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Abstracts accepted for presentation at the
International Symposium on Snow Science

To be held at the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia
3–7 September 2007

listed in alphabetical order of main author


A new density-based thermal conductivity equation for snow
R K Aggarwal, P S Negi


Diagnostic approach to the evaluation of extreme snow storage according to the climate scenarios
Krenke Alexandr, Chernavskaya Margarita


Comparative characteristics of air temperature, precipitation, snow conditions and glacier mass balance with circulation process in the Polar Ural and NE Siberia
Maria Ananicheva, Nina kononova


Northern hemisphere snow extent trend analysis from microwave and optical satellite data
Richard L. Armstrong, Mary Jo Brodzik, Elizabeth Weatherhead


Investigating snow rheology with a large-scale coaxial rheometer
Michael Bacher, Mohamed Naaim, Thierry Faug, Hervé Bellot


Characteristics of wet snow avalanche activity: 20 years of observations from a high alpine valley (Dischma, Switzerland)
Stefano Baggi, Juerg Schweizer


The nature of steady state in finite-sized granular avalanches
Perry Bartelt, Othmar Buser, Katharina Platzer


Snow cover distribution on Alaska's Arctic Slope: modelling under changing climate
Sveta Berezovskaya, Glen E. Liston, Douglas L. Kane


The interannual variability of snow cover and avalanche activity characteristics in the Zailiyskiy Alatau range (Kazakhstan)
Blagovechshensky, Viktor, Berman, Oleg, Kondrashov, Igor


The study of a snow cover quality for winter recreation in the Zailiyskiy Alatau range (Kazakhstan)
Blagovechshensky, Viktor, Silina, Olga


Modelling of snow avalanche dynamics: influence of model parameters
Bozhinskiy A. N.


Explicit iterative computation of diffusive vapor field in the 3D snow matrix: some preliminary results for low flux metamorphism
BRZOSKA Jean-Bruno, FLIN Frédéric, BARCKICKE Jean


Subnival pressures originated by the slow displacement of a seasonal, late-lying snowpatch, Ancares Sierra, northwestern Spain.
Pedro Carrera-Gómez, Marcos Valcárcel-Díaz, Víctor Valcárcel-Juárez, Augusto Pérez-Alberti


Snow depth in China derived from long time series passive microwave remote sensing
Tao Che, Xin Li, Rui Jin, Richard Armstrong, Tingjun Zhang


The snow cover response to the climate change in mountainous region of the Tarim river basin over the past two decades
Chen Yaning, Xu Changchun, Chen Yapeng


Mesoscale analysis of cold flow snowstorm
Yang Chengfang, Zhou Bing, Chen Youkuan


Seismicity-induced snow instability and avalanche release.
Pavel Chernous, Yuri Fedorenko, Nikolay Barashev, Evgeny Mokrov


Statistical structure of snow characteristics on mountain slopes and validity of snow stability evaluation
Pavel Chernous, Alexander Bozhinsky, Nikolay Barashev, Yuri Fedorenko


A fracture mechanic models for snow avalanche release
Bernardino Chiaia, Pietro Cornetti, Barbara Frigo


The snow avalanche module in RAMMS
Marc Christen, Julia Kowalski, Perry Bartelt


Experimental study of particle concentration fluctuations in a turbulent steady flow
CIERCO François-Xavier, NAAIM Mohamed, NAAIM Florence


Annual mass balance estimates for Haut Glacier d'Arolla from 2000-2005 using a distributed mass balance model and DEM's
Ruzica Dadic, Javier G. Corripio, Paolo Burlando


Analysis of snow cover by ground penetrating radar
Binder Daniel, Hynek Bernhard, Schöner Wolfgang


Snow resuspension by powder snow avalanches
Brossard Denis, Naaim Mohamed, Naaim Florence


Impact of subgrid scale scheme on topography and landuse for better regional scale simulation of meteorological variables over western Himalayas
Dr A P Dimri, Mr A Ganju


Different attempts of wind field estimation in mountainous areas for snowdrift modelling.
Yves Durand, Gilbert Guyomarch, Laurent Mérindol


Spatial variability of new snow information derived from a dense network of Alpine automatic stations
Luca Egli


Accumulation and properties of snow along the Vostok ice-flow line, East Antarctica
Alexey A. Ekaykin, Vladimir Ya. Lipenkov, Sergey V. Popov, Yury A. Shibaev


Climatic extreme combination of cold season over the Russian territory at the 20-th century last decades
Cherenkova Elena, Chernavskaya Margarita


