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Accepted papers for publication in Annals 46

The International Symposium on Cryospheric Indicators of Global Climate Change

held in the city of Cambridge, England
21-25 August, 2006
Chief Editor: M. J. Sharp

Listed in alphabetical order by first author


Ice-sheet mass balance: assessment, attribution and prognosis
Richard B. Alley, Matthew K. Spencer, and Sridhar Anandakrishnan


Investigating small-scale variations of the recent accumulation rate in Coastal Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
Helgard Anschuetz, Olaf Eisen, Hans Oerter, Daniel Steinhage and Mirko Scheinert


Variations of the snow physical parameters and their effects on albedo in Sapporo
Teruo Aoki, Hiroki Motoyoshi, Yuji Kodama, Teppei J. Yasunari and Konosuke Sugiura


A time series of SAR data for monitoring changes in boundaries of glacier zones on the Antarctic Peninsula
Jorge Arigony-Neto, Frank Rau, Helmut Saurer, Ricardo Jaña, Jefferson Cardia Simões and Steffen Vogt


Ice volume changes of selected glaciers in the Swiss Alps since the end of the 19th century
Andreas Bauder, Martin Funk and Matthias Huss


Mass balance of the Devon ice cap, Canadian Arctic
Andrew Shepherd, Zhijun Du, Toby J. Benham, Julian A. Dowdeswell and Elizabeth M. Morris


'Calving laws', 'sliding laws' and the stability of tidewater glaciers
Douglas I. BENN, Nicholas R.J. HULTON, Ruth H. MOTTRAM


Positive mass balance during the late 20th century on Austfonna, Svalbard revealed using satellite radar interferometry
Suzanne Bevan, Adrian Luckman, Tavi Murray, Helena Sykes and Jack Kohler


Glaciological conditions in seven contrasting regions estimated with the degree-day model
Roger J. Braithwaite and Sarah C. B. Raper


The non-synchronous response of Rabots Glaciär and Storglaciären to recent climate change: a comparative study
Keith A. Brugger


Fast computation of a viscoelastic deformable earth model for ice sheet simulations
Ed Bueler, Craig Lingle and Jed Kallen-Brown


Energy balance model validation on the top of Kilimanjaro using eddy correlation data
Nicolas J. Cullen, Thomas Mölg, Georg Kaser, Konrad Steffen and Douglas R. Hardy


Recent changes in glacier area and volume within the southern Canadian Cordillera
Chris DeBeer and Martin Sharp


Glacier changes in the West Kunlun Mountains, China from 1970 to 2001 derived from Landsat TM/ETM+ and Chinese glacier inventory data
Shangguan Donghui, Liu Shiyin, Ding Yongjian, Li Jing, Zhang Yong, Ding Lianfu, Wang Xing, Xie Changwei and Li Gang


Sensitivity of glacier runoff to summer snowfall events
Heidi Escher-Vetter and Matthias Siebers


Surface type and melt area study of the Greenland Ice Sheet using MODIS data from 2000-2005
Robert S. Fausto Christoph Mayer Andreas P. Ahlstrøm


An improved numerical scheme to compute horizontal gradients at the ice-sheet margin: its effect on the simulated ice thickness and temperature
Saito Fuyuki, Ayako Abe-Ouchi and Heinz Blatter


Sea ice mass balance monitoring in an Arctic fjord
Sebastian Gerland and Angelika H.H. Renner


Integrated monitoring of mountain glaciers as key indicators of global climate change: the example of the European Alps
Wilfried Haeberli, Martin Hoelzle, Frank Paul and Michael Zemp


Climate sensitivity of Storglaciären - an intercomparison of mass balance models using ERA-40 reanalysis and regional climate model data
Regine Hock, Valentina Radic and Mattias de Woul


Mass-balance change between 1990 and 2003 at Finsterwalderbreen, a Svalbard surge-type glacier, from GPS-profiling
Richard Hodgkins, Adrian Fox and Anne-Marie Nuttall


Twentieth-century variations in area of small glaciers and icefields, RockyMountainNational Park, Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA
Matthew J. HOFFMAN, Andrew G. FOUNTAIN and Jonathan M. ACHUFF


Spatial and morphological change on Eliot Glacier, Mount Hood, Oregon, USA
Keith M. JACKSON and Andrew G. FOUNTAIN


Assessing the possibility to couple chemical signal in winter snow on Storglaciären to atmospheric climatology
Peter Jansson, Hans Linderholm, Rickard Pettersson, Torbjörn Karlin and Carl Magbus Mörth


Some aspects of ice phenology on ponds in Central Alaska
Martin O. Jeffries and Kim Morris


Glacier mass-balance fluctuations in the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, USA
Edward G. Josberge, William R. Bidlake, Rod S. March and Ben W. Kennedy


Recent glacier variations in Mongolia
KADOTA Tsutomu and Davaa Gombo


Polynya Signature Simulation Method polynya area in comparison to AMSR-E 89 GHz sea-ice concentrations in the RossSea and off Adelie Coast, Antarctica, for 2002-2005: First Results
Stefan Kern, Gunnar Spreen, Lars Kaleschke, Sara de la Rosa Höhn and Georg Heygster


Contribution of glacier melt to stream runoff: if the climatically extreme summer of 2003 had happened in 1979
Gernot Koboltschnig, Hubert Holzmann, Wolfgang Schoener and Massimiliano Zappa


Glacier changes in the Austrian Alps during the last three decades, derived from the new Austrian glacier inventory
Astrid Lambrecht and Michael Kuhn


Three-dimensional flow influences on radar layer stratigraphy
Gwendolyn J.M.C. Leysinger Vieli, Richard C.A. Hindmarsh and Martin J. Siegert


