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Quaternary Mediterranean Glaciers

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This event has passed.

Quaternary Mediterranean Glaciers

We invite researchers with an interest in Quaternary Mediterranean Glaciers to consider submitting an abstract to our dedicated session (N. 1) at INQUA2023 in Rome (14th-20th July 2023). A session summary is below and further details can be found on the conference web page (, noting the abstract deadline of 1st November 2022.

Quaternary Mediterranean Glaciers (session 1)

Scientific theme: 2B: Glacial and periglacial geomorphology

Abstract: The Quaternary glaciers of the many mountain chains scattered around the wider Mediterranean region have attracted the attention of scholars since at least the early 20th century. The introduction of modern dating techniques in recent decades has represented a great impetus in palaeoglaciers research and, to date, many terminal moraines can be framed in the palimpsest of Pleistocene cold events recorded in different climate- proxies. However, the research has not been balanced across the various mountain sectors, also due to the difficulties in obtaining accurate and conclusive information in some environmental contexts. Thus, several key palaeoenvironment questions remain partly unanswered: a precise extent of glaciers at different glacial and interglacial times, the potential climate-mitigating effect of the Mediterranean Sea, the role of the moisture- bearing North Atlantic air masses, and that of the shifting polar front. In this session, we want to take stock of the state of knowledge of Quaternary glaciers in the mountains of the Mediterranean region, and their potential contribution to improve our understanding of palaeoenvironment and/or palaeoclimate conditions. We welcome contributions related to glacial and, where relevant, periglacial geomorphology and chronology, as well as paleoenvironmental reconstructions based on palaeoglacier modeling, pertinent to either a specific geographical sector or encompassing the entire region.


Adriano Ribolini, University of Pisa, Italy,

Magali Delmas, University of Perpignan, France

Manja Žebre, Geological Survey of Slovenia, Slovenia

Matteo Spagnolo, University of Aberdeen, UK

Philip Hughes, University of Manchester, UK

Mehmet Akif Sarikaya, Istanbul Technical University,Turkey

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