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2024 International Conference on Permafrost (ICOP2024)

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2024 International Conference on Permafrost (ICOP2024)

12th International Conference on Permafost (ICOP)

It has been 26 years since Canada hosted the 7th ICOP in Yellowknife, NT. In the intervening years, permafrost science has grown, both in terms of the depth of our understanding and the breadth of topics covered. We believe it is time for one of the IPA’s founding members to welcome the international scientific and engineering permafrost community to Canada’s North again.

The conference, with its theme of “Integrating Perspectives of Permafrost Thaw, Change, and Adaptation”, will address the most recent developments and stimulate engaging technical and scientific discussions among academics, professionals, contractors, suppliers, and students. The impacts of climate change and economic development have significantly changed the Arctic, in recent decades, resulting in a wealth of research initiatives and challenging engineering projects. The City of Whitehorse, Yukon, is the ideal place to showcase these recent developments and the current challenges firsthand. Its location in Canada’s North offers the perfect environment to learn and exchange ideas.

1. Community
2. Education
3. Permafrost Environments
4. Permafrost Geomorphology & Hazards
5. Permafrost Carbon Feedback
6. Permafrost Hydrology and Wetland Dynamics
7. Permafrost Infrastructure
8. Cold Regions Engineering Modelling, Characterization, Observation, and Testing
9. Microbial Ecology in Permafrost
10. Remote Sensing of Permafrost
11. Waste Containment in Permafrost
12. Monitoring Permafrost Conditions and Processes
13. Open Session

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