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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 37

Papers from the
International Symposium on Physical and Mechanical Processes in Ice in relation to Glacier and Ice-sheet Modelling

held at Chamonix Mont-Blanc, France
26-30 August 2002
Cover Annals Vol 37

Editor: P. Duval

Contents Page

Spatial variability in the water content and rheology of temperate glaciers: Glacier de Tsanfleuron, Switzerland
Bryn P. Hubbard, Alun Hubbard, Heidy M. Mader, Jean-Louis Tison, Karin Grust and Peter W. Nienow

The application of an automated fabric analyzer system to the textural evolution of folded ice layers in shear zones
Christopher J.L. Wilson, David S. Russell-Head and Hadi M. Sim

A dislocation-based analysis of the creep of granular ice: preliminary experiments and modeling
David M. Cole

A mesoscopic approach for modelling texture evolution of polar ice including recrystallization phenomena
Günter Gödert

On the inclusion of recrystallization processes in the modeling of induced anisotropy in ice sheets: a thermodynamicist's point of view
Sérgio H. Faria, Gilberto M. Kremer and Kolumban Hutter

Strain-rate formulation of ice fabric evolution
Leslie W. Morland and Ryszard Staroszczyk

Spatial and temporal scales of anisotropic effects in ice-sheet flow
Throstur Thorsteinsson, Edwin D. Waddington and Raymond C. Fletcher

Numerical investigation of the effects of temporal variations in basal lubrication on englacial strain-rate distribution
Shin Sugiyama, G. Hilmar Gudmundsson and Jakob Helbing

On the rheology of till
Andrew C. Fowler

Ice-flow measurements and deformation at marginal shear zones on Sørsdal Glacier, Ingrid Christensen Coast, East Antarctica
Benjamin A. Patrick, Adrian F. Corvino and Christopher J.L. Wilson

Observation of recent surges of Vatnajökull, Iceland, by means of ERS SAR interferometry
Andrea Fischer, Helmut Rott and Helgi Björnsson

A description of crevasse formation using continuum damage mechanics
Antoine Pralong, Martin Funk and Martin P. Lüthi

Tidal bending of glaciers: a linear viscoelastic approach
Niels Reeh, Erik Lintz Christensen, Christoph Mayer and Ole B. Olesen

The influence of temperature on the small-strain viscous deformation mechanics of snow: a comparison with polycrystalline ice
Carlo Scapozza and Perry A. Bartelt

Ice-fabrics study in the upper 1500 m of the Dome C (East Antarctica) deep ice core
Yun Wang, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Nobuhiko Azuma, Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson and Heinz Miller

Experimental study on the micro-fabric of frozen sediment using triaxial deformation and computerized tomography
Qi Jilin, Lai Yuanming and Pu Yibing

Laboratory studies of the flow rates of debris-laden ice
Tim H. Jacka, Shavawn Donoghue, Jun Li, William F. Budd and Ross M. Anderson

Properties of ice crystals in NorthGRIP late- to middle-Holocene ice
Anders Svensson, Karen G. Schmidt, Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Sigfús J. Johnsen, Yun Wang, Sepp Kipfstuhl and Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson

Seasonal variability in ice crystal properties at NorthGRIP: a case study around 301m depth
Anders Svensson, Pauli Baadsager, Asbjørn Persson, Christine Schøtt Hvidberg and Marie-Louise Siggard-Andersen

Ice-core insights into the flow and shut-down of Ice Stream C, West Antarctica
Donald E. Voigt, Richard B. Alley, Sridhar Anandakrishnan and Matthew K. Spencer

An ice crystal model for Jupiter's moon Europa
Karen Guldbæk Schmidt and Dorthe Dahl-Jensen

Studying the effects of strain heating on glacial flow within outlet glaciers from the Heimefrontfjella Range, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Veijo A. Pohjola and Jim Hedfors

Numerical modelling of historical front variations and dynamic response of Sofiyskiy glacier, Altai mountains, Russia
Bert De Smedt and Frank Pattyn

A comparison of Eulerian and Lagrangian methods for dating in numerical ice-sheet models
Oleg Rybak and Philippe Huybrechts

Dynamics and mass balance of the ice-sheet/ice-shelf regime at Nivlisen, Antarctica, as derived from a coupled three-dimensional numerical flow model
Birgit Paschke and Manfred A. Lange

Effects of first-order stress gradients in an ice sheet evaluated by a three-dimensional thermomechanical coupled model
Fuyuki Saito, Ayako Abe-Ouchi and Heinz Blatter

Modeling the marine extent of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets during the last glacial cycle
Chris Zweck and Philippe Huybrechts

Intra-annual and intra-seasonal flow dynamics of a High Arctic polythermal valley glacier
Robert G. Bingham, Peter W. Nienow and Martin J. Sharp

A regression model for the mass-balance distribution of the Vatnajökull ice cap, Iceland
Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir, G. Hilmar Gudmundsson and Helgi Björnsson

Snow-accumulation studies in Antarctica with ground-penetrating radar using 50, 100 and 800 MHz antenna frequencies
Anna Sinisalo, Aslak Grinsted, John C. Moore, Eija Kärkäs and Rickard Pettersson

Seasonal comparison of ice-surface structures in the ablation area of Jakobshavn Isbræ drainage system, West Greenland
Ute Christina Herzfeld and Helmut Mayer