Ice sheet elevation changes caused by variations in firn compaction rates induced by satellite-observed temperature variations (1982-2003)
Jun Li,, H. Jay Zwally and Josefino C. Comiso


Proxy data reconstructions of the Storglaciären mass balance record back to AD 1500 on annual to decadal timescales
Hans W. Linderholm and Peter Jansson


Whither Arctic sea ice?: a clear signal regionally, seasonally, and extending beyond the satellite record
Walter N. Meier, Julienne Stroeve and Florence Fetterer


HurdPeninsula glaciers, LivingstonIsland, Antarctica, as indicators of regional warming: ice volume changes during the period 1956-2000
Carmen Molina, Francisco Navarro, Jaume Calvet, David García-Sellés and Javier Lapazaran


Glacier change and climate forcing in recent decades at Gran Campo Nevado, southernmost Patagonia
Marco Möller, Christoph Schneider and Rolf Kilian


A late winter-early spring temperature reconstruction for Southeastern Norway from 1758 to 2006
Øyvind Nordli, Elin Lundstad and A.E.J. Ogilvie


Glacier geometry and elevation changes on Svalbard: a baseline dataset
C. Nuth, J. Kohler, H.F. Aas, O. Brandt and J.O. Hagen


Long-Term Change of Surface Mass Balance and the Role of Radiation
Atsumu OHMURA, Andreas BAUDER, Hans MÜLLER and Giovanni KAPPENBERGER


Soluble ionic and oxygen isotopic compositions of a shallow firn profile, Baishui Glacier No. 1, southeastern Tibetan Plateau
Hongxi Pang, Yuanqing He, Wilfred H. Theakstone and David D. Zhang


Investigations of meltwater refreezing and density variations in the snowpack and firn within the percolation zone of the Greenland ice sheet
Victoria Parry, Peter Nienow, Douglas Mair, Julian Scott, Bryn Hubbard and Duncan Wingham


Surface melting derived from microwave radiometers as a climatic indicator in Antarctica
G. Picard, M. Fily and H. Gallee


DEM quality assessment for quantification of glacier surface change
Addy Pope, Tavi Murray and Adrian Luckman


River-ice break-up/freeze-up: a review of climatic drivers, historical trends and future predictions
Terry D. Prowse, Barrie R. Bonsal, Claude R Duguay and Martin P. Lacroix


Recent air temperature changes in the Arctic
Rajmund Przybylak


Volume-area scaling approach vs flowline model in glacier volume projections
Valentina Radić, Regine Hock and Johannes Oerlemans


The impact of global change on low-elevation blue ice areas in Antarctica; a thermo-hydrodynamic modelling study
Kai Rasmus and Aike Beckmann


Reconstruction of mass balance of glaciers in southern Norway back to 1948
L. A. Rasmussen, L. M. Andreassen and H. Conway


Sea ice thickness in the Weddell Sea: a comparison of model and upward looking sonar data
Angelika H.H. Renner and Victoria Lytle


Antarctic sea ice: a self-organizing map-based perspective
David B. Reusch and Richard B. Alley


A statistical mass balance model for reconstruction of LIA ice mass of glaciers of European Alps
Wolfgang Schöner and Reinhard Böhm


Calibrating a surface mass balance model for the Austfonna ice cap, Svalbard
Thomas Vikhamar Schuler, Even Loe, Andrea Taurisano, Trond Eiken, Jon Ove Hagen and Jack Kohler


Long-term change and inter-annual and intra-seasonal variability in climate and glacier mass balance in the Caucasus Mountains, Russia
Maria Shahgedanova, Viktor Popovnin, Alexander Alaynikov, Dmitry Petrakov and Christopher R Stokes


Relation between glacier front variations and summer temperature in Iceland since 1930
Oddur Sigurðsson, Trausti Jónsson and Tómas Jóhannesson


Recent glacier retreat in the Caucasus Mts, Russia, and associated increases in supraglacial debris cover and supra/proglacial lake development
C.R. Stokes, V. Popovnin, A. Aleynikov, S.D. Gurney and M. Shahgedanova


Evolution of Rhonegletscher, Switzerland over the past 125 years and in the future: application of an improved flowline model
Shin Sugiyama, Andreas Bauder, Conradin Zahno and Martin Funk


The response of a simple Antarctic ice flow model to temperature and sea level fluctuations over the Cenozoic era
C.I. van Tuyll, R.S.W. van de Wal and J. Oerlemans


Investigation of the impact of Antarctic ice shelf melting in a global ice-ocean model (ORCA2-LIM)
Caixin Wang and Aike Beckmann


Long term changes in the snow-firn pack stratigraphy on Glacier No. 1 in the EasternTianshanMountains
Wang Feiteng, Li Zhongqin, R. Edwards and Li Huilin


Changes in speed near the onset of Bindschadler Ice Stream
J. Paul Winberry, Sridhar Anandakrishnan and Andy M. Smith


Observed changes of cryosphere in China over the second half of the 20th century: an overview
Xiao Cunde, Liu Shiyin, Zhao Lin, Wu Qingbai, Li Peiji, Liu Chunzhen, Zhang Qiwen, Ding Yongjian, Yao Tandong, Li Zhongqin and Pu Jiancheng


Temperature variations over past millennium on the Tibetan Plateau revealed by four ice cores
Yao Tandong, Duand Kequin, L.G. Thompson, Wang Ninglian, Tian Lide, Xu Baiqing, Wang Youqing and Yu Wusheng


20th century glacier fluctuations on DiskoIsland, Greenland
Jacob Clement Yde and Niels Tvis Knudsen


Response of glaciers in northwestern North America to future climate change: an atmosphere/glacier hierarchical modeling approach
Jing Zhang, Uma S. Bhatt, Wendell V. Tangborn and Craig S. Lingle