An investigation of the correlation between changing snowcover and the net mass balance of Storglaciären, Northern Sweden.
Eleri Evans, Richard Essery, Richard Lucas


Influence of a dam on avalanche flows: studying the coupling between deposition upstream of the dam and a hydrodynamic-type wave
T. Faug, M. Naaim, B. Chanut, B. Perrin


Physical modeling of the temperature gradient metamorphism and validations using X-ray microtomographic images
Frederic FLIN, Jean-Bruno Brzoska


3D- X-ray micro tomography and 2D- microstructure mapping of polar firn– a comprehensive picture by two complementary methods?
Johannes Freitag, Sepp Kipfstuhl, Sergio Faria


Parameterization of snow cover characteristics in a discontinuous snow covered region using active polarimetric microwave remote sensing
Mark Christopher Fuller


Influence of snow cover on ground surface temperature in the alpine zone of the Tatra Mountains (Poland, Slovakia)
Bogdan Gadek, Jan Leszkiewicz


Metamorphosis of snow cover in the zone of sporadic permafrost occurrence in Tatra Mountains, Poland
Bogdan Gadek, Stanislaw Kedzia


Evaluation of snow cover characteristics in mountains under climate change
Gleb E. Glazirin


Geoinformation technologies for snow avalanches studying. Well-known techniques in new interpretation.
Tatiana Glazovskaya, Sofja Gavrilova, Dmitry Evteev, Alla Sedova, Yuri Seliverstov, Varvara Tumasjeva


State of the ground: climatology and changes during the past 70 Years over northern Eurasia for a rarely used measure of snow cover and frozen land
Pavel Groisman, Richard W. Knight, Vyacheslav N. Razuvaev, Olga N. Bulygina, Nina A. Speranskaya, Thomas R. Karl


Structural mathematical model of the snow cover and some optical estimations
Elena Guseva-Lozinski


Snow meaurement in new zealand – past, present and future
Jordy Hendrikx


Avalanches on landslide slopes collapsed by Niigata Chuetsu earthquake
Hiroyuki Hirashima, Kouichi Nishimura, Satoru Yamaguchi, Osamu Abe, Atsushi Sato


Snow road condition forecasting on a mountain highway in Japan
Hiroyuki Hirashima, Kouichi Nishimura, Toshiichi Kobayashi, Kenji Kosugi, Takeshi Sato, Atsushi Sato


Snow forces on forest plants due to creep and glide
Peter Höller, Reinhard Fromm, Georg Leitinger


Air movement in the snow pack using carbon monoxide as a transport tracer
Hendrik Huwald, John S. Selker, Scott W. Tyler, Marc Calaf, Marc B. Parlange


Spatial and temporal variability of snow density and snow temperature at high mountain sites (Austrian Alps)
Bernhard Hynek, Wolfgang Schöner


Climatic characteristics of "depth-hoar region" introduced for the climatic division of snowy areas in Japan
Masaaki Ishizaka, Satoru Yamaguchi


Evaluations of feasibility of detecting weak layers caused by graupels and snow crystals in a snow pack with an automated monitoring system for identifying types of falling snows
Masaaki Ishizaka, Satoru Yamaguchi, Atsushi Sato


Inferences on flow mechanisms from snow avalanche deposits
Dieter Issler, Alessia Errera, Stefano Priano, Hansueli Gubler, Bernardo Teufen, Bernhard Krummenacher,


Modeling the complex behavior of snow avalanches with an extended Norem–Irgens–Schieldrop rheology
Dieter Issler, Peter Gauer, Arne Stensli Moe, Fridtjov Irgens


Seismo-acoustic measurements of snow avalanche
Yoichi Ito, Kouichi Nishimura, Kunio Kawada


Snow-cover prediction using numerical weather-prediction and snow-cover models in Japan
Katsushi Iwamoto, Satoru Yamaguchi, Sento Nakai, Takeshi Sato, Atsushi Sato


Regional snow depth estimate for avalanche calculations using a 2D model with snow entrainment
Emanuela Bianchi Janetti, Elisa Gorni, Betty Sovilla, Daniele Bocchiola


A Preliminary study of albedo on July 1st Glacier at Qilian Mountains in China during the summer ablation period
Xi JIANG, Ninglian WANG, Jianchen PU, Jianqiao HE, Liang CHEN


The use of an electronic snow water equivalent (SWE) sensor to reduce precipitation and SWE measurement errors
J. B. Johnson, A. Gelvin, G. Schaefer


