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Papers accepted for publication in Annals 41
The SCAR28 International Symposium on ITASE and ISMASS

held in Bremen, Germany
27–28 July 2004
Editor: G. Hamilton

Listed in alphabetical order of first author

Phase structure of radar stratigraphic horizons within Antarctic firn
Arcone, S.A., V.B. Spikes, G.S. Hamilton

Sea spray deposition in Antarctic coastal and plateau areas from ITASE traverses
Benassai, S., S. Becagli, R.Gragnani, O. Magand, M. Proposito, I. Fattori, R.Traversi, R. Udisti

Solar forcing recorded by aerosol concentrations in coastal Antarctic glacier ice, McMurdo Dry Valleys
Bertler, N., P.J. Barrett, P.A.Mayewski, S.B. Sneed, T.R.Naish, U. Orgenstern

A 200-year sulfate record from sixteen Antarctic ice cores and associations with Southern Ocean sea ice extent
Dixon, D., P.A. Mayewski, S.D. Kaspari, K.J. Kreutz, G.S. Hamilton, K. Maasch, S.B. Sneed, M.J. Handley

Characteristics of accumulation rate in the vicinity of the EPICA deep-drilling site in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Eisen, O., W. Rack, U. Nixdorf, F. Wilhelms

Simulation of the net snow accumulation along the Wilkes Land transect, Antarctica, with a regional climate model
Gallee, H., V. Peynaud, I. Goodwin

Spatial patterns in mass balance of the Siple Coast and Amundsen Sea Basin, West Antarctica
Hamilton, G.S., V.B. Spikes, L.A. Stearns

A Time Marker at 17.5 KYBP Detected Throughout West Antarctica
Jacobel, R. & B. Welch

Sources and transport pathways of marine aerosol species into West Antarctica
Kaspari, S.D., P.A. Mayewski, D.A. Dixon, S.B. Sneed, M.J. Handley

Numerical model studies of Antarctic ice sheet-ice shelf-ocean systems and ice caps
Lange, M.A., N. Blindow, K. Grosfeld, T. Kleiner, C.-O. Mohrholz, M. Nicolaus, C. Oelke, B. Paschke, H. Sandhäger, M. Thoma

Solar Forcing of the Polar Atmosphere Data, Mechanism, and Implications
Mayewski, P.A., K.A. Maasch, Y. Yan, S. Kang, E.A. Meyerson, S.B. Sneed, S.D. Kaspari, D.A. Dixon, E.C. Osterberg, V.I. Morgan, T. van Ommen, M.A.J. Curran

ENSO variability in the deuterium excess record of a coastal Antarctic ice core from the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Victoria Land
Patterson, N.G., N.A.N. Bertler, T.R. Naish, U. Morgenstern

Glacier wastage on southern Adelaide Island and its impact on snow runway operations
Rivera, A., G. Casassa, R.H. Thomas, E. Rignot, R. Zamora, D. Antúnez, C. Acuña, F. Ordenes

High resolution ice core stable isotopic records from Antarctica: towards interannual climate reconstruction
Schneider, D.P., E.J. Steig, T. Van Ommen

A new velocity map for Byrd Glacier, East Antarctica from sequential ASTER satellite imagery
Stearns, L.A. & G.S. Hamilton

High-resolution ice cores from US ITASE (West Antarctica): development and validation of chronologies and determination of precision and accuracy
Steig, E.J., P.A. Mayewski, D.A. Dixon, S.D. Kaspari, M.M. Frey, D.P. Schneider, S. A. Arcone, G.S. Hamilton, V.B. Spikes, M. Albert, D. Meese, A.J. Gow, C.A. Shuman, J.W.C. White, S.B. Sneed, J. Flaherty, M. Wumkes

A Positive Trend in Western Antarctic Peninsula Precipitation Over the Last 50 Years Reflecting Regional and Antarctic-wide Atmospheric Circulation Changes
Turner, J., T. Lachlan-Cope, S. Colwell, G.J. Marshall

Characteristics of the Antarctic surface mass balance (1958-2002) using a Regional Atmospheric Climate Model
Van de Berg, W.J., M.R. van den Broeke, C.H. Reijmer, E. van Meijgaard

Seasonal cycle of the Antarctic surface energy balance using data of Automatic Weather Stations
Van den Broeke, M., C. Reijmer, D. van As, R. van de Wal, J. Oerlemans

Bedrock topography and wind erosion sites in East Antarctica, observations from the 2002 US-ITASE traverse
Welch, B. & R. Jacobel

An ice core proxy for Antarctic circumpolar zonal wind intensity
Yan, Y., P.A. Mayewski, S. Kang, E.A. Meyerson