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Papers accepted for publication in Annals 44

The International Symposium on Sea Ice

held in the city of Dunedin, New Zealand
5-9 December, 2005
Editors: P. Langhorne and V. Squire

Listed in alphabetical order of first author

A case study of old ice import and export through Peary and Sverdrup Channels in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago: 1998-2004
Bea Alt, Katherine Wilson and Tom Carrieres

Measurement of sea ice draft using upward looking ADCP on an autonomous underwater vehicle
Christopher J Banks, Mark A Brandon and Paul H Garthwaite

Observations of unusual fast-ice conditions in the Southwest Ross Sea, Antarctica: preliminary analysis of iceberg and storminess effects
Kelly M. Brunt, Olga Sergienko and Douglas R. MacAyeal

Molecular dynamics simulation of ice growth from supercooled pure water and from salt solution
M.A. Carignano, E. Baskaran, P.B. Shepson and I. Szleifer

Modelling of superimposed ice formation during the spring snow melt period in the Baltic Sea
Bin Cheng, Timo Vihma, Roberta Piazzini and Mats A. Granskog

Impacts of the variability of 2nd year ice on the decline of the Arctic perennial sea ice cover
Josefino C. Comiso

Data Assimilation of Sea-Ice Motion Vectors: Sensitivity to the Parameterization of Sea-Ice Strength
Ming Rui Dai, Todd E. Arbetter and Walter N. Meier

Wave measurements on sea ice: developments in instrumentation
Martin J. Doble, Duncan J.L. Mercer, David T. Meldrum and Oli C.Peppe

Surface albedo observations of Hudson Bay landfast sea ice during the spring melt
J.K. Ehn, M.A. Granskog, T. Papakyriakou, R. Galley and D.G. Barber

Covariation of sea ice and methanesulphonic acid in Wilhelm II Land, East Antarctica
Annette F.M. Foster, Mark A.J. Curran, Barbara T. Smith, Tas D. van Ommen and Vin I. Morgan

Variability of sea ice thickness in Spitsbergen fjords
Sebastian Gerland and Richard Hall

Relation of ice growth rate to salt segregation during freezing of low-salinity seawater (Bothnian Bay, Baltic Sea)
Mats A. Granskog, Jari Uusikivi, Alberto Blanco Sequeiros and Eloni Sonninen

Spectral transmission and implications for the partitioning of shortwave radiation in arctic sea ice
Thomas C. Grenfell, Bonnie Light and Donald K. Perovich

Energy and Mass Balance Observations of the land-ice-ocean-atmosphere system near Barrow, Alaska Nov 1999 - July 2002
Thomas C. Grenfell, Donald K. Perovich, Hajo Eicken, Bonnie Light, Jeremy Harbeck, Thomas G. George and Andrew Mahoney

Comparison of the sea ice thickness distribution in the Lincoln Sea and adjacent Arctic Ocean in 2004 and 2005
Christian Haas, Stefan Hendricks and M. Doble

Antarctic sea-ice velocity as derived from SSM/I imagery.
P. Heil, C.W. Fowler and S.E. Lake

Modeling M2 tidal variability in Arctic sea-ice drift and deformation
W. D. Hibler III, A. Roberts, P. Heil, A. Y. Proshutinsky, H. L. Simmons and J. Lovick

Measurement of Arctic sea ice thickness by submarine 5 years after SCICEX
Nicholas E. Hughes and Peter Wadhams

Effect of summertime wind conditions on lateral and bottom melting in the central Arctic
Jun Inoue and Takashi Kikuchi

A Comparison of Physical Properties and Strength of Decaying First-year Ice in the Arctic and sub-Arctic

Calibration of an ice-core glaciochemical (sea salt) record with sea ice variability in the Canadian Arctic
Christophe Kinnard, Christian M. Zdanowicz, David A. Fisher and Cameron Wake

Controls of the landfast ice-ocean ecosystem offshore Barrow, Alaska
Meibing Jin, Clara Jodwalis Deal, Jia Wang, Kyung-Hoon Shin, Nori Tanaka, Terry E. Whitledge, Sang Heon Lee and Rolf R. Gradinger

Growth, properties and relation to radar backscatter coefficient of sea ice in Lützow-Holm Bay, Antarctica
Toshiyuki KAWAMURA, Hiroyuki WAKABAYASHI and Shuki USHIO

The Role of Langmuir Circulation in Suspension Freezing
Edward W. Kempema and Dirk Dethleff

The sea-ice compactness in the Greenland and Barents Sea during 1979-2003: changes and links to the surface air flow
Stefan KERN, Youmin CHEN, Detlef STAMMER, and Gunnar SPREEN

Retrieval of thin-ice thickness using the L-band polarization ratio measured by the helicopter-borne scatterometer HELISCA
Stefan Kern, Martin Gade, Christian Haas and Andreas Pfaffling

Implications of shortwave cloud forcing and feedbacks in the Southern Ocean
Erica L. Key and Peter J. Minnett

Climatic analysis of sea ice variability in the Canadian Arctic from operational charts, 1980-2004
Christophe Kinnard, Christian M. Zdanowicz, David A. Fisher, Bea Alt and Steve McCourt

Summer and early fall sea ice concentration in the Ross Sea: comparison of in situ ASPeCt observations and satellite passive microwave estimates
Margaret A. Knuth and Stephen F. Ackley

A Model for Wave Scattering in the Marginal Ice Zone based on a Two-Dimensional Floating Elastic Plate Solution
Allison Kohout and Mike Meylan

Interannual and regional variability of Southern Ocean snow on sea ice
Thorsten Markus and Donald J. Cavalieri

Comparison of different ridge formation models of Arctic sea ice with observations from laser profiling
Torge Martin