A first snow classification using data from the SnowMicroPen (SMP)
Jerome B. Johnson, H. P. Marshal, M Schneebeli


The relationship between snow density, snow depth, and snow water equivalent in the Swiss Alps
Tobias Jonas, Christoph Marty, Manfred Stähli


Mortality rates of the Alpine Chamois: the influence of snow-meteorological factors
Tobias Jonas, Flavia Geiger, Hannes Jenny


Damage and restoration of the snow avalanche control structures hit by the 2004 mid- Niigata Earthquake at Niigata, Japan
Isao Kamisi, Hiroyuki Hirashima, Satoru Yamaguchi, Atsushi Sato, Shouichi Inoue, Tomohiro Fujii, Michiaki Yamamoto, Takashi Machida, Norio Hayakawa


Changing in ionic concentrations and δ18O in snowpack of the Zhadang Glacier on Mt. Nyainqentanglha, Southern Tibetan Plateau, during April to October 2006
Shichang KANG, Jie HUANG, Yanwei XU


Definition area for artificial snowgenerating system using of GIS-analysis and two- dimensional thermo-mechanical finite element model
Alexander Kashtanov


Hydrological backgrounds that cause slushflow events in the temperate heavy-snow region of Japan
Katsuhisa Kawashima, Kaoru Izumi, Tsutomu Iyobe, Mototsugu Nozaki


Microstructure mapping of polar firn
Sepp Kipfstuhl, Johannes Freitag, Sérgio H. Faria


Seasonal variations of snow cover over Northern Eurasia: dependence on regional changes of atmospheric circulation.
Lev Kitaev, Nina Kononova, Elena Cherenkova


Statistical evaluation of snow storage future changes over the Northern Eurasia using the model climate change scenario.
Lev Kitaev, Alexandr Krenke, Tatiana Titkova


Ice shell as seasonal structure
Tsutomu Kokawa


Tendencies of fluctuation of the macrocirculation processes duration causing formation and preservation of a snow cover in different regions of Eastern Siberia
Nina Kononova


Vertical profiles of mass flux at different particle diameters in drifting snow over hard snow surfaces
Kenji Kosugi, Takeshi Sato, Masaki Nemoto, Shigeto Mochizuki, Atsushi Sato


Numerical modeling of an avalanche impact against an obstacle with account of snow compressibility
V.S. Kulibaba, M.E. Eglit


Comparison study on snow cover of the conventional meteorological observations and its variational tendency over Qinghai region
LEI Jun, FANG Zhi-fang


Near threshold Antarctic snowdrift measurements: a sensor intercomparison study
Katherine C. Leonard, Douglas R. MacAyeal, Jonathan Thom, L. Bruno Tremblay


Snow-atmosphere exchange and evolutional processes in snowpack of NH4+ and HCOO- on Urumqi glacier No. 1, eastern Tianshan
Huilin Li, Zhongqin Li, Feiteng Wang, Wenbin Wang


Characteristics of snow cover the Empty Cirque basin at the headwaters of Urumqi River,eastern Tianshan, China
Zhongqin Li, Feiteng Wang, Huilin Li, Wenbin Wang


Modeling of the impact of heat transfer on snow stratigraphy in snowpack on Urumqi glacier No. 1 in eastern Tianshan, China
Huilin Li, Zhongqin Li, Feiteng Wang, Wenbin Wang


Simulations of snow process sensitivities to cloud and radiation
Weiping Li, Shufen Sun, Yong Luo, Kun Xia


Effects of postdepositional processes on snow stable oxygen isotope and chemical compositions on Urumqi glacier No. 1, eastern Tianshan, China
Zhongqin Li, Feiteng Wang, Huilin Li, Wenbin Wang


Using High-Resolution Atmospheric and Snow Modeling Tools to Define Spatially-Variable Snow Distributions
Glen E. Liston, Christopher A. Hiemstra


Spatial heterogeneity of snowpack induced by forest canopy in a pyrenean site
J Ignacio Lopez Moreno, Jerome Latron


Impacts of climate change on snow pack in the Pyrenean subalpine belt
Ignacio López Moreno, Stéphane Goyette, Martin Beniston


Blowing snow as a source of ice-shelf rift-filling mélange: Results of a 6-month study using an automated camera system.
Douglas R. MacAyeal, Katherine V. Leonard, Ronald Ross


Study on technology of Inducing Artificial Avalanche by Explosive Detonation of the Snow in Japan
Takashi Machida, Minjiao Lu, Atsushi Sato, Makoto Machida, Norio Hayakawa, Isao Kamiishi


