential and drainage-basin characteristics in East Greenland
Hester Jiskoot, Tavi Murray and Adrian Luckman

Relating crevassing to non-linear strain in the floating part of Jakobshavn Isbrĉ, West Greenland
Paul R. Prescott, James P. Kenneally and Terence J. Hughes

Seasonal variations in ice deformation and basal motion across the tongue of Haut Glacier d'Arolla, Switzerland
Ian Willis, Douglas Mair, Bryn Hubbard, Peter Nienow, Urs H. Fischer and Alun Hubbard

Liligo Glacier, Karakoram, Pakistan: a reconstruction of the recent history of a surge-type glacier
Guglielmina Diolaiuti, Massimo Pecci and Claudio Smiraglia

Calving speed and climatic sensitivity of New Zealand lake-calving glaciers
Charles R. Warren and Martin P. Kirkbride

Subaqueous melt rates at calving termini: a laboratory approach
Kim Jardine Eijpen, Charles R. Warren and Douglas I. Benn

Recent behaviour of Glaciar Upsala, a fast-flowing calving glacier in Lago Argentino, southern Patagonia
Pedro Skvarca, Bruce Raup and Hernán de Angelis

The englacial stratigraphy of Wilkes Land, East Antarctica, as revealed by internal radio-echo sounding layering, and its relationship with balance velocities
David M. Rippin, Martin J. Siegert and Jonathan L. Bamber

Application of control methods for modelling the flow of Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica
Andreas Vieli and Antony J. Payne

Interannual surface velocity variations of Pine Island Glacier, West Antarctica
Bernhard T. Rabus and Oliver Lang

Interannual velocity variations and recent calving of Thwaites Glacier Tongue, West Antarctica
Bernhard T. Rabus, Oliver Lang and Ute Adolphs

Acoustic impedance and basal shear stress beneath four Antarctic ice streams
David G. Vaughan, Andrew M. Smith, P. Chandrika Nath and Emmanuel le Meur

Thermodynamics of basal freeze-on: predicting basal and subglacial signatures of stopped ice streams and interstream ridges
Poul Christoffersen and Slawek Tulaczyk

The role of lateral and vertical shear in tributary flow toward a West Antarctic ice stream
Christina L. Hulbe, Weili Wang, Ian R. Joughin and Martin J. Siegert

Subglacial thermal balance permits ongoing grounding-line retreat along the Siple Coast of West Antarctica
Byron R. Parizek, Richard B. Alley and Christina L. Hulbe

Basal melt beneath Whillans Ice Stream and Ice Streams A and C, West Antarctica
Ian R. Joughin, Slawek Tulaczyk and Hermann F. Engelhardt

Tidally-driven stick-slip motion in the mouth of Whillans Ice Stream, Antarctica
Robert A. Bindschadler, Patricia L. Vornberger, Matt A. King and Laurie Padman

Distribution of basal melting and freezing beneath tributaries of Ice Stream C: implication for the Holocene decay of the West Antarctic ice sheet
Stefan W. Vogel, Slawek Tulaczyk and Ian R. Joughin

Dilatant till layer near the onset of streaming flow of Ice Stream C, West Antarctica, determined by AVO (amplitude vs offset) analysis
Sridhar Anandakrishnan

Bed reflectivity beneath inactive ice streams in West Antarctica
Ginny A. Catania, Howard B. Conway, Anthony M. Gades, Charles F. Raymond and Hermann Engelhardt