Anomalies of Sea Ice Transports in the Arctic
Torge Martin and Thomas Martin

ARISE (Antarctic Remote Ice Sensing Experiment) in the East 2003: Validation of satellite-derived sea-ice data products.
Robert A. Massom, Anthony Worby, Victoria Lytle, Thorsten Markus, Ian Allison, Theodore Scambos, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Kazutaka Tateyama, Terence Haran, Josefino C. Comiso, Andreas Pfaffling, Takeshi Tamura, Atsuhiro Muto, Pannir Kanagaratnam and Barry Giles

High-resolution sea ice motions from AMSR-E imagery
Walter N. Meier and Mingrui Dai

Bridging Perspectives from Remote Sensing and Inuit Communities on Changing Sea Ice Cover in the Baffin Bay Region
Walter N. Meier, Julienne Stroeve and Shari Gearheard

Sea-ice thickness retrieval in the Sea of Okhotsk using dual-polarization SAR data
Kazuki Nakamura, Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, Shotaro Uto, Kazuhiro Naoki, Fumihiko Nishio and Seiho Uratsuka

A model study of differences of snow thinning on Arctic and Antarctic first-year sea ice during spring and summer
Marcel Nicolaus, Christian Haas, Jörg Bareiss and Sascha Willmes

A 1-D enthalpy model of sea ice
Dirk Notz and M. Grae Worster

Numerical analysis of the characteristics of waves propagating in arbitrary ice-covered sea
Toshinori Ogasawara and Shigeki Sakai

The Interaction of Ultraviolet Light with Arctic Sea Ice during SHEBA
Donald K. Perovich

From Points to Poles: extrapolating point measurements of sea ice mass balance
Donald K. Perovich and Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge

Surface albedo measurements over sea ice in the Baltic Sea during the spring snowmelt period
Roberta Pirazzini, Timo Vihma, Mats A. Granskog and Bin Cheng

Ice ridging and ice drift in southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada, during winter storms
Simon J. Prinsenberg, A. van der Baaren and Ingrid K. Peterson

Growth of first year land-fast Antarctic sea ice determined from winter temperature measurements
Craig R. Purdie, Patricia J. Langhorne, Greg H. Leonard and Tim G. Haskell

In-situ measurements of the direct-current conductivity of Antarctic sea ice: implications for airborne electromagnetic sounding of sea ice thickness
J. E. Reid, A. Pfaffling, A. P. Worby and J. R. Bishop

Ice Mass Balance Buoys: a tool for measuring and attributing changes in the thickness of the Arctic sea ice cover
Jacqueline A. Richter-Menge, Donald K. Perovich, Bruce C. Elder, Keran Claffey, Ignatius Rigor and Mark Ortmeyer

Validation of AVHRR and MODIS Ice Surface Temperature Products Using In Situ Radiometers
Ted A. Scambos, Terry M. Haran and Robert Masssom

Fine scale sea ice modelling of the Storfjorden polynya
Lars H. Smedsrud, W. Paul Budgell, Alastair D. Jenkins and Bjørn Adlandsvik

Satellite-based estimates of sea ice volume flux through Fram Strait
Gunnar Spreen, Stefan Kern, Detlef Stammer, Rene Forsberg and Jörg Haarpaintner

Spatial variation of biogeochemical properties of landfast sea ice in the Gulf of Bothnia (Baltic Sea)
M. Steffens, M.A. Granskog, H. Kaartokallio, H. Kuosa, K. Luodekari, S. Papadimitriou and D.N. Thomas

Recent changes in the Arctic melt meason
Julienne Stroeve, Thorsten Markus, Walt Meier and Jeff Miller

Estimation of thin sea-ice thickness from NOAA AVHRR data in a polynya off the Wilkes Land coast, East Antarctica
Takeshi Tamura, Kay I. Ohshima, Hiroyuki Enomoto, Kazutaka Tateyama, Atsuhiro Muto, Shuki Ushio and Robert A. Massom

Standardization of electromagnetic-induction measurements of sea-ice thickness in polar and sub-polar seas
Kazutaka TATEYAMA, Kunio SHIRASAWA, Shotaro UTO, Hiroyuki ENOMOTO, Toshiyuki KAWAMURA, and Takenobu TOYOTA

Factors affecting fast-ice breakup frequency in Lützow-Holmbukta, Antarctica

Characteristics of sea ice thickness and snow depth distributions of the summer land-fast ice in Lützow-Holmbukta, East Antarctica
Shotaro Uto, Haruhito Shimoda and Shuki Ushio

Ship-borne Electromagnetic Induction Sounding of Sea Ice Thickness in the South Okhotsk Sea
Shotaro Uto, Takenobu Toyota, Haruhito Shimoda, Kazutaka Tateyama and Kunio Shirasawa

Direct measurements of turbulent momentum, heat and salt fluxes under landfast ice in the Baltic Sea.
Jari Uusikivi, Jens Ehn and Mats A. Granskog

Scattering of Ice-Coupled Waves by an Ice Sheet With Arbitrary Thickness
Gareth L. Vaughan and Vernon A. Squire

Parameterisation of Arctic sea ice surface roughness for application in ice type classification
Carola von Saldern, Christian Haas and Wolfgang Dierking

Pack ice as a two-dimensional granular plastic: a new constitutive law
Keguang WANG

The importance of diurnal processes for the seasonal cycle of sea-ice microwave brightness temperatures during early summer in the Weddell Sea
Sascha Willmes, Jörg Bareiss, Christian Haas and Marcel Nicolaus

A network model for fluid transport through sea ice
J. Zhu, A. Jabini, K. M. Golden, H. Eicken and M. Morris