Water-snow streams on Spitsbergen glaciers
Bulat Mavlyudov


Powder Snow Avalanche Experiments
Jim N. McElwaine, Barbara Turnbull


Simulation of seasonal snow cover development and seasonal snow cover distribution for glaciated sites (Sonnblick, Austrian Alps) with the ALPINE3D model
Rebecca Mott, Francoise Faure, Hubert Holzmann, Gernot Koboltschnig, Michael Lehning Gernot Michlmayr, Alexander Prokop, Wolfgang Schöner


The Gregoriev Ice Cap front flow according to 2D ice flow line model for various climatic scenarious in the future
O. V. Nagornov, Yu. V. Konovalov


Diffusivity of suspended grains in blowing snow
Masaki NEMOTO, Takeshi SATO, Kouichi NISHIMURA


Experimental determination of snow sublimation rate
Thomas A. Neumann, Mary R. Albert, Chandler Engel, Zoe Courville, Frank Perron, Jr.


Development of snow avalanche forecasting system in Japan
Kouichi Nishimura, Hiroyuki Hirashima, Satoru Yamaguchi, Kenji Kosugi, Atsushi Sato, Kaoru Izumi, Keisuke Suzuki, Masaaki Hanaoka, Michael Lehning


Influence of the Snow Cover Thermal Resistance on a Ground Freezing
Nikolay Osokin, Alexandr Sosnovsky


Isotope composition of event-based precipitation samples near the Urumqi glacier no. 1 in eastern Tianshan
Zhonghe PANG, Zhongqin LI, Yaning CHEN


Enhanced evaluation of snowfences using numerical simulation methods
Wolfgang Payer, Markus Trenker


Landscape dynamics in zones of avalanche activity
Petrushina Marina


Some features of winter season in kazakhstan at the end of xx century
Pimankina N.V.


Thermal conductivity of metamorphosing snow: measurement and geometry based modelling
Bernd Pinzer, Martin Schneebeli


Physic-mechanical properties of a snow cover of "Vostok" station runway.
Poliakov Sergey, Ivanov Boris, Kluchnikov Gennadii, Martjanov Vjacheslav, Klepikov Aleksandr, Klokov Valerii


Approaching spatio-temporal avalanche danger forecasting with machine learning methods
Pozdnoukhov Alexei, Purves Ross, Kanevski Mikhail


A comparison of measurement methods: terrestrial laser scanning, tachymetry and snow probing; for the determination of the spatial snow depth distribution on slopes.
A. Prokop, M. Schirmer, M. Lehning, M. Rub, M. Stocker, H.M. Zogg


Changes in snow cover characteristics over the Russian territory in recent decades
Vycheslav. N. Razuvaev, Olga N. Bulygina


Modeling snow failure with a fibre bundle model
Ingrid Reiweger, Juerg Schweizer, Juerg Dual, Hans Juergen Herrmann


Simple Relations for Close-off Depth and Ice Age in Dry-Snow Densification
Andrey N. Salamatin, Vladimir Ya. Lipenkov


Depth hoar growth observed by a time-lapse motion picture
Atsushi Sato, Yasushi Kamata


Wind tunnel measurements of snow surface erosion by drifting snow
Takeshi Sato, Kenji Kosugi, Masaki Nemoto, Shigeto Mochizuki, Atsushi Sato


Time dependence of snow microstructure and associated effective thermal conductivity
PK Satyawali, AK Singh, SK Dewali, Praveen Kumar, Vinod Kumar


Geometrical localization of bonds in snow
Martin Schneebeli, Jerome B. Johnson, Mark A. Hopkins


Variations of snow cover properties at the point to basin scale: observations and simulations
Juerg Schweizer, Achim Heilig, Charles Fierz


Estimation of influence of snow avalanches on activity of the person
Yuri Seliverstov, Tatiana Glazovskaya, Alexander Shnyparkov, Yana Vilchek, Ksenia Sergeeva


Circulation conditions of avalanching
Yuri Seliverstov


Snow/Firn Thermal Properties of Antarctic Tabular Icebergs: A Case Study of Iceberg C16, 2004 - 2007.
Olga V. Sergienko, Douglas R. MacAyeal, Jonathan E. Thom


Testing a model of heat/water exchange in the snow taking into account its metamorphism
Andrey Shmakin, Dmitry Turkov, Andrey Mikhailov


