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27th Alpine Glaciology Meeting

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This event has passed.

27th Alpine Glaciology Meeting

Welcome to the 27th Alpine Glaciology Meeting!

The 27th AGM will be held in Grenoble on 14 and 15 March 2024. The AGM is organized every year in one of the Alps main city (Zurich, Munich, Milan, Innsbruck, Grenoble). The goal of the meeting is to foster rich exchanges about glacier related research. Early career scientists are highly encouraged to participate, and the inscription at the conference is free of charge.

The meeting will take place in the campus of University Grenoble Alpes, in the MaCI building (check the Venue page for more details).

Besides two classical contribution formats (oral or poster), we would introduce a novel format named Two points of view. For the later, the idea is to team up with a colleague to present two opposite points of view on a question. For instance, a possible topic could be “empirical or physical glacier melt models?”. In this case, one participant would promote the empirical models and the other one the physical models based on literature references during five minute each. This is a good opportunity to review the state of knowledge of a specific domain, and early career scientists are highly encouraged to contribute. The discussion is supposed to bring opposite arguments, but don’t forget that it should be interesting and pleasant to hear, so team up with a colleague you get along well. If you have questions about this presentation format, please reach out to Amaury Dehecq.

Important dates:

  • 01/02/2024: abstract submission deadline
  • 15/02/2024: registration deadline


Delphine Six, Marion Réveillet, Antoine Rabatel, Amaury Dehecq, Fanny Brun, Nicolas Champollion, Mylène Bonnefoy, Emmanuel Thibert, Julien Brondex, Patrick Wagnon, Adina Racoviteanu, Jean-Pierre Dedieu, Jean Emmanuel Sicart, Thomas Condom

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