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First online IGS Council meeting

Home 9 News 9 General News 9 First online IGS Council meeting

Last Tueday/Wednesday, 29/30 November was the very first online meeting the IGS Council has had. We had to amend the IGS Constitution to be able to do this, it has to be specifically stated in there that online meetings are alloweds. We got the final approval of the amended Constitution from the Charity Commission on 2 July 2022.

We had 16 Council members attending, 13 elected Council members and 3 Ex-officio members in addition to the Secretary General and the Chair of the IGS Early-career Glaciologists Group, 18 people in total. The spread was from the west coast of North America to New Zealand, spanning 21 time zones.

The meeting went well, we were able to tie up several loose ends originating as a result of Covid.