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Annals of Glaciology
Volume 39

Papers from the Seventh International Symposium on Antarctic Glaciology

held at Milano, Italy,
25-29 August, 2003
Cover Annals Vol. 39

Editor: T.H. Jacka

Three-dimensional modelling of the dynamics of Johnsons Glacier, Livingston Island, Antarctica
C. Martín, F. Navarro, J. Otero, M.L. Cuadrado, M.I. Corcuera

Electromagnetic reflecting properties of sub-ice surfaces
C. Bianchi, A. Forieri, I. E. Tabacco

Antarctic ice volume and deep-sea temperature during the last 50 Myr: a model study
J Oerlemans

Elevation change and ice flow at Horseshoe Valley, Patriot Hills, Antarctica
G. Casassa, A. Rivera, C. Acuña, H. Brecher and H. Lange

Photochemical decomposition of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and formaldahyde (HCHO) in artificial snow
Hans-Werner Jacobi, Bright Kwakye-Awuah, Otto Schrems

Ultra-high-resolution seasonality of trace ion species and oxygen-isotope ratios in Antarctic firn over four annual cycles
Alison J. McMorrow, Tas D. van Ommen, Vin Morgan and Mark A. J. Curran

The influence of origin of precipitation on the d18O-T relationship at Neumayer station, Ekströmisen, Antarctica
Elisabeth Schlosser, Carleen H. Reijmer, Hans Oerter and W. Graf

On the role of grain growth, recrystallization and polygonization in a continuum theory for anisotropic ice sheets
Luca Placidi, Sérgio H. Faria, Kolumban Hutter

Atmosphere-snow interaction by a comparison between aerosol and uppermost snow layers composition at Dome Concordia (East Antarctica)
R. Udisti, S. Becagli, S. Benassai, E. Castellano, I. Fattori, M. Innocenti, A. Migliori and R. Traversi

Microstructure and permeability in the near-surface firn near a potential US deep-drilling site in West Antarctica
Ursula Rick and Mary R. Albert

Subglacial hydrological networks in Antarctica and their impact on ice flow
Frédérique Rémy and Benoît Legrésy

Extreme firn metamorphism: impact of decades of vapor transport on near surface firn at a low-accumulation glazed site on the East Antarctic plateau
Mary Albert, Christopher Shuman, Zoe Courville, Rob Bauer, Mark Fahnestock, Ted Scambos

Evidence for sub-glacial ponding across Taylor Glacier, Dry Valleys, Antarctica
Alun Hubbard, Wendy Lawson, Brian Anderson, Bryn Hubbard and H. Blatter

Thermal regime and dynamics of the West Antarctic ice sheet
Hermann Engelhardt

The EPICA deep ice cores: first results and perspectives
B. Stauffer, J. Flückinger, E. Wolff and P. Barnes

Accumulation variability, density profiles and crystal-growth trends in ITASE firn and ice cores from West Antarctica
A.J. Gow, Debra Meese and Robert Bialas

Elemental compositiion (Si, Fe, Ti) of atmospheric dust over the last 220 kyr from the EPICA ice core (Dome C, Antarctica).
Federica Marino, Valter Maggi, Barbara Delmonte, Grazia Ghermandi and Jean Robert Petit

Changes in Antarctic temperature, wind and precipitation in response to the Antarctic Oscillation
Michiel R. van den Broeke and Nicole P.M. van Lipzig

A 700 year record of the Southern hemisphere extratropical climate variability
P.A. Mayewski, K. Maasch, J.W.C. White, E.J. Steig, E. Meyerson, I. Goodwin, V.I. Morgan, T. van Ommen, M.A.J. Curran, J. Sourney and K. Kreutz

Force-perturbation analysis of Pine Island Glacier, Antarctica, suggests cause for recent acceleration
R. H. Thomas, E. Rignot P. Kanagaratnam, W. Krabill and G. Casassa

Monsoonal circulation of the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Ross Sea region, Antarctica: signal from the snow chemistry
Bertler, N.A.N., Barrett, P.J., Mayewski, P.A., Sneed, S., Handley, M., Kreutz, K.J.

