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Papers accepted for publication in Annals 43

The International Symposium on High-Elevation Glaciers And Climate Records

held in the city of Lanzhou in the provinc of Ganzu, China
5-9 September, 2005
Editors: E. Mosley-Thompson and L. Thompson
Annals 43 cover

Listed in alphabetical order

Climatic and atmospheric Circulation Pattern Variability from Ice-core isotope/geochemistry Records (Altai, Tien Shan and Tibet)
Vladimir B. Aizen, Elena M. Aizen, Daniel R. Joswiak, Koji Fujita, Nozomu Takeuchi and Stanislav A. Nikitin

Glacier changes in central and northern Tien Shan during the last 150 years based on surface and remote sensing data
Vladimir B. Aizen, Valeriy A. Kuzmichenok, Arzhan B. Surazakov and Elena M. Aizen

A first shallow firn core record from Glacier La Ollada on Cerro Mercedario in the Central Argentinian Andes
D. Bolius, Margit Schwikowski, Theo Jenk, Heinz W. Gäggeler, Gino Casassa and Andres Rivera

Accumulation at the equilibrium line altitude (ELA) of glaciers inferred from a degree-day model and tested against field observations
Roger J. Braithwaite, Sarah C.B. Raper and Krys Chutko

Fast ShrinkAGE of tropical glaciers in Colombia
Jorge Luis Ceballos, Christian Euscátegui, Jair Ramírez, Marcela Cañon, Christian Huggel, Wilfried Haeberli and Horst Machguth

An Andean ice-core record of a Middle Holocene Mega-drought in North Africa and Asia
Mary E. Davis and Lonnie G. Thompson

The retreat of glaciers in response to recent climate warming in western China
Ding Yongjian and Liu Shiyin, Li Jing and Shangguan Donghui

Seasonal and spatial variations of snow chemistry on Mount Logan, Yukon, Canada
Kumiko Goto-Azuma, Roy M. Koerner, Michael N. Demuth and Okitsugu Watanabe

A comparison of tree-ring records and glacier variations over the past 700 years, northeastern Tibetan Plateau
Xiaohua Gou, Fahu Chen, Gordon Jacoby amd Meixue Yang

Impact of fine dust air burden on the mass balance of a high mountain glacier: a case study of the Chongce ice cap, West Kunlun Mts., China
Han Jiankang, Nakawo Masayoshi, Kumiko Goto-Azuma and Chao LU

Characteristics of mass balance of Glacier No.1 at the Headwaters of the Urumqi River, Tianshan Mountains
Han Tianding, Ding Yongjian, Ye Baisgheng, Liu Shiyin, and Jiao Keqin

Spatial and temporal variations of oxygen isotopes in snowpacks and glacial runoff in different types of glacial area in Western China
He Yuanqing, Pang Hongxi, W.H. Theakstone, Lu Aigang, Zhang Zhonglin, Zhang Dian, Song Bo, Yuan Lingling and Ning Baoying

Modification of three ice core d1818O records from an area of high melt
HOU Shugui, REN Jiawen and QIN Dahe

Mass balance and recession of Glacier No.1 at the Headwaters of the Urumqi River, Tianshan Mountains, China over the last 45 years
JING Zhefan, JIAO Keqin, YAO Tandong, WANG Ninglian, Li Zhongqin

Recent changes of atmospheric heavy metals in a high elevation ice core from Muztagh Ata in east Pamirs: initial results
Li Yuefang, Yao Tandong, Wang Ninglian, Li Zhen,Tian Lide, Xu Baiqing and Wu Guangjian

Seasonal variability of ionic concentrations in surface snow and elution processes in snow-firn packs at the PGPI site on Glacier No. 1 in eastern Tianshan, China
Zhongqin Li, Ross Edwards, E. Mosley-Thompson, Feiteng Wang, Zhibao Dong, Xiaoni You, Huilin Li, Chuanjin Li and Yuman Zhu

Glacier changes during the past century in the Gangrigabu Mountains, Southeast Qinghai-Xizang (Tibet) Plateau, China
Liu Shiyin, Shangguan Donghui and Ding Yongjian, Han Haidong, Xie Changwei, Zhang Yong, Li Jing, Wang Jian and Li Gang

Glacier retreat as a result of climate change due to warming and increased precipitation in the Tarim River Basin, Northwest China
Liu Shiyin, Ding Yongjian Shangguan Donghui, Zhang Yong, Li Jing, Han Haidong, Wang Jian and Xie Changwei