Evaluation of primordial snow physics using a parameterization scheme suitable for incorporation into climate models
Andrey Shmakin, Ladislav Holko, Konstantin Rubinstein, Maxim Petrov, Zdenek Kostka


Use of a snowmelt model for weekly flood forecast for a major reservoir in Lithuania
Jurgita Simaityte, Daniele Bocchiola, Juozas Augutis, Renzo Rosso


Postdepositional Modification of Winter Snowpacks in the Canadian Rocky Mountains
Kate Sinclair, Shawn Marshall


site specific analog weather forecast system for for Northwest Himalaya in India
Dan Singh, Amreek Singh, Ashwagosha Ganju


Snow and Landscape modification in the Gangotri Glacier area, Garhwal Himalaya, India
Dr. Dhruv Sen Singh


Relating snow microstructure to physical properties of snow
Sergey A. Sokratov


Snow cover classification as representation of snow cover in large-scale climate models
Sergey A. Sokratov, Vladimir N. Golubev, Marina N. Petrushina, Konstantin G. Rubinshtein, Marina V. Zoloeva, Andrey B. Shmakin


A new approach fusing optical and SAR data for snow cover area mapping
Rune Solberg, Ragnar B. Huseby, Hans Koren, Eirik Malnes


Mathematical modelling of salt exchange at melting of salty firn.
Alexander Sosnovsky


Large-scale characteristics of the sublimation distribution in blowing snow
Konosuke SUGIURA, Tetsuo OHATA


A simplified snow model on physical base
Sun, Shufen, shi xueli


Snow accmulation above the evergreen-coniferous and deciduous broad-leaved trees
Kazuyoshi Suzuki, Yuji Kodama, Takeshi Yamazaki, Kenji Kosugi, Yuichiro Nakai


Variation of winter precipitation and the ratio between snow and rain related to the recent climatic warming
Yukari TAKEUCHI, Yasoichi ENDO, Shigeki MURAKAMI


Dynamics of snowiness and avalanching in the north of Russia
Elisabeth Troshkina, Evgenij Mokrov, Yuri Seliverstov, Pavel Chernous


An Experiment Modeling Erosion at the Head of Suspension Currents
Barbara Turnbull


Heavy rainfall events associated with avalanches hazard in the Andes mountains


Climate change and snowfall over the chilean andes mountain


Estimation and mapping of avalanche activity, hazard and risk of Khibiny Mountains (Russia)
Vikulina Marina


The effect of intraannual temperature variations in metamorphism of perennial snow
Golubev Vladimir


Regularities and features of winter regime of temperature and precipitation as a factor of snow cover stratigraphy and distribution
Golubev Vladimir, Petrushina Marina, Frolov Denis


Development of depth hoar and its effect on stable oxygen isotopic content in snow-firn stratigraphy on Urumqi glacier No. 1, Eastern Tianshan, China
Feiteng Wang, Zhongqin Li, Huilin Li, Wenbin Wang


Observed processes of snow metamorphism in the percolation zone of Urumqin glacier No.1 in eastern Tianshan, China
Feiteng Wang, Zhongqin Li, Huilin Li, Wenbin Wang


Precise surface topography in Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica, based on ground based kinematic GPS measurements
Christine Wesche, Reinhard Drews, Wolfgang Rack, Daniel Steinhage


Sensitivities of Snow Processes to Atmospheric Conditions at Forest and Open Sites
Kun XIA, Weiping LI, Yong LUO, Shufen SUN


A study of the unsaturated hydraulic conductivity of snow
Satoru Yamaguchi, Atsushi Sato


Snow-ice fields motion at Baikal Lake by geodimeter and GPS observations
Timofeev V.Yu., Ardyukov D. G.


Changing features of the Glacier Hailuogou caused by climatic warming in recent 100 Years, Mt. Gongga, China
He Yuanqing, Li Zongxing


High Resolution Spatial and Temporal Density Variations in Snow-Firn Sequences in Southwestern Greenland for Radar Model Development and Calibration
Victor Zagorodnov, E. Mosley-Thompson


New algorithm to retrieve the effective snow grain size and pollution amount from satellite data
Eleonora Zege, Iosif Katsev, Alexander Prikhach


Microscale spatial variability of snowpack— Isotopic and chemical heterogeneity of a firn pack at Mt. Everest
Shiqiao Zhou, Shichang Kang, Zhiyuan Cong


Dynamics of annual maximal snow storage and boundary between Atlantic and Pacific glaciological provinces
Zverkova N.M., Kryukova O.S., Chernova L.P.