Comprehensive 1000 year climatic history from an intermediate-depth ice core from the south dome of Berkner Island, Antarctica: methods, dating and first results
U. Ruth, D. Wagenbach, R. Mulvaney, H. Oerter, W. Graf, H. Pulz and G. Littot

Preliminary results of ionic concentration in snow-pits along along the Zhongshan-Dome A traverse route, Antarctica
Ren Jiawen, Sun Junying and Qin Dahe

Sulfur isotopic measurements from a West Antarctic ice core: implications for sulfate source and transport
Lee E. Pruett, Karl J. Kreutz, Moire Wadleigh, Paul A. Mayewski and Andrei Kurbatov

Elemental indicators of natural and anthropogenic aerosol inputs to Law Dome, Antarctica
P. Vallelonga, C. Barbante, G. Cozzi, V. Gaspari, J-P. Candelone, K. Van de Velde, V.I. Morgan, K.J.R. Rosman, C.F. Boutron and P. Cescon

Investigating the potential to determine the upstream accumulation rate, using mass-flux calculations along a cross section on a small tributary glacier in Heimefrontfjella, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica.
Veijo Allan Pohjola, Jim Hedfors and Per Holmlund

Snow surface height variations on the Antarctic ice sheet in Princess Elizabeth Land, Antarctica: 1 year of data from an automatic weather station
Qin Dahe, Xiao Cunde, Ian Allison, Bian Lingen, R. Stephenson, Ren Jiawen and Yan Ming

Meteorological and glaciological evidences for differencent climatic variations on the east and west sides of Lambert Glacier basin, Antarctica
Xiao Cunde, Ian Allison, Ren Jiawen, Qin Dahe, Zhang M. and Li Zhongqin

Stratigraphic continuity in 400-MHz short-pulse radar profiles of firn in West Antarctica
Steven A. Arcone, Vandy B. Spikes, Gordon Hamilton and Paul A. Mayewski

Dry-calving processes at the ice cliff of Strandline Glacier, northern Victoria land, Antarctica
Guglielmina Diolaiuti, Claudio Smiraglia, Giorgio Vassena and Michele Motta

Mass-balance studies on "Glaciar Bahía del Diablo", Vega Island, Antarctic Peninsula.
Pedro Skvarca, Hernán De Angelis, Evgeniy Ermolin

Topographic control of regional accumulation rate variability at South Pole and implications for ice-core interpretation
Gordon Hamilton

Toward multi-sensor microwave remote sensing of frost flowers on sea ice
Lars Kaleschke and Georg Heygster

Satellite monitoring of blue-ice extent near Byrd Glacier, Antarctica
Ian C. Brown and Ted A. Scambos

Improved estimation of the mass balance of the glaciers draining into the Amundsen Sea sector of West Antarctica from the NASA/CECS 2002 campaign.
E. Rignot, R.H. Thomas, P. Kanagaratnam, G. Casassa, E. Frederick, S. Gogineni, W. Krabill, A. Rivera, R. Russell, J. Sonntag, R. Swift and J. Yungel

Variability in accumulation rates from GPR profiling on the West Antarctic plateau
Vandy Blue Spikes, Gordon Hamilton, Steven Arcone, Susan Kaspari and Paul Mayewski

Coastal-change and glaciological map of the Saunders Coast area, Antarctica, 1972–1997
Jane G. Ferrigno, Richard S. Williams Jr, Kevin M. Foley

Geostatistical estimation from radar altimeter data with respect to morphological units outlined by SAR data: application to Lambert Glacier/Amery Ice Shelf, East Antarctica
Ralf Stosius and Ute C. Herzfeld

Antarctic geomorphological and glaciological 1:250,000 map series. Mt Murchison quadrangle, northern Victoria Land. Explanatoory notes
C. Baroni, M. Frezzotti, M.C. Salvatore, M. Meneghel, I.E. Tabacco, L. Vittuari, A. Bondesan, A. Biasini, A. Cimbelli and G. Orombelli

Spatial distribution of surface mass balance on Amundsenisen plateau, Antarctica, derived from ice-penetrating radar studies
G. Rotschky, O. Eisen, F. Wilhelms, U. Nixdorf and H. Oerter

Space-time Antarctic surface mass balance variability from climate models
Christophe Genthon

A reinterpretation of sea-salt records in Greenland and Antarctic ice cores
Andrew Rankin, Eric Wolff and Robert Mulvaney

Vostok (Antarctica) ice-core time-scale from datings of different origins
Andrey N. Salamatin, Elena A. Tsyganova, Vladimir Ya. Lipenkov and Jean Robert Petit