Distributed glacier mass balance modelling as an important component of modern multi-level glacier monitoring
Horst Machguth, Frank Paul, Martin Hoelzle and Wilfried Haeberli

Estimation of atmospheric transmissivity of solar radiation from precipitation in the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau
Yoshihiro MATSUDA, Koji FUJITA, Yutaka AGETA and Akiko SAKAI

Glaciological characteristics of the ablation zone of Baltoro Glacier, Karakoram
Christoph Mayer, Astrid Lambrecht, Marco Belò, Claudio Smiraglia and G. Diolaiuti

Ice ablation and meteorological conditions on the debris covered area of Baltoro Glacier (Karakoram, Pakistan)
Claudia MIHALCEA, Christoph MAYER, Guglielmina DIOLAIUTI, Astrid LAMBRECHT, Claudio SMIRAGLIA and Gianni TARTARI

Concentrations and source variations of n-alkanes in a 21-m ice core and snow samples at Belukha Glacier, Russian Altai Mountains
Takayuki MIYAKE, Fumio NAKAZAWA, Hiroshi SAKUGAWA, Nozomu TAKEUCHI, Koji FUJITA, Keiichi OHTA and Masayoshi NAKAWO

A multi-century ice core perspective on 20th century climate change with new contributions from high Arctic and Greenland (PARCA) cores
Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Lonnie G. Thompson and Lin Ping-nan

Prediction of thermodynamic state of the Gregoriev Ice Cap (Tien Shan, Central Asia) in the future
Oleg Nagornov, Yuri Konovalov and Vladimir Mikhalenko

Use of ice cores from glaciers with melting for reconstructing mean summer temperature variations
Fumio Nakazawa and Koji Fujita

Record of Glacier variations during the Last Glacial in the Turkestan Range of the Pamir-Alay
Chiyuki Narama and Mitsuru Okuno

Recent changes of glacier coverage in the western Terskey-Alatoo Range, Kyrgyz Republic, using Corona and Landsat
Chiyuki Narama, Yuichi Shimamura and Daichi Nakayama and Kanatbek Abdrakhmatov

Changes in Mountain Glaciers and Ice Caps during the 20th Century
Atsumu Ohmura

Glacier variations and climate change in the central Himalayas over the past few decades
Ren Jiawen, Jing Zhefan, Pu Jianchen and Qin Xiang

Height dependence of the tendency for reduction in seasonal snow cover in the Himalaya Mountains and Tibetan Plateau region from 1966 to 2001
Kunio Rikiishi and Haruka Nakasato

Ice volumetric changes on active volcanoes in Southern Chile
Andres Rivera, Francisca Bown, Ronald Mella, Jens Wendt, Gino Casassa, César Acuña, Eric Rignot, Jorge Clavero and Benjamin Brock

A potential high-elevation ice core site at the Southern Patagonian Icefield
Margit Schwikowski, Sabina Brütsch, Gino Casassa and Andrés Rivera

Monitoring the glacier changes in the Muztag Ata and Konggur mountains, East Pamirs, based on Chinese Glacier Inventory and recent satellite imagery
Shangguan Donghui, Liu Shiyin, Ding Yongjian, Ding Lianfu, Xiong Libing, Cai Dihua, Li Gang1, Lu Anxin, Zhang Shiqiang and Zhang Yong

Two Peculiar Phenomena Regarding Climatic and Glacial Variations on the Tibetan Plateau
Yafeng SHI, Shiyin LIU, DONGHUI SHANGGUANG, Donglian LI and Baisheng YE

A snow algal community on Akkem Glacier in the Russian Altai Mountains
Nozomu Takeuchi, Jun Uetake, Koji Fujita, Vladimir Aizen and Stanislav Nikitin

Holocene climate variability archived in the Puruogangri ice cap from the central Tibetan Plateau
Lonnie G. Thompson, Tangdong Yao, Mary E. Davis, Ellen Mosley-Thimpson, Ping-Nan Lin, Tracy A. Mashiotta, Vladimir N. Mikhalenko and Victor S. Zagorodnov

Biological ice-core analysis of the Sofiyskiy Glacier in the Russian Altai mountains
Uetake J., S.Kohshima, F.Nakazawa, K.Suzuki, M.Kohno, T.Kameda, S.Arkhipov and Y. Fujii

