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International Glaciological Society

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The International Glaciological Society Global Seminar Series!

Its all starting Wednesday 15th April (+1 in Australia/Japan) 2020 with a presentation from Helen Fricker.

We are live on Zoom every Wednesday (well, almost every Wednesday).

Seminar times:

London - 9pm

Europe - 10pm

East Coast US - 4pm

West Coast US - 1pm

Australia - 6am

Tokyo - 5am

December 1st Iceland's National Day:
Guðfinna Aðalgeirsdóttir (Tolly), University of Iceland, 'The glaciers in Iceland during the last and current century'

Please register in advance for the seminars - it seems that you can't register during the seminar itself.

If you have already registered you should be able to use the same link as last week.

Once you have registered please check the link (you should see the waiting room).

Any issues, drop an e-mail to the moderator, Tavi Murray an email and she'll try and help you. There's a short question to answer - please tell Tavi enough to accept you! She'll be doing that manually, so just be kind and make it obvious... (I'm a PhD student with X... or whatever).
Using your work email would make Tavi's life really easy.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the seminar.
The seminar will also be live-streamed to the IGS Facebook page so that you can watch it afterwards if technology fails or you can't make it!

Here is a listing of all the seminars, from the beginning up until September.
To watch the video of a talk, please click on the title of the talk and you will be taken to the IGS u-tube channel

Future seminars will feature... your favourite researchers... including YOU! Please volunteer or respond positively to the invite you get sent!

Christmas break