Modelling the isotopic composition of snow using backward trajectories: a particular precipitation event in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
M.M. Helsen, R.S.W. van de Wal, M.R. van den Broeke, E.R.Th. Kerstel, V. Masson-Delmotte, H.A.J. Meijer, C.H. Reijmer and M.P. Scheele

Aluminium and iron record for the last 28 kyr derived from the Antarctic EDC96 ice core using new CFA methods
R. Traversi, C. Barbante, V. Gaspari I. Fattori, O. Largiuni, L. Magaldi and R. Udisti

The EPICA ice core Dronning Maud Land: first results from stable-isotope measurements
H. Oerter, W. Graf, H. Meyer and F. Wilhelms

The European Space Agency's Earth Explorer Mission CryoSat: measuring variability in the cryosphere
Mark R. Drinkwater, R. Francis G. Ratier and D.J. Wingham

New bedrock map of Dome C, Antarctica, and morphostructural interpretation of the area
A. Forieri,L. Zuccoli A. Bini, A. Zirizzotti, F. Remy and I.E. Tabacco

Reconstructing ice sheet accumulation rates at ridge B, East Antarctica
Gwendolyn J.-M. C. Leysinger Vieli, Martin J. Siegert and Antony J. Payne

A further assessment of surface temperature changes at stations in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean, 1949–2002
T.H. Jacka, W.F. Budd and A. Holder

Accumulation variability derived from an ice core from coastal Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
M. Kaczmarska, E. Isaksson, L. Karlöf, J.-G. Winther, J. Kohler, F. Godtliebsen, L. Ringstad Olsen, C.M. Hofstede, M.R. Van Den Broeke, R.S.W. Van De Wal and N. Gundestrup

Temporal co-variation of surface and microwave brightness temperatures in Antarctica, with implications for the observation of surface-temperature variability using satellite data
Dale P. Winebrenner, Eric J. Steig and David P. Schneider

Climate variability along latitudinal and longitudinal transects in East Antarctica
O. Magand, M. Frezzotti, M. Pourchet, B. Stenni, L. Genoni and M. Fily

Deglacial and Holocene changes in palaeoaccumulation at Law Dome, East Antarctica
Tas D. van Ommen, Vin Morgan and Mark A. J. Curran

The role of ice thickness and bed properties on the dynamics of the enhanced flow tributaries of Bailey Ice Stream and Slessor Glacier, East Antarctica
D.M. Rippin, J.L. Bamber, M.J. Siegert, D.G. Vaughan and H.F.J. Corr

Ground ice in permafrost on Seymour (Marambio) and Vega Islands, Antarctic Peninsula
Evgeniy Ermolin, Hernán de Angelis,Pedro Skvarca and Frank Rau

Growing processes of an inland Antarctic ice wedge, Mesa Range, northern Victoria Land
R. Raffi, B. Stenni, O. Flora, S. Polesello and M. Camusso

Preferred slip-band orientations and bending observed in the Dome Concordia (East Antarctica) ice core
Sérgio H. Faria and Sepp Kipfstuhl

L-band ice sheet brightness temperatures at Dome C, Antarctica: spectral emission modelling, temporal stability and impact of the ionosphere.
Mark R. Drinkwater, Nicolas Floury and Marco Tedesco

Initial experiments on the effects of particles at grain boundaries on the anelasticity and creep behavior of granular ice
Min Song, David M. Cole and Ian Baker

Space geodesy as a tool for measuring ice surface velocity at Dome C region and along the ITASE traverse
L. Vittuari, C. Vincent, M. Frezzotti, F. Mancini, S. Gandolfi, G Bitelli and A. Capra

Ice flux of Plogbreen, a small ice stream in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Jim Hedfors and Veijo Allan Pohjola

Dynamics of the Scharffenbergbotnen blue ice area, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Anna Sinisalo, Aslak Grinsted and John Moore

Geophysical survey at Talos Dome East Antarctica: the search for a deep new drilling site
M. Frezzotti, G. Bitelli, P. De Michelis, A. Deponti, A. Forieri, S. Gandolfi, V. Maggi, F. Mancini, F. Rémy, I.E. Tabacco, S. Urbini, L. Vittuari and A. Zirizzotti

Thermal structure of Dome Fuji and East Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, simulated by a three-dimensional ice-sheet model
Fuyuki Saito and Ayako Abe-Ouchi