Seasonal evolution of aerosol stratigraphy in Glacier No. 1 percolation zone, eastern Tianshan, China
Wang Feiteng, Li Zhongqin, You Xiaoni, Li Chuanjin, Li Huilin, Li Xiangying, Zhao Zhongping and Zhu Yuman

Strong Negative Correlation between Dust Event Frequency and Air Temperature over the Northern Tibetan Plateau Reflected by the Malan Ice-Core Record
Ninglian WANG, Tandong YAO, L. G. THOMPSON and M. E. DAVIS

Spatial patterns and seasonal variation of snowpack sulphate isotopes of the Prince of Wales Icefield, Ellesmere Island
Vivian Wasiuta, Ann-Lise Norman and Shawn J. Marshall

Accumulation variability and mass budgets of the Lambert Glacier-Amery Ice Shelf system at high elevations
Wen Jiahong, Kenneth C. Jezek, Andrew J Monaghan, Sun Bo, Ren Jiawen and Philippe Huybrechts

Response of melt-water runoff to air temperature fluctuations on Keqikaer Glacier, south slope of Mt.Tuomuer, western China
Xie Changwei, Ding Yongjian, Liu Shiyin and Chen Caiping

Modeling the Response of Glacier Systems to Climate Warming in China
XIE Zi-chu, WANG Xin, FENG Qing-hua, KANG Ersi, LIU Chao-ha and LI Qiao-yuan

Elemental carbon and organic carbon measurements with a two-step heating-GC system in snow samples from the Tibetan Plateau
Xu Baiqing, Yao Tandong, Liu Xianqin and Wang Ninglian

Seasonal and spatial variability in snow chemistry at Eclipse Icefield, Yukon Territory, Canada
Kaplan Yalcin, Cameron P. Wake, Karl J. Kreutz, Kang Shichang, Karl J. Kreutz and Sallie I. Whitlow

Wavelet analysis reveals periodic oscillations in a 1700 year ice core record from Guliya, China
Meixue Yang, Tandong Yao, Xiaohua Gou , Huijun Wang and Thomas Neumann

Effect of heavy snowfall on ground temperature, Northern Tibetan Plateau
Meixue Yang, Tandong Yao , Xiaohua Gou and Huijun Wang

Correlation between precipitation and temperature variations in the past 300 years recorded in Guliya Ice Core, China
Meixue Yang, Tandong Yao, Huijun Wang and Xiaohua Gou

d18O Records from Tibetan Ice Cores Reveal Differences in Climatic Changes
Tandong YAO, Zexia LI, Lonnie G. THOMPSON, Ellen MOSLEY-THOMPSON, Youqing WANG, Lide TIAN, Ninglian WANG and Keqin DUAN

Glacier variations in the Mt. Naimona'Nyi Region, Western Himalayas, in the last three decades
Qinghua Ye, Tandong Yao, Shichang Kang, Feng Chen and Jinghua Wang

Snow algae in a Himalayan ice core: new environmental markers for ice core analyses and their correlation with summer mass balance
Yoshitaka Yoshimura, Shiro Kohshima, Nozomu Takeuchi, Katsumoto Seko and Koji Fujita

Oxygen-18 isotopes in precipitation on the eastern Tibetan Plateau
Yu Wusheng , Yao Tandong, Tian Lide, Wang Yu and Sun Weizhen

Influence of air temperature on a glacier's active layer temperature
V. Zagorodnov, O. Nagornov and L.G. Thompson

Observed degree-day factors and their spatial variation on glaciers in western China
ZHANG Yong, LIU Shiyin and DING Yongjian

Application of a degree-day model for the determination of contributions to glacier meltwater and runoff near Keqicar Baqi Glacier, southwestern Tianshan Mountains
ZHANG Yong, LIU Shiyin, XIE Changwei and DING Yongjian

A Study on the Vertical profile of Bacterial DNA Structure in the Puruogangri Ice Core Using Denaturing Gradient Gel Electrophoresis
Zhang Xinfang, Yao Tandong, An. Lishe, Tian Lide and Xu Shijian

Atmosphere-to-snow-to-firn transfer of NO3- on Glacier No. 1, eastern Tien Shan, China
Zhongping ZHAO, Zhongqin LI, Ross Edwards, Feiteng WANG, Huilin LI, and Yuman ZHU