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Austin Post, 1922-2012

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Austin Post, seminal American glaciologist, has died at the age of 90

14 November 2012

Family and friends have reported the death, on 12 November, of Austin Post, seminal American glaciologist, in DuPont, Washington, USA. Post was an outstanding photographer, conceptual thinker, field researcher, and a central figure in the development of the American glaciological community. His work clarified our knowledge and understanding of glacier surges. His early work on the cyclic advance and retreat of Alaskan tidewater glaciers still stands as fundamental to the understanding of the dynamics of glacier–ocean dynamic interaction. Starting during the 1957/58 International Geophysical Year, Post helped shape the development of the North American glacier inventory through his aerial glacier photography. Conducted over nearly a half-century, Post’s photography forms an essential part of the history of North American glaciology as well as an aesthetic legacy. A full obituary will be published in a forthcoming issue of ICE.

For a more extensive obituary for Austin please visit ICE 161, 1st issue 2013

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