Basal melt at NorthGRIP modeled from borehole, ice-core and radio-echo sounder observations
Dorthe Dahl-Jensen, Niels Gundestrup, S. Prasad Gogineni and Heinz Miller

A 14 year mass-balance record of a blue-ice area in Antarctica
Anna Sinisalo, John C. Moore, Roderik S.W. van de Wal, Richard Bintanja and Stig Jonsson

Glacier changes in southern Spitsbergen, Svalbard, 1901-2000
Anja Pälli, John C. Moore, Jacek Jania and Piotr Glowacki

Radio-frequency attenuation beneath Siple Dome, West Antarctica, from wide-angle and profiling radar observations
Dale P. Winebrenner, Benjamin E. Smith, Ginny A. Catania, Howard B. Conway and Charles F. Raymond

Seasonal variation of snow-surface elevation in North Greenland as modeled and detected by satellite radar altimetry
Jun Li, Jay Zwally, Helen Cornejo and Donghui Yi

Numerical investigations of the slow-down of Whillans Ice Stream, West Antarctica: is it shutting down like Ice Stream C?
Marion Bougamont, Slawek Tulaczyk and Ian Joughin

Plane ice-sheet flow with evolving and recrystallizing fabric
Ryszard Staroszczyk

Lakes and subglacial hydrological networks around Dome C, East Antartica
Frédérique Rémy, Laurent Testut, Benoît Legrésy, Alessandro Forieri, Cesido Bianchi and Ignazio E. Tabacco

Equifinality of basal ice facies from an Antarctic cold-based glacier
Suzanne Sleewaegen, Denis Samyn, Sean J. Fitzsimons and Reginald D. Lorrain

Investigating the ratio of basal drag and driving stress in relation to bedrock topography during a melt season on Storglaciären, Sweden, using force-budget analysis
Jim Hedfors, Vincent Peyaud, Veijo A. Pohjola, Peter Jansson and Rickard Pettersson

Ground-water intrusions in a mine beneath Høganesbreen, Svalbard: assessing the possibility of evacuating water subglacially
Kjetil Melvold, Thomas Schuler and Gaute Lappegard

Elucidating changes in the degree of tracer dispersion in a subglacial channel
Thomas Schuler and Urs H. Fischer

Numerical simulation of three-dimensional velocity fields in pressurized and non-pressurized Nye channels
Paul D. Bates, Martin J. Siegert, Victoria Lee, Bryn P. Hubbard and Peter W. Nienow

Ice dynamics and basal properties of Sofiyskiy glacier, Altai mountains, Russia, based on DGPS and radio-echo sounding surveys
Frank Pattyn, Bert de Smedt, Sang de Brabander, Wim van Huele, Anna Agatova, Anatoliy Mistrukov and Hugo Decleir

Comparison of modelled and observed responses of a glacier snowpack to ground-penetrating radar
Jack Kohler, John C. Moore and Elisabeth Isaksson

Firn-ice transition-zone features of four polythermal glaciers in Svalbard seen by ground-penetrating radar
Anja Pälli, John C. Moore and Cecilie Rolstad

Scattering of VHF radio waves from within an ice sheet containing the vertical-girdle-type ice fabric and anisotropic reflection boundaries
Shuji Fujita, Kenichi Matsuoka, Hideo Maeno and Teruo Furukawa

Estimation of water content in a temperate glacier from radar and seismic sounding data
Beatriz Benjumea, Yury Ya. Macheret, Francisco J. Navarro and Teresa Teixidó

Using internal layers from the Greenland ice sheet, identified from radio-echo sounding data, with numerical models
Duncan J. Baldwin, Jonathan L. Bamber, Antony J. Payne and Russel L. Layberry

The ice-thickness distribution of Unteraargletscher, Switzerland
Andreas Bauder, Martin Funk and G. Hilmar Gudmundsson

Comparison between computed balance velocities and GPS measurements in the Lambert Glacier basin, East Antarctica
Laurent Testut, Rachael Hurd, Richard Coleman, Frédérique Rémy and Benoît Legrésy

Identifying isochrones in GPR profiles from DEP-based forward modeling
Olaf Eisen, Frank Wilhelms, Uwe Nixdorf and Heinrich Miller

A new bedrock and surface elevation dataset for modelling the Greenland ice sheet
Jonathan L. Bamber, Duncan J. Baldwin and S. Prasad Gogineni

Science goals for a Mars polar-cap subsurface mission: optical approaches for investigations of inclusions in ice
Frank Carsey, Claus T. Mogensen, Alberto Behar, Hermann Engelhardt and Arthur L. Lane

Relationship between topography and flow in the north polar cap on Mars
Christine Schøtt Hvidberg

Effects of basal sliding on isochrones and flow near an ice divide
Erin C. Pettit, H. Paul Jacobson and Edwin D. Waddington

Spatial stability of Ice Stream D and its tributaries, West Antarctica, revealed by radio-echo sounding and interferometry
Martin J. Siegert, Antony J. Payne and Ian Joughin

Simulation of fast-flow features of the Fennoscandian ice sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum
Pirjo-Leena Forsström, Olli Sallasmaa, Ralf Greve and Thomas Zwinger

Thermomechanical coupling of ice flow with the bedrock
Richard C.A. Hindmarsh

Anisotropic ice flow leading to the onset of Ice Stream D, West Antarctica: numerical modelling based on the observations from Byrd Station borehole
Weili Wang, H. Jay Zwally, Christina L. Hulbe, Martin J. Siegert and Ian Joughin