The effect of anisotropic flow properties on the ice-sheet surface-elevation change
Weili Wang, Jun Li, Jay Zwally, Vin Morgan and Tas D. van Ommen

Paleoproductivity in the Ross Sea, Antarctica, during the last 15 kyr BP and its link with ice-core temperature proxies
C. Salvi, G. Salvi, B. Stenni and A. Brambati

High time-resolution profiles of soluble ions in the last glacial period of a Dome Fuji (Antarctica) deep ice core
Yoshinori Iizuka, Morimasa Takata, Takeo Hondoh and Yoshiyuki Fujii

Sensitivity of chemical species to climate changes in the 45 kyr as revealed by high-resolution Dome C (East Antarctica) deep ice core
R. Udisti, S. Becagli, S. Benassai, M. De Angelis, M.E. Hansson, J. Jouzel, J. Schwander, J.P. Steffensen, R. Traversi and E. Wolff

Stratigraphy analysis of Dome Fuji Antarctic ice core using an optical scanner
M. Takata, Y. Iizuka, T. Hondoh, S. Fujita, Y. Fujii and H. Shoji

Chemical and isotopic snow variability in East Antarctica along the 2001/02 ITASE traverse
S. Becagli, M. Proposito, S. Benassai, O. Flora, L. Genoni, R. Gragnani, O. Largiuni, S.L. Pili, M. Severi, B. Stenni, R. Traversi, R. Udisti and M. Frezzotti

Distribution and pattern of shallow melting at hte local glacier of Terra Nova Bay (Antarctica) coast
Luigi Motta and Michele Motta

Is Vostok lake in steady state?
G. Royston-Bishop, M. Tranter, M. J. Siegert, V. Lee and P. D. Bates

Ground ice in the Northern Foothills, northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Mauro Guglielmin and Hugh M. French

Ice lattice distortion along the deepest section of the Vostok core from X-ray diffraction measurements
Akira Hori, Takeo Hondoh, Vladimir Ya. Lipenkov

Pattern of retreat and disintegration of Larsen B Ice Shelf, Antarctic Peninsula
Wolfgang Rack and Helmut Rott

Marine ice beneath the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf, Antarctica: a comparison of estimated thickness distributions
Ian Joughin and David Vaughan

The carbon isotopic composition of dissolved inorganic carbon in perennially ice-covered Antarctic lakes: searching for a biogenic signature.
K. Neumann, W.B. Lyons, J.C. Priscu, D.J. Desmarais and K.A. Welch

Variations of glacier frontal positions on the northern Antarctic Peninsula
Frank Rau, Fabian Mauz, Hernán de Angelis, Ricardo Jaña, Jorge Arigony Neto, Pedro Skvarca, Steffen Vogt, Helmut Saurer and Hermann Gossmann

Initial borehole results from the Amery Ice Shelf hot-water drilling project
M. Craven, I. Allison, R. Brand, A. Elcheikh, J. Hunter, M. Hemer and S. Donoghue

Methanesulphonic acid movement in solid ice cores
Barbara T. Smith, Tas D. van Ommen and Mark A.J. Curran

A 200 year sub-annual record of sulfate in West Antarctica, from 16 ice cores
D. Dixon, P.A. Mayewski, S. Kaspari, S. Sneed and M. Handley

Climate conditions, mass-balance and dynamics of Larsen B Ice Shelf, Antarctic peninsula, prior to collapse
Pedro Skvarca, Hernán De Angelis and Andrés F. Zakrajsek

Superimposed-ice formation in summer on Ross Sea pack-ice floes
T. Kawamura, M.O. Jeffries, J.-L. Tison and H.R. Krouse

The changes in isotope composition and accumulation of snow at Vostok station, East Antarctica, over the past 200 years
A.A. Ekaykin, V.Ya. Lipenkov, I.N. Kuzmina, J.R. Petit, V. Masson-Delmotte and S.J. Johnsen

Chemical composition of volcanic glasses in visible tephra layers found in a 2503 m deep ice core from Dome Fuji, Antarctica
Mika Kohno, Yoshiyuki Fujii and Takafumi Hirata

Climate variability in West Antarctica derived from annual accumulation-rate records from ITASE firn/ice cores
S. Kaspari, P.A. Mayewski, D.A. Dixon, V.B. Spikes, S.B. Sneed, M.J. Handley and G.S. Hamilton